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IVF is starting all over again and Lord Jesus please let me can you help me and it's another update as usual after my egg retrieval today which is the following Monday but they had a cancellation so they moved it up a few days early and so pretty much as soon as a doctor sauce he said well I was kind of surprised by the results I'm considering that you know you had 17 eggs retrieved so he does not know what went wrong so he won I asked what are the chances of that happening and he was like honestly that that would have been like a less than 2 percent chance of that happening so and they know you know rich should be 17 and ending up with one embryo um so I lost my train of thought he said I don't think it was a sperm issue because 9 had fertilized he goes I think it's an egg quality issue he's like all the way they looked I guess there were like I don't know there was like extra things in it are like foggier he said there was like something that you know the embryologist didn't think they were you know good quality embryos for eggs so he he is really pushing for us to do another IVF cycle which you can imagine I was freaky now I was like I feel about I don't want to do this again when it causes a lot of money into like it's no fun injecting yourself with hormones and it's just the whole process is not fun so he said well the other thing we can do is I forgot the the actual name of it but it's a mock cycle so pretty much they do like or like a transfer cycle but it's not Oh My Lord Jesus there's so much traffic right now what is going on so pretty much it's they I do all the medications I do everything like if I'm gonna do an embryo transfer however instead of the day that I would have to I would do an embryo transfer they do I believe it's a biopsy in my uterus and then face great I think they take a biopsy they take the sample shipping out to someone to test it and then they kind of like scrape a little bit over my uterus so that when we do the transfer the the embryo sticks to it I could be totally wrong but this is from what I understood he was saying and he goes when they ship it out when they send it out they test for like what's the optimal day in the cycle to do the transfer because what happens is some women do transfers and the that's not the right date for them to do it so that's why they miss they end up miscarrying or the impro not implanting really is it whatever you're not really implanting so he says that we could do that and then he's like if you do that either way like whichever route we decide to go like starting on day three of my cycle which is lovely today already um he's like we're gonna put you on birth control so give yourself the weekend cuz I told him like I really don't know which rich route we want to go with so he was like okay since you're psycho still hasn't started give yourself the weekend to kind of think about it but either way like coming on on your day three of your cycle so you can do blood an ultrasound and one of the blood is um or one of the tests are doing is for inflammation he was like I don't think you have any inflammation issues but he said I want to kind of like rule that out so they do little some laps so they're gonna do the regular lab so they usually do on day three plus the lovely ultrasound which I love so much and then I got I tell them which route we're going with the mock cycle or another IVF cycle well that same day Matt made the decision it's like we're doing another cycle because I want to know what happened and because like ultimately it's up to you but like that's what I want to do so since he kind of made that decision that's what I'll go with I'm starting to feel like a science experiment and I told that say like this is officially the last time I am doing it as much as it may hurt me that the results may not end up what I want them to be but I'm not gonna do this again it's just one is too much money and I don't want to keep putting my body through that so the doctor had said like if we choose an IVF he's obviously gonna change her meds probably increase the dosage yeah so pretty much I already emailed my IVF coordinator and let her know ahead of time like hey when they I'm gonna come in for labs ultrasound I need a birth control prescription and we have decided to go through another IVF cycle either way like either either around like it was gonna take six weeks before we do it so it takes a while to do the tracking the mock transfer and the IVF so you know obviously they have to put me on birth control first so I should start that today I feel like I'm missing stuff every time I Drive I'm always like so distracted by driving that I mean like I don't know if I'm giving you the full details but that was the gist of it that is 100% in on doing another IVF cycle so probably within the next six weeks because I'm gonna be on birth control for three weeks you know God willing we have we have multiple embryos not one not two I would like three or four either way like we are not going to do a transfer until after the new year so I'm so not excited about that it is what it is every single time we go to these appointments and that's the other thing it's one like you know every single time we come it's like something new there talked about being on a freaking roller coaster today I can't take it I'm exhausted oh wait see anyone's gonna miss something so he did recommend um acupuncture and he referred me to a doctor not too far from my house so I had a phone consultation with her the day after so that's Friday and let me tell you that is expensive because my insurance of course does not cover that and for one for the initial busy which took over like diet and you know they just over he's like a two-hour consultation is $300 and a five session tack great yeah high five a five session package is $800 yeah so what did I do I went on Groupon they made a list of a few she said the doctor I said that I needed to at least two sessions a week we need about six weeks worth obsessions so she said the acupuncturist said two sessions a week I went on Groupon and found four clinics that offer coupons like three session coupons so that is way cheaper because it ranges between like 40 something dollars to like $90 first you know for a session of like three sessions and now that would make my my twelve sessions that I would need so guys if you need acupuncture don't just call them go on group home and get your deals because it's seriously like that is way too much money to be paying like five eight eight hundred dollars for five sessions I'm not paying that that is out of control so I'm at the clinic I'm gonna go do my fun ultrasound and I'll let you know I'll let you guys know what happens wish me luck I've been done with my appointment but I had to run to the building next door to do my cycle day three laps I think their laps at the clinic for some information which crossing arm in a lake so yeah so I did that I did the labs at the clinic I did the ultrasound and the ultrasound tech it was weird because she was like oh we're gonna put in your prescription for birth control and an antibiotic just like oh because you're doing IVF and I'm like this is the second time between it like I did not get antibiotic at the beginning I got my antibiotic when I was doing the egg retrieval so I got it all like I'm following protocol all right so I'm gonna email my nurse and see what the deal is like why do I need say an antibiotic when I'm just starting the birth control part of it I don't know I'm gonna ask and I also saw i BF coordinator shooters like passing five years ago I just I just emailed you right now on if I want to do the IVF consultation like appointment or just email or just email me and they just like responded write them in their on email on my phone just so she kind of has it on record like outlets unread emails I have to sign all the consent forms all over again which I think it's funny cuz I sign them I don't know what was it a month ago so I don't like a month ago so I just think it's funny that I have to sign it is what it is I already texted my husband I was like I'll prepare yourself because we gotta sign all these documents all over again um then I jumped over to the building literally right next door and did the date three laps but yeah man these people like these people specifically only do labs like that is what they do all day and let me tell you they always murder my arm there has not been one time that I go into that cut and to those and I've gone to multiple locations not the same location like different locations like this company hires people that have no idea how to take out but this girl was like one should like the licked my arm to like top the main she's like oh I'm sorry of that hurt then she puts in the needle and I could already tell from the beginning that she did say you messed it up you did not get it ain't correctly she pokes it in nothing come no blood comes out she's literally moving around she's like take a deep breath pushes it in even more moves it around still nothing I think she did it like three or four times before the blood came came out she was like poking it in poking it in and moving it around so I know this arm is gonna have a bruise so right now this is going to look like oh so look I'm looking like a hot mess right now combat Express at the clinic the lady who does a jaas of blood is so amazing like literally she just looked always I think yet to not have an incident where that lady does not get the vein correctly every single time I go to this place where they only draw blood and they are always moving around the needle and I always have some nasty bruises I never get any bruises with the lady of the clinic so with that said this clinic is amazing or the lady who drops of blood but IVF is starting all over again and Lord Jesus please let me get more embryos healthy embryos so we can have some healthy babies I'm a way to work I'm like SuperDuper late as usual when I go to these appointments ich is hitting the fan in the office so I will talk to you guys next time whenever that is idle my next appointment is but I'll let you guys know what

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