NEWBORN UPDATE 3-4 WEEKS OLD | My First Mother's Day

all right good morning everybody it's May 9th and we have some special visitors here for baby chase there's Nana she's feeding him right now hi chase doing good oh my god that bottle looks so humongous next to his head they flew in from New Jersey last night at the wee hours of the morning but yeah this morning I guess but baby Chase was up so they got to see him and so adorable do you just love him oh my god like no water like he loves you guys he's so sweet oh I know we'll help me up a little bit later and we'll get him get him awake but yeah he's doing well we have like three more sucks all that and that's it good job yeah so Chase has been so good he's he finished his bottle nice he's done what did he he just had three three and a half ounces of breast milk okay tae-bo yeah you're in your milk drunk ooh whoo milk drunk yeah see if you can burst one more time yeah his fake burps yeah but yeah so my parents are here for the weekend and then my mom is gonna stay a little bit longer through next Wednesday so having a helping hand around the house is nice I got three hours of sleep this morning because uh my mom was watching baby chase and yeah dad's here too Pete's at work right now but when he gets home we're gonna have some cocktail hour stuff and just soak up all the the family time yeah this is awesome yeah you look good with him Nana yeah he's making all these like Velociraptor sounds these days you did yeah he's probably done what I open oh hello little buddy look at those cheeks yeah now you got some big cheeks since the last time we filmed you you were only like five pounds something no you know I think you're over six maybe even seven go back to a new pediatrician on Tuesday I'll see what she says little love love you are the best baby ever don't we boy yeah you were the eyes mom he's gonna nap for a good three hours I bet you think so yeah really we should usually does in that day hour yeah and then yeah looking good all right we will probably check in later try to catch him when he's more awake and alert but we are just loving on him all he smiles he loves he loves to get a little head massage so if you like massage his head a little bit he starts to smile it's so cute right yeah like it's the same when he gets his hair brushed he just loves that he loves to be pampered he'll simulation yeah all right we'll check back in later all right we are Big E and cheese oh excuse me up from his nap and you just got changed hi say hi say hi world say hi world he's so cute hello hello hello oh now he's about to go back to sleep [Applause] hello sweetheart so if you going back to sleep oh you cute boy so adorable and we're facetiming with my sister and yeah cousin Dean hey hi it's about 80 hi Dean who's that say hi blog you're an hey say hi fly across the miles looking at the repairman oh good cheese all right everybody we are back it's six o'clock now and we are just starting some cocktail hour otters and some drinks so here we have this is the spread we've got a ton or cheese and crackers and like summer sausage and stuff champs and then we have some chips and this amazing dip this is like corn relish and that green sauce both from h-e-b and then whipped cream cheese it's so good and then just some cocktail shrimp and and of course the fam say hi guys hello the wolf of Wendel it has arrived let's show them your tat show me tag that let me let me let me zoom in a cloud oh yeah oh yeah no he got he's not no he isn't oh and of course my dad couldn't come to Texas without getting some jack-in-the-box so also during cocktail hour we're having some tacos Alpo tacos [Applause] we can't forget about our little che Bay who's just hanging out in his docket ah we're watching him very closely because we know that they're not supposed to be unsupervised in the dacha taught but he looks so peaceful so peaceful mij Bay little J Bay we won't disturb him now so what can we do a cheers guys see if I put it right there all right so everyone have a drink let's do it quick Cheers okay cheers to family generation the generation mother hello everybody it is Mother's Day and a very special one because it's my first and my mom is here obviously you guys know from earlier in the vlog and so we had a really nice morning just me and my mom went out to brunch and just enjoy being mamas yep Cindy and Pete took care of little chain I over there he's having a nice bottle dinner time dinner time for him how was he look at him oh hi buddy he's a good eater aren't you chase just about pay attention to you know he doesn't really care doesn't care for his mama he doesn't know didn't know that it's Mother's Day but anyway we're just hanging out here at the house and having our own little cocktail our mother's feather wine right here and it's such a nice day outside I'm going through it up yeah oh my gosh we've had some really really crazy storms in Houston this past week where there was like massive hail that was huge you know I've never seen in size of a base yeah never seen hail that size of my entire life and it was just like thunder storms loud thunder and lightning for hours and hours like from the day into the night so crazy but we're good and enjoying the day maybe go sit outside for a little while because it's beautiful out no humidity enjoy the Sun and humidity less lack of humidity while we have it yeah exactly and then tomorrow we are taking chase to a new pediatrician and hopefully the first one that we had we just got kind of by default because we didn't have a pediatrician going into the birth because we weren't expecting him to come that early but she was kind of far away from our house so we got a recommendation from a friend and we're gonna take him there and