Nic Asks Conrad To Meet Her Halfway | Season 2 Ep. 23 | THE RESIDENT

[music playing] [knocking] What’s wrong? Everything OK? Can I come in? Look, I’ve been
thinking a lot about us, and I realize some
things are just– hear me out. Of course. Life is hard. And the problems keep
coming, and I keep trying to solve them all by myself– Jessie, my dad, our patients. I seem completely incapable
of asking for help. I don’t know why I do that. Well, you lost
your mom as a kid. No. I don’t– I don’t
want to do that. I don’t want to make excuses. I want to see the pattern, take
responsibility, and change. [sighs] OK. I’m listening. You said you want to move
forward in our relationship. I want that too. I just need you to
meet me halfway. What do you mean? It means I want to start
talking about moving in, marriage, the family, all of it. But you can’t push me. You can’t rush me. Let me do this at my own pace. OK. Yeah. I can do that. This is a big deal. [laughs] Yeah. I’m in. I just– I just only
have one request. I really want those chickens.

48 Replies to “Nic Asks Conrad To Meet Her Halfway | Season 2 Ep. 23 | THE RESIDENT”

  1. They need to work together to make this relationship happen
    Both need to make the sacrifices not just one and the other complains

    There is still hope for them

  2. Yayyy! 👏👏👏Happy that ConNic is working on their bond. I love these two❤️❤️ Glad that Alec is gone🙄

  3. I’m glad she realized how much she loves him…and he’s soo happy warms my heart 🥰♥️

  4. Kudos to the writers! They kept that relationship safe! Because it would have been so annoying for this couple to permanently break up. They just needed some time. Now we can focus on the next step of their relationship.
    This show is really great. With new Amsterdam there are my favorites! 👌

  5. Oh Logan has come so far from the Gilmore days! Lol great to see Matt on a great show! Hes an incredible actor!

  6. She wanted him to change & he did on his one& then she pushed him away. So I’m glad she’s seeing herself but she needs to sacrifice as well and give him credit..

  7. I just luv this show! I and SO MANY OTHERS DO TOO!! We're very happy that there will be another new season of "The Residents". The show is SO G-O-O-D (GOOD)!!!
    " RESIDENTS" 😍😍😍😍

  8. I was so happy that they got back together without making Nic get with Alec or Conrad randomly sleeping with another girl. I love this couple.

  9. Bruh I watched this and was shocked that when the party's over was playing in the background and the resident is my favorite TV series and billie eilish is my favorite person in the world so ahh..this is perfect

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