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it's Christmastime the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital as the largest Children's Hospital in the UK it sees 16,000 patients over the festive period the last place any child wants to be at Christmas is in hospital so when patients can't get home staffed from Christmas to their bedside tonight 14 year old Chloe's plans for Christmas at home get smashed with her leg baby Declan spends his first Christmas in hospital while his parents search for answers to his breathing problems momma was scared that one day she's gonna do it and they're not gonna be able to get him breathing again and Taylor's Christmas bike ride ends in accident and emergency oh it was just on the floor – screaming I don't got anything at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital theatre staff are giving their waiting room Santa a last minute facelift in preparation for Christmas Day we've just gone to illustrate by the Christmas sounds try and put a bit more color and expression into his face they need to be more the eyebrows we're actually going to its live roll a plaster think in the sense that we're going to create an eyebrow where there wasn't really one before the proper starts my fingers no can trim them once in position corner yeah down his nose a little bit more yeah fabulous will he do he's fabulous yes Father Christmas should recover from his operation in plenty of time for his big day the surgery 22 month old grace is having today could change her life forever an infection during birth caused brain damage leaving her with cerebral palsy and without any hearing at all we found from the testing that we're looking at severe to profound D death in both ears we've tried hearing aids with Grace and we have noticed to respond to sound with them and they've been turned up quite high today is Gracie's final chance to hear she's having surgery to fit cochlear implants Bionic ears that do the job of the damaged part of the inner ear but they don't work for everyone Gracie's parents are taking a gamble because grace has a rare type of brain damage the card really give us 100% guarantee but it's our only option to deburr access to sound so I think we're willing to take the risks that are involved and just see whether we can make a difference really to her hearing the only way to find out if the implants will work is by fitting them and it's not a procedure for the faint-hearted the surgery begins by drilling deep into each of braces ears to reach the cochlea the tiny piece of hollow bone in the inner ear that sends sound as electrical signals to the brain this is the window that are created and here women suppose this is a cochlear and this drill I'm using is point eight of a millimeter and so what I do is try and get into the copper causing as little drama as possible once the drilling is over the implants electrodes can be placed inside Gracie's cochlea and it's receiver then sits under her scalp nobody wants to put their child through an operation so I think there will be evident guilt if they don't work but I think at the end of the day turning around when she's older saying we tried this but it didn't work at least we know we've done the best we can as parents with the medical advice we've been given this is the last option for grace as technology currently stands so it's worth it for what the results could be yeah those nice lives grown and fully which will hopefully cover the best chance of her getting the best possible outcome the operation has gone well but the implants can't be tested until Grace has fully recovered from her surgery Grace's parents won't know if the risk they have taken has been worth it until the implants are switched on in ten days time staff are working hard to get patients home for Christmas day especially on Ward 84 the hospital's cancer unit children spend months or even years having treatment here so a chance to be home for Christmas is a big deal happy Christmas one little boy desperate not to spend his second Christmas in hospital is five year old Oliver he has the condition t-cell lymphoma and which very similar to leukemia and the treatments more or less the same but whereas leukemia is in the blood cells his was a mass of cells that collated on his chest all of his cancer treatment suppresses his immune system leaving him exposed to infections for the past four weeks he's been ill with a high temperature if it doesn't improve he could be spending Christmas Day on the ward everyone says there's but they're more Christmases but not one is five and it's magical and they really believe drew you get many Christmases when the little and it's all exciting I think because they stopped believing too early so a1 we've lost this if we don't get herb this will be the second Christmas in this five years that we'll miss it isn't just Oliver who could miss out he has a younger brother Alfie but dad is hopeful for just a few precious hours at home if we got to go home Christmas Eve night 10 o'clock and have to come back at dinnertime Christmas Day it's just for the Christmas Day morning will be nice as long as he's well it doesn't matter ward manager Helen Jackson is part of the team that will decide if it's safe enough