Newborn Photography Workshop Teaser

hey everyone this is Cole Cole's classroom I'm here with crystal we are so happy to present to you the newborn photography workshop for the on location photographer given you all the tools and resources necessary for you to become a successful newborn photographer we show you everything you need starting with the tools needed to prepare for your session all the needed gear and equipment that you'll be using will even be shadowing Krista on a real life on location photoshoot then we will show you our streamlined post-processing workflow and photo editing techniques before covering the exact business and marketing strategies that we use to run our own business this workshop lets you into all the secrets of tips that we have learned through the years of photo shoots but we want to make it easy on you so you can get on a fast track with your newborn photography we can't wait to see you online so click the link below and join us

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  1. @Daily Bumps here's your newborn photographer Chrystal. Looks like they work together, which is how he got your photos

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