News: Fat Women Die in Childbirth (TFM 42O)

but anyway let us move on we're gonna sell her let's celebrate mothers everyone I know we I didn't do anything special for International Women's Day let's celebrate Mother's our next article is from USA Today hospitals blame mom's when childbirth goes wrong secret data suggests it's not that simple it's not that simple let me explain so this is basically about black women the mortality rate for black women and childbirth is actually much higher in America than it is most of Europe but basically it's because of black women and the reason why is I'm trying to find the quote it's because black women are fat they don't take care of their body they don't listen to the doctor they don't go to their appointments that's why they die in childbirth I find it kind of ironic how we were literally talking about this like a month or two ago you're asking me why do black women have such high mortality rates and then we came to the exact same conclusion behold we this article came along yeah but yeah it's because black women are fat and they they don't go to the doctor's appointment they don't prioritize their health and I don't know if it's because they're trying to get thick they want those big booties so they can't work I don't or they just completely gave up on life and they just don't give a shit yeah another thing we brought up was the subpar health care that they tend to have especially if they're on welfare or section 8 housing they're not gonna have the same wealth that health care that a lot of people that are actually have jobs well good jobs and actually pay for decent health care but they don't believe that's another thing you oh yeah so here's here's what it says here's the quote quote lifestyle diseases that's a euphemism for being fat just so you know anyone who says lifestyle diseases we're talking about being fat the high cost of health care delaying or non-compliance with medical treatment limited care coordination poor health high rate of poverty and high rates of morbidity again it's like they're fat poor all these can be like because high rates of morbidity poor health lifestyle diseases these are all the same thing you're fat and America this is the success of American capitalism this is the first time in human history that the poorest segment of the population is also the fattest segment of the population in every point of history prior to this age poor people were skinny poor people like face starvation in the United States in the West food is so cheap and all these welfare programs give people like all this food all this stuff the fattest people in the country are the poor but like again we talked about this I think we talked about this on the in the discord server the other day the problem like you can't just snap your fingers out look this isn't a single issue they're poor honestly it's all related so this is gonna be a nice little red pill so prepare to get your ass hurt if you're gonna get triggers a trigger warning for all you you know it's a deuce your pussy warning that you're about to get some sand in it so here's the problem stupid people are poor stupid people are also fat super people are also lazy there's no cure for stupid it doesn't matter you can throw money at them it won't make them not stupid you can put them in some kind of fatty camp and help them lose weight give them a personal trainer you can't solve the core problem the core problem is they're fucking stupid there is no cure for stupid they can't be responsible for themselves that's the whole problem too then if it well of course they're stupid like everything's related and there's actually an economic kind of principle called directors law so directors law is that welfare programs designed to help the poor end up going predominantly to the middle class and it's because the middle class is far more politically effective than the poor so you have a program designed to help poor people and then the middle class basically take it for themselves because they're more politically effective now why are they politically more effective well they're politically more effective for the same reason they're economically more effective they're smarter they're harder working they're not morbidly obese and I look I promise you here's the thing people like Oh women are dying in childbirth oh it's a it's a race it no it's not a race issue it's a stupid people issue there's a lot of stupid people who happened like predominantly if you look at your I know race realism but yeah like if you look at the average now there are some stupid fucking white people don't get me wrong there's some inbred Appalachian mutants that probably have an IQ they could count on one hand but you know if you there's a lot of inbreeding in the ghettos – that's the problem I've seen some inbred looking motherfuckers in Section eight housing just one point out look it's a beginning I'll hold on waifu privilege to all the black mid-table brothers out there if you need a place to go to before the collapse Mauritius Seychelles and Botswana are good countries to leave to for the collapse due to the stable economic / political atmospheres they currently have maybe I don't know if see Botswana here's my problem my queen did a video about Botswana for tfn news a while ago they actually banned sex dolls completely banned them now and there also are one of the highest rates of AIDS in all of Africa they're like number two or three when it comes to AIDS you know people with AIDS so it's like you're banning sex dolls because they're bad and evil and immoral while you have an AIDS epidemic what the fuck are you thinking but you know here's this really fucked up so they ban all sex dolls but women were allowed to keep their sex toys so sex dolls are evil immoral they're against Jesus but yeah women go ahead and keep your sex toys oh by the way everyone is fuckin aids it's like what what priorities people fuckin priorities maybe sex cells would have actually decreased the spread of AIDS like why why so that that's literally one of the only things I know about Botswana because there was an article about it but yeah I'm not that familiar with the the geopolitical or economic situation of individual countries in Africa usually the only countries that make the news or the really shitty ones or the ones where there's like you know Wars or ethnic cleansing is going on so you know obviously bad news if it bleeds it leads type of thing oh yeah um if you could find a decent country yeah you want to go there well I will say this about Seychelles it