for Oliver to go home we have quite a work ethic or more dates for bit we absolutely want to keep the children unless they absolutely have to be in hospital because they are in hospital so often and they really tend so many times for treatment that if we really can get them home we will get them all and that goes for any day of the year really but particularly Christmas outsell will do thumper consider ticket her staff are keeping a close eye on Oliver's temperature there are just 24 hours left for it to improve if they're not going home by teatime on Christmas Eve they're probably not going home at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital it's lunchtime on Christmas Eve those patients well enough to go home we'll leave the hospital by the end of the day but not fourteen-year-old Chloe she's been rushed into the accident and emergency department after being run over the major trauma team have been called in to deal with her injuries now people are seen see doing that the Vans actually gone over her leg that close I wasn't sure she did show she felt a bit dizzy with all this happen which is very contagious doctors need to examine an injury to Chloe's right leg if she'll let them the cause of Chloe's agony is clear to see and it looks like she's got a fracture of her tibia and fibula which are the two main bones in the lower leg and that's what we call an open fracture which means there's a big wound there on there you know broken okay quite a nasty break and what we need to do is why he does but still on it and it's oh it's nice and straight we need to try and straighten Chloe's leg and get it into a better position because at the moment a leg is very very bent the plaster the trauma team are applying is a temporary measure Chloe's leg is so badly broken it's going to need major surgery almost done Chloe's gonna need to go to the operating theatre later tonight and I think she'll be in hospital certainly over Christmas possibly over New Year as well and the last place Chloe wants to be on Christmas Day is in hospital mommy will be mommy oh no way mommy walking can't the help a visit to x-ray reveals the enormity of the break in Khloe's leg next stop is the operating theater it's come as a massive shock to Khloe that she'll be spending her Christmas day in hospital where the five-year-old Oliver has his Christmas Day at home or on Ward 84 depends on the side effects of his cancer treatment lolli it's tea time on Christmas Eve and the wait for news is over it's really important that it's temperature remains normal and he hasn't had a normal temperature which means that we need to keep him in hospital for his safety I don't really matter what that says now does it you vote you've already condemned it you vote oh yeah that's all right now yeah if we sent you home and you had to come back that that would be even more devastating because you've given the glimmer of hope of going home and then actually have to come back in the middle of an eye or whatever and that's just a hundred times worse make it the best of rubbish situation and do what we can to make it as nice a day is what possible Johnny I think we probably take the emotion out of it really because the families will always want to be at home for Christmas Day without a shadow of a doubt our job as professionals is to give them that boundary if we're saying no we're not saying no because we want to have keep patients in hospital we're saying no because actually we want to care for their child in the best way possible but for other children on the ward Christmas Eve is their lucky day okay we've got some news okay you go home tonight at 8 o'clock hi exactly just six-year-old leo has been having treatment for a brain tumor he's just one of four children on Ward 84 well enough to go home for Christmas Day he's in the bed opposite Oliver so not only his mom got sick how she's gonna manage the magic of Christmas but she's also got to watch all the family get really what she wants which has to go out and enjoy Christmas at home really was Leo doing what call me home hey Anna be an ideal situation yeah we're not at home but summers were together I've got three kids that's all that matters really we've just got to make best of it now just try our best and I'm sure where once they've seen what they've got the not care where they are it's the night before Christmas and the beginning of the quietest 24 hours in the year for the hospital renal consultant dr. Malcolm Lewis has just finished his shift on ward 77 but his work at the hospital is far from done everybody expects Santa Claus to be slightly bigger than me when dr. Lewis isn't during kidney disease he's dressing up as father Christmas coming on Christmas Eve I just thought was a nice touch to try and Metin think it was real and there's nothing like things appearing to be real that you don't expect to be real apart from Santa's sleigh Malcolm and his mobility scooter have been a Christmas Eve treat here for 25 years there we go yes dr. Lewis Han delivers a present to every single child in the hospital who do you think is complete you get to your bed now come and see you tonight there are 150 children who will be spending their Christmas Day here hopefully this will mean that they'll remember