Nice animation of a mare giving birth

normal stage one when far gyration is imminent the mayor's tale should be wrapped however the onset and progress of stage one can be quite difficult to determine due to its vague and nonspecific signs under normal conditions a dam that's about to foal will become Restless and show signs of colic during the first stage of labor the mayor might display the flamin response she frequently switches her tail and milk may squirt from her teats when the tail is held aside a swollen and lengthened vulva is exposed the mayor will often lie down sometimes she'll roll from side to side and she's obviously inconvenienced by the uterine contractions during the first stage of labor the foal turns from a dorsoventral to a dose of sacral posture with extended four limbs and head the extended four limbs and head begin their passage through the cervical canal which causes further cervical dilation this thrusting movement of the foals fallens ruptures the Chorio land twists at the level of the cervical star allowing the escape of alan TOEIC fluid which is yellow amber like and of a watery consistency at partition in most cases the foal will be in an anterior presentation presentation refers to the relative position of the longitudinal axis of the foal compared to the longitudinal axis of the mare anterior means that the head is coming first in the birth canal the muzzle of the foal is pointing towards the vulva normally the neck head and front limbs are extended one front foot might emerge slightly ahead of the other this posture diminishes the diameter of the chest of the foe and allows the Falls elbows and shoulders to pass more easily through the birth canal carpal flexion when the foal is lying in carpal flexion the fetal nose and only one full leg are visible at the vulva at first the phone must be repelled as far as possible the flexed limb is grasped at the level of the fetlock and passed on the compass is twisted cranial laterally and the distal portion of the limb is twisted medially to maximize available space within the uterus and pelvic canal the fetlock is held flexed as the distal limb is brought medially and cordially to extend the limb out through the birth canal as the limb is straightened the clinicians hand is held over the bottom of the foot to prevent injury to the reproductive tract the amniotic sac has a fairly thick transparent white blueish colored membranous outer cover that will allow visualization of the front legs once the head of the foal has entered the pelvic canal the mare will lie down in lateral recumbent C and the abdominal straining begins when the mayor gets to her feet the umbilical cord will rupture to prevent the ner from tearing the afterbirth by standing on it the afterbirth is tied up a large part of the dams diffuse placenta has become detached by the end of second stage labor it's pushed cordially into the pelvis by the continuation of the uterine contractions and the involution of the uterus caesarean section a cesarean section in the mayor is best done under general anesthesia after induction at intubation the mayor is positioned on the operation table in dorsal recumbent sea and connected to the volatile anesthesia and monitoring machines the abdomen of the mare is thoroughly clipped shaved scrubbed and disinfected a ventral midline incision of about 40 centimeters extending from a point just court'll to the zip weighed to a point just cranial to the umbilicus is made in the abdomen the uterine horn containing the hind limbs of the foal is grasped with one hand under the tar sigh and the other holding the flexed hoof after the onion is broken the hind limbs are chained and the foal is pulled up and out of the uterus maintaining the umbilical cord intact the surgeon transfers the hind limbs to an assistant after clamping the umbilical cord the foal is quickly taken away to a second team to be evaluated intubated and resuscitated if necessary before replacing the uterus the serosa is thoroughly rinsed to avoid contamination of the abdominal cavity the abdomen is closed in four layers at first the peritoneum is closed by a simple continuous suture pattern and finally the skin is closed by a continuous interlocking suture pattern a sterile stent is placed on the incision to keep it clean and the mare is placed back in the recovery room you

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