welcome in my crib that is my two precious she just had her food the small girl has her food because she's knocked out now we got a new yellow cow a big girl alright honey bunny let me show you our personal a Mughal and move walk we go she is making some really nice tinks right then pain right it's good for the breast milk right these Jordan beans hey thanks no Darnell Karly red red red red velvet sounds dangerous Wow red red this is niacin is it the same snail as I ate in that yeah all right this one and all and planting right something yeah people will miss it when they see it but it's easy to get around the world this one but the other ones not snail people will miss it Congo meet so the Kenyans call this red red and the snail is Congo me maybe they don't have neat an area only F snail as you can see Jalen is sleeping she just felt just feather so she's really like no cows but hi that but today today hold on one moment you know so what we're gonna do today my mom is going to keep chuckle engine how's that but before I started we started this video there was like a discussion not really a discussion Jack has like thousands of questions for my mom my mom had to explain everything like what she's going to do what she's going to use for Jack everything is new and for my mom she has done this for like a thousand times she like literally almost every child in Amsterdam already be reading me watched by my mom but anyhow so my mom asked she had to explain everything to Jack yeah she yeah sure she didn't have equations for the last six months and I to the Midwife and discuss things with you that let's just ask her myself yeah so my mom explained it with she showed it with my engine so she was really sure about reading anymore so well my mother is this kind of new because my mother she had to she had to start explaining things because normally she just comments and do happy right welcome in the mid-city like I said people just seemed like oh you guys are like feet for each other so you understand each other and everything is perfect but you forgot one thing if you are if you have two different cultures it's kind of yeah I will say difficult this challenging yeah exactly because you have to like you have to understand one another by now so my mom is going to want to show you how it's done well weather like complete full Nigerian child is Jessie she'll get used to it yeah so anyway well we just want to show you guys for jak is the first time for you guys is the first time change of a link as well so and I'm very nervous I don't know why No yes I was about to cry now we are we allowed we were relaxed well my mom was lady I just know that she didn't see me on video I know I'm sorry like we were like so and everything see her crying he's like Missy no she's like she's already know she's blushing luscinia supporting it was the first puff no it's just a start yeah it's not the last time is the first first bath yeah kind of also well surprised how relaxed my mom was I know but this is different now he's my always like seeing your baby crying just want to like I've been feelin too small watch the clock ticking after all tonight you spent my coin for the show this is essays first times in grandma's house she need to eat oh oh my gosh so much love for this age I want to travel faster car [Applause] [Applause] happy sauna guys you know say hi to turn my boofie she's sleeping so let's just leave her to sleep right because I won't like it when I'm sleeping someone is just like feel meaning a lot of me but yes is excited I finally got my push gift wrap up thanks babe well it's something I've always wanted and we've just been postponing it and postponing it and I don't even know why we didn't get it but it's all excited to give me something I've been dreaming about anyhow let me show you my new baby my beautiful beautiful baby actually it's a for all of us for you as well whoever is watching because you want you like this all of us my thoughts was I was the one who pushed I know but they I supported you so much so you guys want to see this all this yeah you ready so it's the g7x guys who it's a full kit a really full kit so you have the camera with it you have an SD card with it and you have this what is the card is gorilla understand gorilla this is it huge difference with image quality yeah okay we were using before especially in also light environments outside it's no really big difference but inside you're gonna see a big difference of yeah I think what I'm going to do I'm going to film with this and laxatives so this may come with your phone right now they'll see it later Thanks spotted what else oh you said them it's a fool kid yeah so you have the bag as well so you have this extra battery so we can go on a nice boat trips right well this IV not really being like right here I think we take everything of it yeah we need to step up our game guys and if I decide to give it to me so that's really our boys get in that's what nobody won I've always wanted this show yeah thank you I'm gonna put a camera and I'm going to tank inspection so you guys don't have to see how I think my husband like so this is a test oh whoa how you doing you and you and the camera Oh batteries oh yeah that was like it's a you issue okay bye so guys it's time to close this work it has been a nice week weeks yeah because Jeremy's a month already so anyhow I'm still enjoying this camerado oh but this is this is we look much prettier now it's because of the camera excuse you so anyhow um I want to thank you guys for all your love or your support oh the love for jelly everywhere like highest jailing people just forgot like so I think jr. how are you doing Jack and Jamie what I'm doing well so thanks just kidding it gives us so much extra joy to to hear and read all the things that you guys are are noticing about her or about us it's so nice would you so much eye for detail it's always cool – right – yeah where's eloquent slide I think more than 95% of you guys keep saying or keep saying jelly looks more like a dad well this is a good thing at least we're still not really seeing things I absolutely I kind of see it I know I compared my baby photo with her oh yeah yeah you really yeah that's true she she really looked like you when she when you were a baby but for me I really don't see any resemblance I think just because well you dimpled I think does the dimples are the only thing and her thing had knows but she also had that from you bit from the baby food photo as well but yeah so you guys are probably right even 95% of you guys think she looks like yeah it's good I'm really proud it makes me I don't know give like this nice no feel like here I should look back at that I look like my dad when I was a baby so it's not this is gonna have more features of you than you think your lips or cheeks morning you think trust me they change but I think mainly it's the shape of the head that people are keep noticing this is probably the same as far as your head you have like this I think our four four had some different just be yourself or any time so yeah what yeah it's okay it's okay that she looks like you so it's okay so it's really cheeky she's so peaceful sleep if you like good mommy so anyhow that so don't forget to follow us on Instagram guys because sometimes we just put like Instagram service but he want to see sometimes you want to see a little bit of Jillian world's food Instagram story so that's last like for 24 hours and then it's it goes off so shout out to all our followers out there you guys are the boulders continue for the love thank you for the kisses and yeah hugs hello hugs as well and particularly particularly a shout-out to the daddy oh yeah daddy yes I follow him on Instagram we both follow in my Instagram he has this great family and it's so cheeky these kids and his daughter she's so like she's so amazing I think I was you showed me a video of him he was in the world be an attorney with his daughter and he was like oh my god wait he told like he was just like acting right and then his three-year-old daughter she's free right I think he's 300 daughter just like Daddy it's okay it's all right it's just a tunnel oh my god that's okay I'll see relationship jail eNOS or like daddy and his daughter that's so great with a dedicated yeah you tube channel is that Instagram Instagram account so it's if you love family flocks how many pictures it's it's great fun really yeah him well of course shout out to my lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely couple meetings and my beautiful daughter Zuri your best friend which you don't know yet she's slipping but you guys are my best friend I don't know yet so well guys so that's the flow for this week happy Mother's Day because in the Netherlands on 12 of May is modesty is go to my first Father's Day and it's a bit complicated because Mother's Day in an order data was like I think last month no no I know you've not missed it yes tomorrow yeah well guys so I just have to go chill now so happy Sunday I hope to catch you guys in our next video we know never say this all new Mercedes often bots don't forget to Like comment and subscribe while you're it okay we love you guys na bye guys bye bye


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