hopefully we like her and she gives us a good report on you know how he's doing and whether he needs to stand formula or if he's growing and all that good stuff so we'll probably update you tomorrow after his appointment that's I need to be here then yeah so happy to have mom in town dad was here you guys saw from earlier clips and he left on Saturday afternoon and so it's just us and Pete's going to work tomorrow so just us girls girls Bay Beach a little cheap eh he's burping right now it doesn't count doesn't count no huh oh yeah and he had we gave him an official bath today because his umbilical cord finally came off completely so oh my god he loved it we had him in the in the little tub and this like little sling thing it was so cute he was just like in heaven enjoying it and then of course he loved getting his hair done hair wash he's such a diva diva Devo but um yeah all right well we just wanted to check in on Mother's Day and I'll fill you guys in tomorrow after his pediatrician appointment all right hope all you mom is out there enjoyed your day talk to you tomorrow hello everyone it's Monday May 13th and we me and my mom still here we had an awesome pediatrician appointment today we switch pediatricians to one that's closer to our house and that a friend recommended and he had the best checkup so now he's 7 pounds 10 ounces he's finally on the growth scale I can't remember what percentiles he's in but it was like three five and four four for his head three for his weight and four for his length or something yes um they're all around three or four yeah but the the doctor said that he was doing great we can stop the formula and he can we can switch just straight breastfeeding instead of the bottles and just incorporate like one a week she said so that he gets so he stays used to it in case we need somebody to feed him while I'm not there but the best thing is that she said that we can take him out for a walk so here's our little guy he's uh he's in his stroller right now you got the UPPAbaby Vista stroller so we're taking it for its maiden voyage so it's a beautiful beautiful day guys finally yeah so let's go let's go yes how you doing in there chase are you doing in there oh it's so nice to be walking outside the pediatrician also told us that we we shouldn't take him out into like real public crowded places just because he is only about a month old and he hasn't had his two-month shots but we could you know take him to a restaurant and go early like 4:30 for dinner and and sit outside and like an outdoor seating which there's plenty of out in Houston and just cover his car seat up or whatever we have them in so that he's not exposed to anything and then we can you know go out and about with him for a quick dinner instead of him being inside but it's great to know that it's good for both of us to be outside and he's not really supposed to get any Sun but I definitely need it yeah I feel like of that inside all day every day that's really good for a mother yeah yeah and like just look at the blue spot is my gosh such a gorgeous day today very big backyard so we had to take his pants off cuz he was getting a little warm and we put his his cover on you know he's good to go pants on the ground look at how pretty our little neighborhood walkway is a little park over here face swings and stuff and fountains in this nice little walking path once we're done walking actually me and Pete are gonna go have some Mexican food and have a little date night just the two of us my mom's gonna be the hit chase she's only here for today and tomorrow so getting in that good nano time but we'll probably check in later on if anything's going on all right hi guys it's May 15th now and I can't even believe this Chase is gonna be a month old tomorrow and we're just doing some tummy time hi buddy he has a really strong neck for being a little guy come on bud come on you can do it lift that neck up lift that neck up yeah he's got the feet come on you can do it you can do it you can do it no not into it look like you're doing Zoolander new Zoolander come on hi hey don't get that neck up come on you can do it trying hard Oh little toot oh good job cheese oh come on there you go boy look at that leg good job buddy you like yoga master come on we do know raising baby dad we're facing baby look at the mouth there you go there you go oh wow full head turn hey now hey now ha ha that was good job yeah I left the legs how the legs go up there you go Wow bud Wow try it's so hard Oh big yawn he's so cute so cute you try it look at the cheeks big chipmunk cheeks get so fat yeah yeah you're getting fat like Daddy yeah oh my gosh I don't know what that means I drink beer and watch my tummy girl oh hi hi oh oh get the rag tell me times over you puke you're done puking rally you want to try again oh no I don't think so we're not gonna puke him rally for tummy time mm-hmm we'll try again later say bye-bye or bless you bless you little chip a see you later I think you did I think you did a pretty good job over there he's uh he's got such a strong neck for being such a little guy and like he's got really strong legs too when we try to like put his diaper on or ever he's uh he tries to like push back and he's just he's just the sweetest little thing well anyways um my mom left today and so now it's just me and Pete more solo out in Texas all the family is gone but I'm sure we'll come visit them or they'll be back here soon but I'm gonna close out the vlog hope you guys liked it and thank you so much for watching and if you're new please subscribe and follow our journey into Parenthood all the ups and the downs but we're loving every second of it alright talk to you later bye

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