Newborn Photography Posing Arms crossed under Chin – Tip #27

hi everyone and thank you for joining us for Tuesday's tip my name is Julie Johnson and these tips are brought to you by vine images welcome to week number 27 this week I'm going to give you a behind the lens look into a newborn session I know a lot of you have been requesting to see me in action with newborn babies so this is your week I'm very excited to share this Tuesdays tip with you in the next few Clips you're going to see us in action and I'll give you a little insight into what we are doing so I really hope you enjoy this Tuesdays tip and I'll see you in a little bit okay so as you can see here we have the hair dryer going on the baby keeping the baby warm which was one of my first Tuesday's tips and we keep it at a safe distance just to keep the baby warm and comfortable we always have two people myself and then either an assistant or a mom or dad spotting the baby standing right beside the baby just in case here's the image the final image taken with the from God sign here we go we've just moved the baby on the block of wood and the stack of towels onto a and we've always thought if you look here we've just warmed the pearls so they're nice and warm on the baby skin not too cold so the baby stays comfortable um here we go again with the little hat and you may wonder why we're wearing gloves and that's just because hands can get cold especially my hands so they just keep them nice and warm so that when we touch the baby the baby stays comfortable so here we go again changing the scene and we have the baby again stacked on the towels here's the the final image there we go getting the baby ready for the next shot so you can see here how we moved so again the towels are stacked on a board and we're going to set up the next scene here again we still have the hairdryer it's great for white noise as well um we'll put tissue over the baby's the bottom just to protect our stuff against uh any accidents so here's um a tutu that we roll up and we'll place over the baby so you don't actually have to put the – – um up around its legs and over its belly it's just a lot easier for the shot so there's the the final image and now we've we're going to move the baby again now we've got it on the crate and you can see that I'm not stacking the tissue there to raise the baby space a little bit because you always want the baby space in a nice position not squished against the side of the towel we're just getting the flowers all set up here's the final image she just happened to give us a big smile with her dimples um this is a shot looking down and I always recommend trying to get different angles of some of shots that you're taking it makes a big difference and gives you a little bit more variety for the for the client to choose from so here we go again and you want to be pretty particular about everything so watch how the fabric is and just check every little detail before you take the picture there's the final image so with this shot here we warmed up the table first before we put the baby on and got it cozy for her and here again we're doing the same shot on the table with the two – so we're protecting the the fabrics again put that on there and there's the final image of that one this I thought was extremely precious again we warmed the pearls for the baby and there's the final image we like to have babies in under two weeks is what we recommend just because they stay sleepy so when we're changing backdrops make sure the baby's in a safe position if there's not someone there to spot and this shot we wanted to get the baby up on her hands keep little yon there she was so good for her session okay so there is the final image thank you so much for joining us for Tuesday's tip guys I really appreciate your comments and your feedback if you want to request a future Tuesday's tip you can email it to find images at and just label it as a Tuesday's tip request so thanks again on behalf of vine images and we will see you next week take care guys bye bye

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  1. Loved the video. Great pictures and ideas. I wanted to ask where do you get your props from? they are beautiful and very unique 🙂 would love to hear from you. Thank you

  2. Something I ordered a while back came in a USPS box that seemed just the right size for sitting a newborn inside and using baby's hands to prop up head on the edge of the box. I am saving it.  Not a professional photographer, but like to play a little.  Little kids and babies are not easy, but if I shoot enough, sometimes I get a great pic. Need to figure out how to make the edge of the box comfy for baby's arms.  Would like to use those packing "noodles" too.  Maybe gluing them to pieces of different sizes of fine netting could work?  A blanket or afghan would be nice too.  Wonder if using bubble wrap is possible…Props take a lot of trial and error and time!  Good to have a baby doll or teddy bear for experimenting.

  3. Congratulations on some beautiful shots. I would like to take similar photos of my grandchild. I just wondered what camera, lens and lighting you used.

  4. on the first bottom towel, did you use the first towel to cover a wood board? it seems so straight. If so, I like the idea. Can you confirm. Thanks

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