23 Replies to “Newborn Puppy Found on the Sidewalk – Joy’s Happy Ending Story”

  1. Please consider making a small donation here: https://www.howlofadog.org/make-a-donation/ . It’s winter and freezing outside, without help many stray dogs living on the streets will not survive the cold winter. Please help us save them. Thank you so much! HowlOfADog.org

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  3. What a heart warming story. I wonder how joys doing now ? Happy I pray…..Peace and blessing to all that had a hand in the happiness of this pup….

  4. 🙏💟 como deve estar hj em dia esse anjinho? Espero que esteja bem…. anos se passaram depois do vídeo 😍

  5. I’m so lucky I live in Australia where there are very very few animals living on the streets as basically everyone wants pets and there are many many organisations like the RSPCA who just want to help animals , I love animals more than life itself and I think it is disgraceful that some humans think that they can do things like this.

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