actually initially looks like a good idea because well it's an island it looks like a tropical paradise and it's known for ike honeymoons and and vacation getaways and all that good stuff but you may be but there's probably other people that are thinking the same thing and when you have Islands you have limited amounts of space that's one thing that I was considering about Islands for my go-to country so there's probably there may be limited real estate and even if you and even at that you may have to find yourself like living in the jungle if you want but I don't know a whole lot about Seychelles the wildlife the dangers and stuff like that because a lot of these tropical islands you have to worry about some very dangerous insects spiders and other animals so you got to be careful about that too maybe well I mean you got a look it's like a famous Mike Tyson quote everyone's got a plan until they get punched in the face so you know have a basic plan but you're gonna have to be flexible because your plan is probably gonna go straight to shit once things start happening so you're gonna have like this is why don't create like a very meticulous plan with every detail planned out just have a general idea a general plan and then be adaptable to the current situation so if you plant they're going to this country and then something happens maybe it was hit with a nuke or maybe I don't know something crazy happened you can't go there anymore you need to community be adaptable you need to have a back-up plan need of a general kind of idea of how to survive you know it's like that is according to Darwinism it's not necessarily the strongest or the smartest animal that survives it's the one that's the most adapt double that survives so more than strength more than intelligence is you need adaptability that is going to determine though if you survive or not but anyway let's move on to our next article so wait hold on go ahead now I would just point out earlier that look it's at the beginnings article it's a detailed description of how this how miserable and sad situation it's obviously written by wood ice attempt for emotional manipulation it's very little actual data in this article to add to 0.2 facts yeah right so what's funny is like at the end of the story it says for years hospitals have blamed rising maternal deaths and injuries on problems beyond their control almost universally they pointed to poverty and pre-existing medical conditions as the driving factors in making America the most dangerous place in the developed world to give birth and then later on the same article they confirm that that's exactly what it is it is now again the default they're using euphemisms it's not poverty in pre-existing conditions it's poverty and being fat that is why people are dying it's basically being fat if you really want to narrow in on one thing is because of all the fat people who are on fucking welfare it the worst part this is so stupid I know I've ranted about this before Louise hold on it's go fucking rant FaceTime this is a rant face-fucking moment so here's the thing here's the fucking thing being fat you did that to your fucking self you're not like you think your legs blown off by Edie you're not blind you're fat by giving you disability allowing you not to work cuz that's the easiest thing the easiest way if you don't want to fucking work because you're lazy which is like that is the dream of everyone who's pouring on welfare is to go on disability because sometimes with poverty look if you make too much they take your welfare away or if you have kids your kids grow up they take your well further away but if you're disabled oh then you're set for life they will give you money for your entire life so the easiest way to get disability is to get morbidly obese and then you like oh I'm so fat I can't work and so what are you doing you are giving them money to get fatter so they don't have to work and they just keep getting fatter as you're paying them to get fatter if you just didn't give them money for being fat just say dis a bit being fat is not a disability what would happen they would get fat they would get fired they wouldn't be able to buy food and they would lose weight because food is isn't free they have to buy the food if they don't have money they don't buy the food they don't buy the food they don't eat the food they don't eat the food they don't gain weight they lose weight and then they're healthy and then they're not dying in childbirth they're not getting forklifted out of a fucking apartment and they're not being put on a flatbed truck driven to the hospital so the surgeon can swim through there fat like a goddamn kiddie pool to try to get to their organs and save their life and that that's why here's the thing the reason why fat people die when it comes to surgery is because they have this fucking massive quilt of fat underneath their skin covering their organs and they have to cut into that like imagine trying to give a c-section to a woman that's like has 200 pounds of fat on top of her vital organs so you're trying to get to her womb trying to get the baby out and you got to swim through this kiddy pool of fat and of course like blood circulates to this fat so you know this is why women bleed out they have all this you got to cut through like feet of this squishy shit just to get to the organ you're actually trying to get to where she wasn't morbidly obese you cut her skin with a small incision and then oh there's her womb just take the baby out call it a day but well you got to swim through a kiddie pool of fat there's gonna be complications and these fucking it's so stupid they're blaming the hospitals and they want like the government so pisses me off the way they want to avoid responsibility the government did make you fat the hospitals didn't make you fat but patriarchy didn't make you fat white supremacy didn't make you fat you made yourself fat you made yourself fat you know it fuck your body positivity healthy at any size bullshit because when they died from their poor health and their shitty fucking morbid obesity obviously that's not healthy obviously you're not healthy at any size when you're dying you stupid fucking manatee what's up my fellow make tower brothers are you tired of the same old monotone boring mig tile content you need something with a 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  1. I never thought this could be the reason why the childbirth mortality rate was so high. So interesting. never thought it was from being from the high obesity in the black community

