have to do the first walk she can walk no did they get free three hours ago okay so it's 855 and it's been about five o'clock this one we had him yeah yeah ours yeah he's over there in the little warmer I'm just hoping for like 20 minutes right there's a little foot hanging out so I was like so I don't even know where we left off okay so they checked my bleeding like they normally do but you guys know I have us the century at placenta so I have an extra lobe on it so I have the same thing with Shay and they didn't deliver everything properly it was I almost hemorrhaged and similar thing happened this time there was just like a ton of clotting and I was bleeding a lot more than they would have liked so they had to get all the clots out and press on my stomach super hard and they were yeah not fun we're just waiting for the nurse to come back in to transfer us to the postpartum unit and then god I was gonna go get me some in NLP I feel like it needs a man now – Grayson you ended up teaching the good you know fry not gonna once we get to the postpartum unit though I will show you more of him I seriously love the entire hospital stay it's like my favorite part I'm just like so beyond like excited and happy and he's just so perfect you guys like I can't believe how perfect he is he's so freaking cute thank you did that right we're talking we just got transferred to the postpartum unit it's almost 9 o'clock so it's been been four hours since I gave birth and I feel fantastic I've been able to like get up and walk around totally fine without any help I've gone pee twice already this little guy is feeding it like a champ that's all he wants to do it with meat he fed right after he came out for an hour and a half and then this is the second feed and he's going on like 25 minutes now little guy likes to eat like his mama speaking of eating Adam just left to go get my first meal post-birth and of course I chose in and out I'm so excited for you guys I haven't eaten since yesterday at 10 o'clock at night so it's been almost 24 hours since I've eaten anything I had a couple of graham crackers and a sip of water here and there but other than that like I haven't had a meal in 24 hours and I'm starving Adam just got back with the goods babe Gracie Bell swaddled you got his little hand out though I can always eat this there's that little bag I'm more interested in the food right now it's a number two no onions animal style fries a dr. pepper and a Neapolitan shake let's write that normally I just get regular fries but I'm starving right now but this is my usual order whenever I go to in-and-out so autumn and I are gonna fill this out our nurse just came in with some paperwork our celebration meal see what they got so we just had in and out but this is gonna be lunch or dinner tomorrow is what she said I'm gonna go okay it is 10:30 which means it's about time for Grayson's third feed so we're gonna swaddle him and see if he has a wet diaper we haven't changed him yet he hasn't had a wet diaper yet so dad's gonna do the first diaper change of a little boy if it's a lot I don't know if it is but he fed for like ever so I'm surprised isn't how to diaper yet this is the app that some of you guys recommended I asked on instagram with the best breastfeeding tracker app is and a lot of you guys recommended this one so I put all this information in and now we're gonna do another feed I'm gonna do the right side now you guys look at all of his hair this is the most hair that any of my babies have ever had it's Oh sweetie just finished feeding so sleepy now Adams sleeping over there too there's no way that I can sleep with this view he's so precious I just want to stare at him those cheeks my faves so package never did I give just cuz the thought of being vulnerable made me feel less than I am I have never felt home till you answer and from that moment I knew that a home is whatever you did and I want you to know was letting you in from that moment I know I missed baby integers I can find the rest is outside when you make sure maybe it days just many years Adam just put some of those after ease drops in my water because my uterus is cramping so bad this stuff really helped with che though so I'm hoping it helps with him too how many drops did you put in four tastes like great like a bitter crazy I can't believe you tried it Blaine he's gonna go get me some Tylenol I think it's 8:45 now in the morning and I just got breakfast this looks so good the little flower so cute I got a bandana Adam just went to go get some Starbucks I think this is his I got a caramel macchiato with coconut milk look how swollen my feet are from all the fluids I don't know what this is I think it might be coffee Grayson just fed and he's already breaking out of his swaddle I just posted a photo of him on Instagram he's so keep you guys it's like so hard for me to put him down I just want to hold him the entire time what I'm gonna eat this I'm starving okay I'm about to take my first shower post birth the showers which does the bathroom was like super small oh oh Grayson's already crying I gotta be fast you got it you can't be hungry again I just bet him he what snorts – okay I just got out of the shower I feel so much better I wanted to show you guys my postpartum belly this is like less than 24 hours after I've given birth I birthed him at 5:00 p.m. and it's I think it's like 10:00 a.m. so this is like half of a day looks like I'm four months pregnant still which is totally fine but I just wanted to show you guys what your stomach looks like right after you get first I'll insert a picture right here I think I took one out like three hours post birth so it's going down a lot since then but the woman's body is seriously amazing like I feel so good right now I'm like walking around I have energy even though I haven't been sleeping very well because he's cluster feeding a ton but I'm still like on a high from everything so I think that's why I feel so good right now but I'm really not that sore at all I don't even really need to be wearing these big depends I'm just wearing them because they're really comfortable but my bleeding isn't that bad and I don't even need to use the peri bottle like when I go to the bathroom it doesn't burn at all which is so weird because he was eight pounds three ounces which is my biggest baby and I thought for sure it was gonna be a nightmare going to the bathroom but it hasn't been I've gone to the bathroom like a handful of times and each time I go it's a breeze I haven't had my first bowel movement yet though that's always terrifying again I feel amazing so far Adam is exporting all the footage from as a birth blog there's so much footage to go through like 100 gigabytes my guy yeah we use so many different cameras so the vlog is probably not gonna go off till Monday I'm sure you guys understand that I want the vlog to be like put together really nicely for you guys and for us so I'm not gonna rush it but you're gonna leave to go get the girls right I'm so excited for them to meet him I'm gonna end this vlog here you guys will see Grayson meeting his sisters and the next vlog I am so excited that's probably like what I'm most excited for is to see Bailey and Shay's reaction and to hold him for the first time I cannot wait but I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog be sure to give it a thumbs up if you did subscribe if you haven't already and I will see you guys in my next one bye was very you wish from that moment our new I missed baby integers


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