NICU premature twins born at 30 weeks gestation

and we came into the hospital when I was twenty nine weeks because I had some bleeding and we were kept in for a few days until the bleeding subsided but during that period um dr. fat and my OB gy came to visit me in numerous occasions and they were monitoring us trying to emcee you know the cause of the bleeding etc and they were able to get it under control quite quickly but um their priority at that stage because I was at risk of going into premature labor and was to get the steroid injections for the lungs for the babies em so they they focused on that and they did that and when I was 29 which plus one day and what they were able to get the bleeding under control and a few days later I was discharged which was great and um I'd had both sources of the long steroids to help the baby's lungs so am I was able to call about twenty nine weeks in four days but unfortunately the next night or the next morning after one home I started bleeding again so back into hospital um and at 30 weeks um one day they had to go ahead with the emergency c-section because of placental abruption um for one of the babies and yeah so those are 30 weeks plus one day so doctor fashion was wanted to let me know him and at that stage we had met dr. Khalil a number of times he'd come to talk to us and in the maternity suite about why we were getting steroids what the you know potential scenarios could be if they were born early what to expect and if they if they come as early as did it and yeah that's it that's how we came to know yeah terrified you know terrified yes and I suppose reassured at the same time because you know we were seeing dr. fat and she was telling us everyday that the babies don't come as a better day for the babies and so we managed an extra eight days from when we were initially um tikkun to when the babies were born so that was in some ways a great achievement so we thought we were just actually done well versus having babies at 29 weeks unprepared so we had a week to condition ourselves and and get used to us so and yeah I was it was syllabus terrifying but we were in the right place to have the baby so so this little man was in NICU for six weeks and Andrew and Liam was in for a little bit longer seven weeks and Andrew was in for six weeks and after he was discharged from Nikki we went to UM the maternity ward for two nights so I could just spend time with them and making sure I was comfortable to take him home you know bit of premature baby they have some you know nuances that other babies don't have so I was really happy with that because it just gave me the confidence to know that I could go home with them and you know they'd be fine their grace their thriving I hope you know there am they're busier yeah they're they're getting a lot bigger they were tiny you know they were so small but health-wise they're good yeah they they came out with you know please God there's nothing yeah all is good am I very very positive experience and and I think that's human Nick you are super they used to be crying yeah yeah the lot of Tears but um you know ever be very supportive and it's it's like a family in there so you never felt but even because you knew that there'd be looked after but they're lovely like the very supportive and they asked like the answered all our questions they were very patient with us we had lots of questions but there em but they're really the perfect professional they know what they're doing you can tell they're so experienced and they really put your mind at ease very stressful time for parents and we weren't the only ones that were there yeah I don't think we ever left the NICU in and out things were going okay and everything wasn't taken care of and I think even just the banter and you know the song and the conversation between the staff that were being a necessarily son went a long way to you know give you a lift to come in there yeah the doctor super team they're very close you know they're they work very well together they have the run a tight ship yeah you know but they're very nice and they're very supportive yeah what I've a very very stressful and traumatic in many ways but also very positive you know positive experience and we're out the other end and you learn a loss you don't know how to push yourself and you learn a lot about um you know but what's required to look after these guys they train you as well the Train does really well you know they give you they give you the current confidence and you know you're left you know that they're telling you you're ready to go so you felt ready you know so know they're super teen yeah very positive experience

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