Nick Foles on return to OTAs after wife’s miscarriage

we’re hearing from Nick Foles for the first time since news of his wife’s miscarriage the Jaguars quarterback spoke today publicly praising Torre folds as toughness he said his wife encouraged him to return to organized team activities and he says the community’s outpouring of support means so much to the family as they go through this difficult time lobule reached out a lot of people reached out and just grateful for that all the prayers of support for everyone knows a lot of people that go through this it’s difficult it’s really difficult and you know it will always be emotional you know but you know ultimately we trust the Lord in this process you know we get home to our beautiful baby girl and you know we hug your even tighter you know but they’ll be there’ll be a process of going through you know Tory’s going through a lot right now so you know I’m here the team’s been awesome but also when I’m done here to get home to them Foles also says the family is getting plenty of support from the Jaguars and his former teammates in Philadelphia Torrey fools was 15 weeks pregnant with a baby boy she was diagnosed last year with a little-known disorder called postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome or pots it’s a malfunction of the autonomic nervous system which controls the involuntary functions of the body such as heart rate blood pressure digestion breathing blinking and urination the most frequent symptoms are profound fatigue gastrointestinal issues and frequent almost constant lightheadedness

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