their hospital stay not because of being ill but because something special happened to them which is the main reason for doing it one of the children dr. Lewis will see tonight is Oliver and his dad Paul has realized there's something missing you have to return these by the detector Boxing Day a tree to put all of his presents under has taken his chances that nobody will spot were missing from a ward that's closed down for the holidays we just found this on Claud on the word came from there we are and once Santa gets his slaying gear the next stop is more 84 just in time to catch oliver still awake finally at 4 o'clock on Christmas morning santa's night shift at the hospital is over I think it's a reasonable job though there's a rest of the world it's 8 o'clock on Christmas morning you're listening to key 103 number one for Manchester we're opening our presents and having our Christmas morning breakfast together it's Christmas morning at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital and the start of another day's work for Walter Tam say 2 o'clock it's Christmas dear Marlon just landed so I'll just drop my gear off at the office and then fingers crossed things all be as they should be nice and quiet morning it's Walter duty manager for children's morning Merry Christmas on-site I'm on 1/7 trouble man if you need me Walter has worked at the hospital for 28 years he's part of the nursing management team and today he's in charge of the entire Hospital the atmosphere is different what sir it's not necessarily what you do that's different it's the way that you deliver the standards remain the same so which algaas the theater and is greeted by a porter wearing a Santa Claus doesn't mean to say he's going to do his job any differently and just do it with a santa claus out some Christmas days should be the Karma stay in the hospital calendar but with no buses or trains running there's one crisis that is guaranteed to crop up every time we have to rely on taxes to get staff home in the morning from the end of the night shift to get stuff in on Christmas Day morning and blackouts again sometimes if you taxi doesn't turn up there'll be some stuff but the front door getting quite upset we even had tears last year so see if we can sort that out a group of confused cabbies need matching up with frustrated nurses anxious to get home for Christmas Day time for Walter to step in and get it sorted are you waiting for a particular person because I was about 14 people out here that yeah that's the problem you've been oh god any job pick up here 1 2 3 go to that side see at the back so you're now saying you're waiting for a name first taxi to now on the way are you waiting for a name yeah are you in for a few fights but we're almost there it's just I've got about 14 staff here that are all waiting for Lynch attacks that have been booked with you and you ain't been tall that every other day of the year it's public transport so we don't have this problem finally the exhausted Christmas Eve night shift head home for their well-deserved celebrations a staff on the hospital's accident and emergency department are used to working on the busiest ward in the hospital it never closes its doors seeing nearly 50,000 patients a year we've got no patients in the department currently and it's 25 per state it's quite normal on Christmas Day morning we don't really tend to sort of see patients who have to ten o'clock when they've had a few too many chocolates or opened a few more presents to do secret sunset oh my god cupcake recipe but the top level that make you smile it's a doll's house mommy yeah um ward 84 Oliver is desperate to tear the paper of the pile of goodies waiting for him under the stolen Christmas tree gonna be here any second but he's had to hang on for dad and little brother Alfie to arrive from home and Oliver has one present that was just too big for Santa to drop off at the hospital along with some photos which you have opened today in the hospital I've also left some presents for you folks at home a motorbike each this Oliver is waiting for you at home it's Christmas day at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Ronen Merry Christmas and the last place any kid wants to be today is stuck in a hospital bed not very good bit boring so what is called in some emergency excitement that should please both patients and staff or what nurse doesn't like a fireman or indeed a firewoman squeezing I walk up saying will you what's your name Laura Laura sorry Laura telephone number pretty sure that will be $9.99 Walter oh cycle Christmas as well and the kids love it they really do it gets gone see fire engine yep see the crew with the presents a little bit yeah I'll enjoy trying involved in community and stuff like that and just it's just one of the extra things we do really try and keep the kids smiling here and on a personal level you know I've got kids out all my camp with kids on today so it's nice for us to come around to do this tie between guys yeah after a quiet morning business has picked up in the accident and emergency department Amy is treating five-year-old Taylor who's Christmas dinner is on hold because of his cut chin I was getting out the back cover when I sit on the mat and himself