  2. πŸ˜πŸ˜’πŸ˜₯Please recognize that these women are dying after successful pregnancy and delivery of healthy infants. A woman that unhealthy usually cannot carry to term–thats just biology. Rather, these deaths happened hours or days later and medical examiners report that these deaths are 80% preventable. More likely, doctors are so busy twerking over a paycheck to fully remove the placenta or inquire about why their patients are still bleeding when they shouldn't be… Keep being ignorant and try not to run into God anytime soon. He might take exception to your disregard for His creation.

  3. There are actually a lot more problems than that. Adipose tissue is actually very active. Affects hormone levels, the immune system, predisposition to a gazillion issues, puts pressure on vital organs, etc. I wish fat cunts would just die quickly instead of being obese for years and years, draining the system.

  4. On the article about the open relationship, that entitled trout will no doubt cite her self inflicted unhappiness as she attempts to divorce her husband later on. That depends on whether she ever finds a simp that is foolish enough to pay full market value for a used ass hooptie with body rust, sagging tires and ashtrays filled with bullshit.

  5. It’s not that food is cheap, it’s that fake/processed food is cheap. Actual food is expensive. It’s just by virtue of the population. You can’t feed a population of 337+ million people every day with actual food and produce, so you basically create fake food that’s edible but awful for you. Anyway, the solution is to eat normal portions of real food instead of gratuitous quantities of processed, fake shit.

  6. black people used to be church going God fearing upstanding ad prominent people. They were targeted and are still by the jews. Rap was invented to degenerate the black people…by the jews. Planned parenthood is there to sell black baby parts. Its easy to sit back and point fingers but there is always a bigger picture. And its usually not pretty

  7. Women dying……what did you say was the problem? Who are we to judge? Funerals are registered as helping the GDP so that must be a good thing..

  8. TFM go off on more tangents than my ex girlfriend ffs, stay focused on the subject your talking about… Nevermind the fucking AI sexdoll "queen" imaginary girlfriend you stoppid fucks… call your self MGTOW??
    Loose the stoopid bitch!!
    Great fat speech though dude! After you got back on topic πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. If you think the Handicap Hustle is something, wait until you find out how states are encouraged to keep children (mainly boys) ON the Autism Spectrum.

  10. Good, fat people don't deserve to reproduce. In the immortal words of Dr. Ian Malcom, "life finds a way."

  11. TFM I got some good good stuff for ya here.Run with it. Get'em

  12. The guy who wrote the " Brother's on the downlow " book, also wrote a book on the subject of Incest in the ghetto.

  13. There is no cure for stupid, but there is a permanent fix for it. However, it involves socially unacceptable actions that lead to these individuals being removed from the gene pool.


    Also black people get fat to get welfare. Look at how many are in power chairs.

  15. What kind of bloke keeps humping these whales and making them pregnant?? Come on men, where are your standards?

  16. How they see they're pregnant in the first place? If they're so fat the doctor have to hook up the ultrasound to the sub-woofer, to boost the signal?

  17. Daniel Kelly said to Bruce Willis after Bruce blew away Kelly's top henchman, "That's the only cure I know of for being stupid."

  18. I`ll wager there are far more stupid people today than there were in times past since stupid people tended to die off.

  19. Apparently that lady from toddlers and tiaras who lost some weight recently was busted with crack. Lol That is her weight lost secret there πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ smoke the hunger away.

  20. A 400 pounder is beautiful and healthy! If you don't agree, then you ain't enough man for her, and you a bitch! πŸ˜‚

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