Newborn Photography Posing – behind the scene standing pose

okay we have Coulthard from our first setting and what I'm going to do is wrap her and some fabrics I'm going to show you how to wrap pieces Ben please and this fabric is a piece that was cut off of one of our larger pieces of fabrics we want her hands to show something cool her hands and she does not like to be wrapped so if we accomplish this we are doing something good so I'm just more conduct and then what I did to just to kind of get them and just move my legs back and forth this down just a little bit around the shoulders arms together I'm going to pull this tight just like she's in swaddled around tuck the ambassador I can get that arm in there and I don't know if you saw her legs were not for her legs crossed kind of crisscross applesauce then bring that leg in there and then tuck this section try to keep that leg still though she is a mover and shaker won't take this other side of here pull it across make it we're going to do a little bit of shimmy shake here let see those little hands and live in our hands and we'll turn around so that they kind of grab a hold of the fabric like that since our first wrap and for her I'm doing this pull she is very strong and I really don't want her to break free from this wrap here and this got it cold believe it's a Vera Wang wrap or scarf or whatever you want to call it Turki yeah Turkey's running again this try to get her grab hold of this backward this proof time and it's not really long enough to around a second round so what I'm going to do is a little tight back so I'm just gonna lean her forward on me I'm going to pull piece as well the top I'm gonna type pretty good and tight not enough that it cuts her breath off but just enough that hopefully she can't be allowed there we have a wrapped you okay before we actually do this next post what I'm going to try to do is or what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to photograph the actual fabric by itself before we bring baby over and put baby into this position because I'm going to do a composite later on in Photoshop so um I make sure my fabrics pulled the way I want it to be and then I'm going to Africa and I'm going to take a photograph as I said of the scene so that I can do a composite later on but this is not what I'm going to show you how to do a vast posit but I'm going to show you the photographs that I take and then show you the final result of that so now that I've taken the image of the fabric now we can grab maybe and I get ready to put her on the blanket and get these straight-up shot you so we've got her wrapped and she's moving just a little bit and this is one of those shots that we will incorporate malong to help with just because babies just don't sit up on their own so we have to have mom's help and she's going to be the one holding her in place for this next shot so what I'm going to do is a have her in this position and when she put her and then what mom's going to do is mom's will come in here from behind and she is going to how my hand is holding her is how mom is going to hold her sugar holder from the ears in the back and then she's also gonna put her finger on her forehead and when I tell her to mid she's going to move I'm going to take a snapshot and then she's going right her head and her finger back up so mom it's going to grab her head my head and I'm going to keep my hand on her face and that mom can get a good grip on her head and then she's gonna put her finger on her forehead and I'm going to look and see what the position looks like it's really super cute so mom has her in position and I'm going to tell Mom okay mom finger off the forehead smell snap make sure our beautiful beautiful so I'm Nev so what we're going to do for this one because you can for the Sinovel toes which are super adorable she looks almost like she's writing she just looks like she's chilled out so this is more an artistic kind of shot not all parents are going to be crazy about this but a lot of to do it so we're going to do another shot again and then one of the mom do is kind of tilt her head there you go just like that okay and then on the count of three mom you're going to take that finger off our forehead one two three okay then what we're going to have her do this time is Mozart fund manager so I will just take moms will commander and just hold a little face like this so that I can get a shot of the back of her head so that I can clone that out so if you can you may want to be your hand down here then you're going to put your other hand by everything okay we're going to turn her face this way just a little bit there you go actually bring it toward you just a little bit more window shot and out of shot and then what we'll do is make a composite and kind of tilt her hand just a little bit the other way and being back to sit but make sure we have a mess and posit shots that we can get a good just single shot for this and while mom is still holding on to her what we're going to do is we'll bring a pillow up here and we'll turn it to the side just a little bit Montesano realize okay and then I'm going to take her like this monk don't let her go and I'm just gonna lay down actually she has that hand relax oh love her nuts then we'll take my thumb right where her cheek is and I'm going to pull her cheek out means not gonna hurt her then we'll take my finger right where her fingers are and I'm just going to pull them just kind of let her hands just roll right off and she's moving just a little bit so I'm just going to hold the position minimum with those fingers rolling I'm going to mold her hands where I want them here my life still looks really good the one thing I want to do is I'm going to get some of the background because where I have her position that here it's kind of cutting off where the blanket is long so stand right here just so she doesn't fall off pull this in here think what I'm gonna do let's get a little clip the moms like it's your babies don't go anywhere we are going to clip this side over here to some little bit so we can get more in the background yeah okay and she's still in position so I'm going to come back in pull my front up just a little bit and I'm going to tilt the camera say angle that she is tilted so now I get a shot in there and there you have it we two shots in one part of float I see you