on the bed right so enjoy stick you back together good boy quick clean well done Oh huh is that okay do you think you've been brave enough that Santa might have left your present here yeah have a look we might come again next year thank you you're very welcome just 24 hours earlier staff here we're dealing with far more serious injuries after 14 year old Chloe was run over she's recovering from major surgery to the nasty break to her lower leg and coming to terms with the shock of a Christmas day in hospital I was really upset to say that I have been Hospital Christmas so it's a bit old hollow but as promised Chloe's mom has brought Christmas to her dismay when you come home she thought you'd ruined everybody's Christmas and she would devastate it did she have to spend it up this low in hospital but when she saw our presents a face lit up yeah well Cinderella such a pro football player well she had pumpkin for a coach it's yes to keep saying two words have you opened your presents young we've said no an avid have told you come home and you've given us because we're going to happen another Christmas day when Chloe comes up oh that's a little boy that really kind of changed the blessings up she's where she is it could have been a lot worse coming yeah and we've actually been told that huh very well is she okay but she's a very lucky girl she ate were really good see what she looks like in it there yeah jolly day God doesn't just can't leave a place she's actually been I'm so so proud of her brave brave she has been and I'd be five days after Christmas and it's business as usual in the wards an accident and emergency another child has been injured in a traffic accident thirteen year old Taylor has been rushed to hospital by paramedics he's come off his bike after a collision with a bus so about for a Christmas amount him by can it was going to his lungs this morning to go to winter wonderland with his aunt and I get a phone call often that is Bennett by a boss it was just on the floor with Edwards people around him there were paramedics with him as well just screaming it was awful awful what's his clipped his batwing sending him to the floor all the injured we can find around the shoulder and humerus there's a little bit of swelling and the stuff people in the back but it's all just grazes okay ready steady girl the bus driver thinks Taylor may have gone under the bus he wasn't wearing a bicycle helmet so could have far more serious injuries that doctors can't even see sanity slide we could have bleeding around the brain which is the type of injury really worried about if he had that he could look completely fine initially but then undergo a rapid deterioration now we know that the earlier you find these injuries that the better the outcome so the best way to do this is to get a CT scan a CT scan is a high-tech x-ray that provides a detailed image of the inside of the body would be really concerned about any major injuries to his brain his spying his chest and abdomen and essentially the scan will cover all those vital body areas we need to be really careful and make sure that Ted is an ID major internal bleeding the requires urgent surgery until the trauma team confirmed just how serious his injuries are Taylor and his family have no idea how long his stay in hospital may be on the high dependency unit Natalie and Shawn had hoped to get their baby son home in time for Christmas night start yeah Declan has been here since his birth eight weeks ago but is still too ill to leave the hospital he has spina bifida a serious condition affecting his spine and brain that was detected during pregnancy spider if it itself affects the nervous system to the low half his body and also because of that type of spider if that he's gone it comes if we don't fluid on the brain you'll probably never walk he could potentially have learning difficulties all that'll just we won't really know until he starts growing and developing it is bad news but at the same time we made the decision to to keep him we are made up these years humans give him a chance after routine surgery to close a hole in declan's spine and relieve pressure on his brain Natalie and Shawn thought it wouldn't be long before they got to take their son home but he's been fighting for his life in a way no one had predicted several times a day Declan stops breathing and doctors have no idea when it will happen or why now my new normal the episodes can last up to a minute and each time Declan has to be resuscitated come on Decker back you buckle oh yeah 1g key Japanese I'm scared that one day she's gonna do it and they're not gonna be able to get him but even again G I get him talking more on his own it's getting more scared you know doctors need to work out if the problem is with declan's brain or his airway okay Mon the Dutch today he is having an investigation into his windpipe by the ear nose and throat team has episode when he he stopped breathing and we think there may be an element of obstruction and he makes an effort to breathe but no air goes in there may be something compressing his windpipe if it is then from a diagnostic point of view we'll be a lot further on and certainly forget your parents they'll know quite a lot more by the end of the soft