Newborn to 1 Year Old Photos Transformation

I'm assuming they're gonna go over the stones that they sent they should have sent them from the hospital but just in case they didn't I brought the ones that I tossed at home I think I showed these a long time ago these are the small ones that I passed at home all right can I please get a tall sweet cream cold brew anything else this morning just a venti iced vanilla latte thank you grab it I rarely go out and get Justin and I coffee in the mornings like rarely rarely but today we have a lot going on we have my follow-up appointment with my urologist so that's finally happening so hopefully we get some good results from that we have Emma's one-year birthday pictures which is gonna probably make me cry we have a lot of like homework renovation stuff to do and some actual work stuff so I'm just kind of gonna be a little bit busier than our normal everyday oh and we have to take Emma to swim lessons in like one hour so I was like you know I need like an extra hundred deepest and I you guys know I'm not a huge coffee drinker but this is what I have been getting recently and I'm obsessed I have a huge sweet tooth so I get a iced vanilla latte with seven pumps of vanilla instead of six and it's light ice and it's so freakin good it's what I've been getting everytime I go to Starbucks now which is a step up for me because normally I get there double chocolate chip Frappuccino it's just like only sugar I mean this is like a lot of sugar too but it's not as much there's no whipped cream and it's really really good last night was her first night in big girl pajamas instead of a zip-up onesie good morning you ready to get out it's like bigger in these more no it's just maybe maybe mornings are my favorite with her she's so sweet he almost goes crazy seriously why does she look so big in these big girl pajamas literally there's nothing different about these besides the fact that they're like long-sleeve shirt and pants that's like not different than normal but she looks so big and I'm like I could start getting really big girl pajamas I'm gonna cry it Lucy I'm definitely gonna cry at her 1-year pictures today because I feel like just yesterday we were taking her newborn photos hi hey good morning papa my favorite thing is in the morning her morning walking just when she first wakes up she's like she hasn't quite caught her balance yet and so she runs quicker than she's okay come here come here man she's ready for some ducks it's kind of wobbly I love it good morning hmm what do you want to do do a nickel play let's get out some of your 20s left look let me buy you these from the 99-cent store don't sit there it has it been look Kate go that's pretty cool huh yeah that's pretty cool oh no you're not gonna give it to your couch yeah nope chunks that one to fail anymore daddy I can't have one yeah [Applause] this is gonna be a bad idea ingesting bad I don't know why were you laughing about keep going there you go get some balance she's looking at you for approval I don't think she knows how to throw any other way I know and I think she knows how to throw any other way we haven't been to swim lessons since Friday because we don't do that on the weekends so hopefully she picks them back up again pretty easily and maybe even does a little better today we'll see hopefully crossing my fingers all right let's go come on it's time come on it's time to go swim Oh [Applause] okay so I just got to my urologist appointment and I guess what they're doing today is I would say when they're gonna go over the stones that they sent they should have sent them from the hospital but just in case they didn't I brought the ones that I passed at home I think I showed these a long time ago these are the small ones that I passed at home and then they had the really big six millimeter and five or six atma and a – I think I don't remember the big stones that they were supposed to send in and I'm really hoping that they did because if I have to do it now it's gonna take a couple weeks I'm assuming to get the results but other than that I think it's just a basic follow up appointment I'm just I'm so ready for this appointment phase to be gone and I think I'm gonna ask that they test me regularly like not regularly but maybe like annually with a KUB which is an ultrasound or no it's an x-ray of your abdomen to look for stones so that way I can be prepared to see like what is happening like if they're still coming up and all about jobs because this is so painful I don't want it to happen again and maybe that way they can kind of like monitor my body I I don't know I'm just really hoping that they give me a couple of answers today because I've been waiting for answers for a long time to see what could cause them whether it's pregnancy or diet or what but I'm just really hoping that we have just some answers for why am this is happening to my body I always plan on these appointments taking longer than I expect them to and I'm thankful for that because I was there for about an hour and 45 minutes but I finally got a little bit of answers and a little bit more clarity on what the stones are from and they're what we thought they were going to be from which is just me not drinking enough water combined with pregnancy the type of stones that they are he wrote it down but their calcium oxalate if I'm correct and so when I did my 24-hour urine test back in he goes April or May it showed that I wasn't producing enough like urine meaning I wasn't having enough water intake even though I drink a lot I just was like sweating it out or something like not drinking as much as I need to so when I left the hospital when I got my second surgery done I kept a hospital cup the same one that they give you when you give birth and I've been using that to drink combined with my kickass water bottle combined with my hydro flask so hopefully between the three of those I start to intake enough water to not let this happen again but he also said being pregnant could have had eight calls in it so it is likely that I will get these stones again if I'm not and he's like even some people are just more prone to developing them so he's like even if you were to drink like tons of water every single day there's a chance you're still gonna develop them and you're just one of those people that develop stones easily which would really suck so hopefully that's not the case hopefully my water intake going up and cutting out things like that our main stone causers for calcium oxalate oxalate stones helps but I was hoping for more of like a direct this is exactly what it is and I didn't get that but I think my expectations are a little high on that one so I'm gonna head home I've been here for far too long and I just want to get out good did you know that most people don't get their first kidney stone until they're 40 to 50 years old yeah so I'm just old I told you I was old I told you I'm not really 24 I'm 45 I'm really 45 you I look at two apparently did you lie yeah I want to clarify something I just said because I was just explaining it to Justin and I explained it better to him than I did when I first got in the car but pregnancy did it cause my kidney stones it's just that when you guys are pregnant you know you have to drink like basically double your water intake or more I forget the exact thing but then with in my case because I'm already you know getting kidney stones I'm supposed to be drinking like four times as much as I normally would rather than just two times so that's what I meant when I said combined with pregnancy meaning like I have to just be careful when I get pregnant again to drink even more water than I would normally drink now which is even more water than a normal person drinks I don't crave water like I don't sit down on the couch and be like whoo I really need a glass of water right now I have to remind myself like I can't hear anything I have to remind myself to go get up and drink water even if I'm not thirsty so that's gonna be the big main thing that I think makes a difference but when I'm pregnant you don't have to remind me to drink so much water probably well but it'll be very good thing yeah it'll be for a good reason but that's what I met and I didn't want to say like pregnancy is what caused them it's just that in my case I have to be careful when I'm pregnant because I'm supposed to be drinking even more water but are you kissing the otter I'll be careful yeah let me give him a kiss Oh kisses on his nose oh good job you probably you know I think said that I probably developed a stone when I was pregnant with Emma because of when I first went to the emergency room which was in November she's born in August that that stone probably developed when I was pregnant with her hi you cosmic but you know what you're worth it [Applause] take some 1 year old pictures I can't even believe it you're so big that's good Wow look at that all right TK yo you didn't wait to be no tears means a successful birthday photo shoot oh my gosh I cannot wait to see those those came out so cute I can already tell my mom was actually uh why don't you just take pictures for Emma's one-year photo since you like doing that and I was like it's just not the same as taking them with someone who no Susan is just such a good photographer I'm gonna link her what's it called Instagram down below for you guys because if you live in the Temecula Murrieta Inland Empire area you need to go check her out for your baby's newborn pictures sitter photos when your photos and photo ever you just love her style like I love your photos but people are asking why Rachelle wasn't gonna take these guys like we like her style so much like it's cool together it's nice to not take them for your own kid and to just experience it so it was so beautiful I love her [Applause] I don't even know what that quote is from Justin says it's from SpongeBob episode but that is it for today's vlog you guys there was a real productive day and we got more stuff to do downstairs before we end the vlog and I mean after we end the vlog and everything for the nice pajamas ready go do all the stuff we got to get done but thank you guys so much for watching I never say this so it feels weird doing it but if you're not subscribed you should subscribe to our Channel there's a link down below and in the bottom right corner of the video and give this video a thumbs up to help to YouTube's algorithm so thank you guys so much for watching and we will talk to you guys again soon bye

