Newborn Photoshop Composite Example

hi everyone this is Anna Brandt and I wanted to just share her behind the scenes of two of our most popular images one is the baby hanging in a dream catcher you can see that the baby is hanging in a dream catcher from the branch but please know that we never photograph a baby that way the behind the scene images shows a composite of two images one is where assistants are holding the dream catcher in the air the backdrop is behind the image there is no baby inside the second is the baby is inside of the dream catcher resting on the dream catcher on a low bench with the assistant sitting right close by or standing we want to make sure that the assistant is within arm's reach of the baby as the baby could lift up lift their head up roll over you definitely want to make sure that a spotter is very very very close by we take that image along with the hanging branch image and we make this composite image another image that's very popular is this baby hanging in this if you want to see the before photo it's here the assistant is holding her head always make sure you stay safe

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