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what's up everybody welcome back to my channel I'm Sean hey Xander where's a spam today I'm really excited because something just came in the mail we just watched The Bachelorette and they did this simulator for pregnancy contractions and I was like hmm Andrew made a comment not too long ago that like it can't be that bad right pregnant women have had a with that one so I ordered a contraction simulator pretty much a TENS unit that like you used to rehab and stimulate your muscles and I'm going to put it on Andrew we'll see how tough he is Oh before we get started please comment down below if I come with the RAC if you're not head over to Instagram comment there and press the subscribe button turn on those seizures a contraction simulator really yeah I was actually about to use my pregnancies my practice the crazy Villa he bought for himself I want those I'm super comfortable but there's no way that you can get this Amazon yeah I'm not sure if it's super safe should I be nervous yeah so the adoption we can do it amend we can go to bed or if you're doing like a bathtub which is where some would give birth ever since me really excited this no no yeah I think people when you give birth at home you do it in the back the shine I did these tests to test our genetics and everything they came back they had stuff like what's your muscle type or like strength and power she's like ultra but it also said this is what's crazy it also said that my pain tolerance is extremely high we're doing this home birth style are you a qualified medical professional absolutely okay and this is purchased out of Amazon please do not do this at home is this our first disclaimer in any video yes be responsible there's a lot of people in we've done a lot of rehab so I don't trust you hooking these things up in my body we got a lower abs hey guys oh you have no idea what you doing here you want this to hurt as much as possible yeah a lot of my six-pack do not try this at home I want you people out there who have had kids given birth to comment down below scale of 1 to 10 how bad contractions hurt is it the contractions at her is it the actual passing of the child I think it's everything all right let's do this all right turning on ease me into this out really nurse oh my gosh I feel like it's on and I feel like it's my stomach this is not [Applause] you're why this is shown that the cape man shall apparently that was only half speed half strength there there hurt a lot I'm not exaggerating it was it was convulsing all my muscles at once so let's start part two here we're gonna what I wish how is this legal to sell an Amazon oh my god I almost was in you're joking I was probably ever so will we learn today I'm scarred I've seen a labor field position but just stay they take a bump and I'm screaming you have to be like it's okay I like first for the video I want to go with max drink but I can't do it so you tango one more I can't freakin do it dramatic bring my phone in case when you call 9-1-1 if i black out shot I don't think I'm not a lot of people are just being fake on YouTube to get the reaction but this is insane just so we're clear okay let's do it start low baby start low I'm not ready for this babe I can't do I can't do it oh oh I'm done videos over preaching thank you watching yes subscribe I'm taking nap out oh my gosh did you do it no does he understand you wanna try a contraction simulator no I thought it was not contractions were a joke they put me a half-strength and it's oh my well I show you that a little bit show you down a little bit I mean do it again just like just show them what it does so what the check this out hey start whoa babe I've heard stories of pregnant ladies like yelling at their husbands and testing and stuff and I freaking get it now yeah you almost say I hate you we did those because at one point he said it can't be that bad having a baby so that way more contractions is probably easy comparative yeah okay you look at the box of this dumb thing and it looks literally like it'd be just absolute garbage like oh yeah there's no way that does anything useful we're a half-strength now freaking don't rip off my hair off jinsol for once in your life my god everything's so tinder down there I don't the Ottoman state this is the crazy thing to shine I did these tests to test our genetics and everything they came back they had stuff like what's your muscle type or like strength of power she's like ultra my endurance is like really high but it also said this is what's crazy it also said that my pain tolerance is extremely high extremely higher than normal so for somebody that has normal pain tolerance and actually gives birth to baby like full strength I can't believe it respect salute that's all I gotta say hats off I view everything different now so I got [Laughter] what you

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