33 Replies to “Newborn to 1 Year Old Photos Transformation”

  1. I too have been here since your video of putting brynns nursery away 😞 and now Emma is one?!?! She’s the most beautiful little girl ever, you guys are such lucky parents and she is definitely lucky to have you both as her parents as well 💕 – love from Canada

  2. I’ve been here since you got Beau as a puppy! That’s how i found your channel, the day you posted your beau video 😭 How is she already ONE 🥺

  3. add lemon to your water it helps prevent stones, come from someone with 2 people in my house with 2 different types of kidney stone issues, Both of the doctors have said to add Lemon to water. My daughter alone has been 5 years stone free, husband 6. Not cranberry juice lot of people always say that but yeah does nothing for stones.

  4. I'm sorry but it kills me that you guys have a box fan on the floor with Emma running around where she could put her little fingers in it. I know you're good parents but there is always a first for everything. I love your vlogs and Emma is adorable!

  5. Wow Emma is so adorable. Wow she is growing up way to fast. Hi Emma 🎈🎈👍👍👍👍👍love you all.💕💖💕💖💕💓💕

  6. My brother in law had a huge issue with kidney stones and his Dr's finally gave him a prescription to help prevent them. After they put him on this medication, he has never had a stone again. He was in the ER many times because of them.

  7. I just can't wrap around on how fast Emma is growing up . she needs to stop growing up so quick.. its about time you going to find out what caused your kidney stones , I hope its nothing bad

  8. You forgot to leave the link for the photographer’s information….I was so looking forward to checking out her work

  9. Do you have a yeti cup? I use that with tons of ice & a stainless straw and it’s helped me drink more I just need it really cold

  10. I don't see the photographers link. I'm curious to see if her first name is Heather? She looks just likes friend of mine from Michigan whom I haven't seen in a very long time.

  11. You look so beautiful in this vlog Rach, idk what it is but your hair and your skin, you’re glowing.

    You always are but extra today. Xo ❤️
    Love seeing Emma’s transformation, I’ve been here since your first pregnancy and I get so emotional thinking about how far you’ve all come!!!

  12. She cracks me up!! I can't believe she will be one, they grow up way to fast. My babies are 28 and 31 years old. I have been following you since the beginning. I love you all.💜💜

  13. A year already! So hard to believe! Prayers for many more years of health and happiness for you all . God bless‼️🙏🏼✨Much love from Ontario , Canada‼️🇨🇦😘p.s. Emma's precious little laugh is contagious! 😂🤣🤣👶🏼🤣😂🤣

  14. I was 29 when I got kidney stones so clearly not over 40. I have trouble drinking enough water too however I try to avoid any sugary beverages. I stopped any sugar or sweetener in my coffee 2 years ago & when my pieces were checked idr exactly what they said they were called but I was told to avoid dark colored soda & they recommended acidic drinks if I wanted something sweet (at the time I was still drinking things like lemonade).

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