Newstalk's Futureproof take a look at Eeva at the SIMS IVF Clinic in Dublin

you we're here at the sims fertility clinic here in Dublin where Lisa and Gary are going to go through various stages and hopefully in December we get to see a pregnancy test but today we're going to take a look at Eva which is a cutting-edge technology that allows us to look at the embryo as it developing in real time so I'm in my scrubs and i'm here with crane cool he's the lab director here at sims and he's going to show us how evil works but first graham i talked to us about what you're looking for in a healthy angrier well traditionally what we're looking for you know it's and it's a GE contest even these early stages are good looking for the prettiest embryos and what the recent research has shown that the prettiest ambriz aren't always the most viable embryos and so eva is an additional tool to help us pick the most viable embryos and there on the stage okay so what exactly does this do them we're looking at the screen here now these are what 12 separate embryos is but these are 12 wells there are nine Amber's in here there are a few that are empty okay and we can have up to 12 Pradesh and there what happens is there is there's a microscope inside the incubator that the the amber is set on and it takes an image of the ambulance every five minutes it then splices those images together into videos and what it's looking for is the time between the cell divisions and those should fall within a certain to find time frame and if it does and they fall within those parameters they get an EVA high score and that predicts of viability as being good and if they don't then it can be leave a low score and then those will be the amorous which may not develop further okay so you're saying that when the cells divide that that marker that's quite a precise thing is it and you can actually tell whether or not an embryo might go on to become a blast assist the next stage exactly just by there I mean yeah absolutely the research was done stanford university in the States and there they found that if the amber is fall within a certain time periods and cell division halls in a certain time period that it predicts gene expression and it's related to gene expression and if it falls outside of that the new genes are not expressed correctly and it not decrease it's a chance of the am performing of last assess later on can we see a video yep first we can't we'll have a look at some of these these are evil eyes evil owes the yellows are the laws and the Greens of the high so green means green green means means be good dream is good it means that there are two there are two parameters that it measures on both of them have to fall within the limits for we get it gets high and sore ticularly one the highs and we can play them all but we can go into individual embryos and take a look at them so what are we looking at here so this is a it's technically not an embryo yeah it's called as I go this is a fertilized egg on day one so this is the point where we are letting patients know how many embryos they have fertilized they had direct collection about 18 to 24 hours ago and then they get put on to Eva so and we then get the first cell division now with this embryo here the cells are dividing up on top of each other a little bit see the second she's like yourself and slightly and behind there so this is like a real time solution this is that the very beginnings of life this is the very early stages of development yeah but this is this is not real time this is this is speeded up massively this is this is about two days now when we get to the foresail stage and this is a second day after a collection and where we are now so two days you once it only have four hours to get exactly we're looking for between two and four cells by day to an A&A the amber goes on to between four and eight cells by day three and then it goes kind of exponentially from there on to have lost sis where there might be hunter the sales by day five or they six so ideally we want to see something like this for Lisa and Gary we want to see timely splitting of cells and every got everything going as you expect absolutely and if you get that then at what stage do you implant one of these embryos in and what we think is we have two options one is to do the transfers on day three or we can grow the areas onto glass assess a five or day sex so we hope the options that it really depends as patient to patient driven we made that decision based on on the disciple herself crane thanks man looks great I'm really excited to see what happens next to carry anissa excellent thank you

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