nearness and they do now Declan is going to have a camera put down his throat because he is so small he'll need a general anaesthetic hopefully everything goes as well as it can and then a good result comes out of him doctors now know the full extent of Taylor's injuries following his Christmas bike accident fortunately the CT scan shows that Taylor hasn't sustained any serious injuries internally unfortunately he has sustained quite a nasty fracture every shoulder blade or a scapula which is in a few small pieces he's had a very lucky escape consultant came this morning and said they doesn't need any surgery which is good but it will be a while before Taylor rides his bike again so it's gonna be eight about about four months he's got it I'm I get back at my bike when I am able to yeah I'm gonna start wearing a helmet I don't get oh yeah we'll definitely wearing a helmet fare screw it on his head the CT scan solved any mystery surrounding Taylor's injuries can you turn the light full on please declan's parents are hoping the procedure their son is having today will provide them with the answers that they are looking for okay that's brilliant we'll know whether or not he's got this condition called trachea bracha Malaysia which is where the the windpipe and the Zack divides into the lungs collapses and so we're going to have a look with some tiny telescopes through the larynx into the trachea and down into the bronchi to see if we can work out exactly what's going on there's the tube going down at the vocal cords okay and then I slide this out so there's the bows of course it's not great there's no signs of any right-sided aortal double a octagon so that's really encouraging mr. Roth IRAs investigation confirms that declan's airway is not blocked and there are no problems with his windpipe his windpipe and the bronchi going into lungs look lovely he's come through everything dutifully but most importantly the windpipe going all the way down and where it divides and goes into the lungs absolutely great that's pretty good news we're getting there but there's just way to go yet although it's good news declan's airway is working it now increases the chances of the problem being caused by his brain the worst case would be that it was something to do his brain and telling it like not telling his lungs to breathe doctors are now sending Declan for a brain scan he'd be good if we found something what could fix but if neither just because knowing what is actually going on my why's doing it place we've got some answer then 14 year-old Chloe's broken leg can be fixed but it's going to take a lot of work the repercussions of a traffic accident on Christmas Eve have brought her back to the operating theater her injuries are so severe plastic surgeons need to do a skin graft with a road traffic accident you don't just get a boney injury it's quite common to get soft tissue injuries as well for Chloe's case she had several friction burns to her foot which is essentially heat generated by the dragging on the tarmac which is not very pleasant because the heat is quite high it kills the tissue that's involved so that tissue doesn't survive this bit is a burn and the central portion is dead skin so it won't heal on its own so the only way of getting that to heal is to get rid of the dead tissue and then replace it as something live if the dead skin remained on Chloe's foot in time it would decay and fall off some new skin needs to be taken from a healthy part of a body to replace it you can take a skin graft from anywhere on somebody's body but the most common place is on the thigh and you can harvest it with something called an electric dermatome which is essentially a shaver the machine removes a layer of skin less than half a millimeter thick to place onto Chloe's wound the new skin should heal the wound in just a matter of days the skin grafts themselves we normally check them somewhere between three days and a week if it's worked than all well and good then if not then we may need to do something different white grape or orange and mango we've come out to see Zulu yes happy new year oh he's our eyes now I be a walk-up at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital the new year has brought new worries to the parents of eight week old Declan the brain scan failed to reveal the cause of their son's Brittany Malone's until we can get to the bottom of why he's having these desaturation he's going to need to stay in hospital because obviously it's very dangerous for that to happen at home no waking up now put you back I would hope that over the next few months these episodes would would go down in frequency and ultimately disappear but if they don't then you know I think that the future is is a difficult one for both John and lastly and Declan the prospect of many more months in hospital has hit Natalie and Shore and hard no matter how much you try and not get your hopes up you just can't help it because it does mean so much me being able to take him on but I tried not to get excited about it just want to be able to take him out see the flesh here see the world he's not seen anything want him to grow up in a normal environment so he feels like he is a normal baby what declan's future is still uncertain Grace's