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  1. @tinkerbella, I never do this pose but know that other people do and do not use safety measures. This is the only reason I did this video.

  2. @meo, i think it's fun to use like colors with fabrics but I also use complimentary colors as well. You can see more images on my facebook page. Just look up Newborn Posing & More.

  3. @trent sparkle. I currently use a Norman light to either camera left or right and a reflector. For this video I had the overhead lights on but I would typically cut all lights off and use only my flash.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your secrets, tips and teaching us plus showing the fabric and backdrops.. everything. Thank you once again! I gave you a thumb-up!!!

  5. do you know if it's good to use a clored backround that would match what the wrap the baby is in or would that be too much of the same color or shade also if you don't mind me asking would it look good to use light colors for baby girls and darker for boys and if it's a twin shot both Thanks

  6. Thank you so much for this video. I am a photographer but I have my first newborn shoot in about a week and I am so nervous! Ugh! I hope he isnt a fussy little booger for me. We will see =)

  7. Please remember that these beautiful babies belong to mothers and fathers. Any negative or snide remarks will not be approved to viewing. Thank you for your understanding.

  8. personally not a fan of the sitting up one it just looks to unrealistic. but i LOVE the way you posed her for the second shot. what type of lighting are you working with?

  9. OMG Shes not even waking up!! LOL I thought this would be an ez job but now looking at this im like OMG how difficult what if she woke up crying and then u have to get them to sleep again! Now I know why it was such a long photoshoot for my baby niece! LOL but this is amazing!

  10. tks a lot to share with all of us your video is really amazing i love it i am starting as newborn photografer and it help me so much, tks again, Hugs from Brazil

  11. No one can tell me that she's not a little cutie pie, just adorable! I love how this turned out. Was this for a picture of the headband, or for just regular baby photography? I make headbands for my etsy site, Mustard Seed Atelier, and I always see these types of pictures on there for the headbands and other accessories. I'm trying to step my game up. I make quality products, so I want that to shine through in my photos. I would love for you to take a look and give feedback/photo tips. Thanks!

  12. how old was the baby would love to do a shoot when my new baby comes but not sure what age to get the best new born photo

  13. I enjoyed this so much as alot of people think being a photographer is easy that all you do is press a button but in reality thats not even a quarter of the work done, its all about the set up the composition the diffuculty of the subject, such as a new born baby who probably wont be interested in being photographed they just want to sleep and eat 😛

  14. The end product images are absolutely fantastic. Can I ask if there is any reason you don't use a tripod when shooting though? Would that not make the compositing process in PS easier? I've watched a number of these types of 'tutorial' and no one seems to use one, is everyone just that good in PS they don't need it? 🙂

  15. Awesome video. The baby is adorable and the photo's turned out gorgeous. I hope to give this a try with my granddaughter. Subscribed.

  16. great pics, it's funny how much time you spend taking the pictures vs getting the baby ready for the shots, it's actually two different jobs.
    question, the light seems to be coming from the right, did you use only one source of light??, any ambient light in the pics??

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