parents will know today what it holds for their daughters hearing they've come to the hospital's auditory implant center to have Grace's first cochlear implant switched on the surgery has been successful from the point of view of we got the implant in and she's recovering well but this is the day she finds out whether the implant is actually allowing grace to hear something just the internal implant has a magnet that connects to the external speech processor placed on the side of Gracie's head a computer will begin by sending a series of beeps to the processor if grace reacts to the beeps the audiology team know the implant is working for her in France beeping now but at a really low level we may not see anything at all today it's sometimes a little bit more reassuring for parents when they cry because at least you know it's work yeah the children who do nothing at all that's when it's hardest for the parents to to believe that the implants actually make any difference at this point the audiology team will keep increasing the volume of the beeps until they find a level that works if there is one beep in now Oh something loud is that a bit loud where did you go where did you go what was that crazy Wow the implant is working ok hey granny Skippy yeah grace will now hear her mum and dad for the very first time so I'm not going to talk to her she's your baby grace raised more interest in the body but grace doesn't also know that grace is her name yeah I know grace hasn't heard before and so often they are in reactions they don't know what it is so they tend to ignore it grace grace I'm very confident she can hear I think she has no idea what she's hearing but I'm confident she can hear it's a process it takes longer than just being able to flick a switch we call it first programming because it's the first step in a long process that will take 2 3 4 years that was really reassuring that we've done the right thing and yes go and very confident we'll get there in the end with an air so far the gamble Grace's parents took in putting their daughter under the knife has paid off but it's going to take 14 year-old Chloe most of the year to recover from the surgery she's had as a result of her Christmas Eve car accident today she finds out how well the skin grafts to her leg are healing so we just like to check them again for you today make sure that's they're going in the right direction and that's no problem is that okay removing the dressings will be painful so Chloe's been offered some light relief one technique that we use is to give them laughing gas to help chill them out a little bit and also help with the pain finished oh you're doing great the state of Chloe's leg is no laughing matter not that she is noticed okay so all your dressings are off now so that should be the painful bit done it's gonna be a bit cold that's alright then hurry on then that means it's working good that's it you carry on for me it's definitely easier to deal with a child that's laughing and jolly than it is dealing with somebody who's maybe in pain or trying to pull their leg away whilst you're trying to do the dressing I thought this would be the hard bit so whilst it can be a bit distracting and amusing it's definitely better than having a child is uncomfortable we're all finished Mikey we're all done for today because you come over often MUC from our point of view from the plastic side and there's no reason to keep her in hospital eight months later and the next countdown to Christmas is about to begin for Grace and her family those eight months have been life-changing okay great the cochlear implants have taken Gracie's hearing far beyond her parents expectations there's a lot of work that went into just learning simple things at first and then when we realized we're actually getting beyond just accessing some noise and gray started to recognize things such as a name it was just one of the best experiences I've had and just to see it turn understand grace where's baby where's baby I want baby I don't think we ever thought we got there and I think the initial switch on and when they turned the implants on and we said her name they said but she doesn't know it so it was really good you give the banana to baby grace visits the hospital every two weeks for speech and language therapy Thank You Gracie she now hears and understands over 100 words and instructions you give the toast to Teddy every day you'll say a word that you don't think she knows but then she'll hand you the relevant object so she's just like a sponge at the moment we've made the right decision which is you know ultimately what we wanted and I think so you know well she's doing now more obviously the future is will she say words but she said determined so yeah I think she will I can't wait to see her in another year seeing how much is come on in eight months you you

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  1. Dr.Lewis is an absolute godsend to this profession.He has such a big heart for the children and wants them to enjoy Christmas the way children should enjoy Christmas even if it is away from home.He is a wonderful person to have on staff at that children's hospital in Manchester,England.

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