kitty why every time that I film she has to be in it why every time I start filming and there she is why are you meowing you've been quiet that's a mess all right kitty it's not important the important part is these two this is mommy's last day at home before she has two kids in the house if you don't Pere bed no now have you noticed that usually when Andrea films him probably because I don't you I don't watch over logs but if if you notice he sits on that side and his right hand is the operating hand however look he's operating a mouse with his left hand literally he is he's handling the mouse with either I just think thing but he's a peer yelling I can't even cough because my head hurts one of the Simpson symptoms to go back to the hospital where that but here's what would happen I get there they're like oh your condition is very seriously needs to be hospitalized and then I get to the hospital room and then with they don't know I'm treat yeah I have a bad headache Oh have you pills not really oh oh that's this what happens with the headache like why would you tell us to get hospitalized over headache if you're not gonna do anything about it yeah or if you're not gonna test me for anything you just put me under for high enzyme levels with our enzyme levels right but and then get in there and they don't do anything yeah they're the blood tests and stuff don't work on Saturdays Shabbat unless it's like emergency right and it's not flagged as emergency just urgent so she doesn't get to get tested that's why we got her out of the hospital there was no lawyer no way we're leaving everything so tonight we're gonna go out there and the fan is gonna go to Grandma's you're gonna have fun in two days you're gonna go see your baby sister mommy's gonna lose stability a little bit and you're gonna go see baby sister you know what her name is what is it she has a name Evangeline Evangeline than Jill Lynne all right here making him accept lens my middle name Evangeline and you lived in Landale lumina me oh yeah I used to live in Lynn Florida for a couple of years yeah when had our met me d Kenny once you've mapped open you are do you know that you're focused because you're more importantly kitty you're focused and she's not she was taking a cute bath but of course we don't get to see that because she's shy every time camera is on she stops all right this is lunchtime now we're gonna eat hamburgers in a minute haven't got my hair straight yet but Andrea cut it and ready to go for the next few weeks I'm not sure – okay so thanks Andrea for taking the time she had to sit on the chair and me on a stool on a porch for us to do it properly because otherwise she just hurts too much but it done so good job oh I told her where to clean herself so she's cleaning them yeah you're balancing very good are you angry yeah you got to be angry to jump like an angry bird you gonna go to Grandma's tonight yeah okay good gonna have fun yes maybe oh wait tomorrow maybe you can okay what are you doing Mary many of milkshake yes you are yeah I am yes what about it yeah do you have to feel it mommy here we go oh you're shaking that good for you mommy for me for you I mean heaven unless as mommies make sure it's good okay quality assurance mommy you had this too mommy it's really good oh you want some you do yeah okay taste to see if you like it strawberry no that's for daddy just kidding your face thanks daddy oh how is it mommy mm-hmm all you ever needed so you had a hamburger and a shake how about that hamburger in the shakiness and french fries that are says you want couple samples just take with you I said no I'm having surgery tomorrow I can't eat fast oh man he's like no for the next day I said well my tastes change after I'm done being friendly did you have to think about your pinky out put it back in you are where's your tank so we had the baby she died she had way more hair than we expected even though the doctor said to you actually here here not skinny it's she's stubborn we told her not to come here every time and she keeps coming every single time anyway she was covering her head cuz mummy has dubstep going on who likes dubstep not the kitty kitty are you too tired ki kitty call her mommy tell her she wants to come over she's waiting for you to say so on that let's say like you mean it she's even prairie she's just waiting for you to tell her to come home use your convincing voice I didn't do that nothing sharp my ears get away from me I'm not doing this hey did you show what's in my hospital bag what did my hospital bag okay I'll tell ya I got a concealer for this and a makeup presents they're both acne fighters so I feel like I have some medicine on my face and then I got a mascara a toothbrush toothpaste a baby outfit a baby mittens so she doesn't scratch her face all up and the outfit is actually the DARS outfit when he was a baby the nurse mom gave it to me and Raphael wore it to come home from the hospital as well and I have one pair of underwear one bra great one broccoli hit our pack my bag okay didn't anybody pack your bag for you yes and he loaded it with bombs so I got one under one bra and that's it he's charging my phone and I'll have a camera and literally that's it and a phone charger yes and you don't need to bring the sink with you right because you're just having a baby so all the things that you bring with you you got to bring back home so we don't do that so we're just packing light and bringing home the most valuable things yeah all right Cole like you mean it you know how to do it just do it in case you didn't know andrea is the cat whisperer kitty likes like a cat lady at like six years old okay I did a month after that I had one cat time or three cats at a time and then when I had back when I had said I got to get rid of my cat she doesn't have room mommy spread over a little baby yeah you're funny yeah so in fact that she can talk to cats and they really like her tome yeah like seriously I'm not even kidding trying to say kitty likes me but it doesn't compare to when andrea tries to get on her nerves she just here to call her real quick she'll get right out of the seat and it doesn't matter what yet it is also Andrea knows how to pet that like in that Pat but I know how to pet animals too where they're like my best friends ever yeah Tabitha the boxer dog at his mother's house I know where to pet her and she'll just be like she'll be drooling you know but I don't pet the other one because they don't like the other dog and it's well known that I do not like that dog because he does spiteful things to me first of all I don't like my because he used to rip my clothes off the line and he ruined a lot of my clothes okay Sarah plain that's a dryer well no the washer he would go get water and drink it in the bowl and then he would come to me and wipe his face all over my pants he always so I would get dirt mud on my pants every time I went over there can you reach her no yeah well she can she will get into keys skin and I'll be like oh she would hate that she's gonna kill you and that she's like oh I don't know if I like you to love it I don't know but Hadar has been trying the trainer and she's been doing pretty good with it going on her back and just yeah I even showed it to my mom the other day yeah like hey you want this get investigated yeah look at her not so feral anymore TT TT no we're not giving our cat away we would never give her cat away she's got ten really good years with us and then then she's gonna be really lazy and then she'll die but she's got ten really good years with this yeah Kenai oh you never know we've been feeding her good food and she have you on a good diet from now until she dies so yeah maybe she will it should be about unsafe all the other cats that died and in my watch on my watch it's been 16 or so years old she at least lived at 14 and she's an inside cat – no she she I think she'll be 16 to 20 Wow Raphael big grand man yeah kitty like me ti are you gonna be a bass cat kitty all right let's relax um watch something yeah and then you're gonna go to Grandma's you're gonna go fellas yeah okay meet you alright who's we and Pinkie Pie we got to bring them over yeah all right you don't crazy now trying to configure our coffee machine to hold enough coffee and milk for this the right way I've been having it and a big cups but it's kind of embarrassing but I haven't made any one coffee since they've been here in this type of cup because I just don't have a program so I got a program it so we can start offering people are awesome coffee that we don't make ourselves all right mommy's gonna go for two days he ain't gonna sear yeah what's he doing tomorrow so you're gonna have a little baby sister what's her name what's your little sister's name yeah I give mommy a big bite I'm gonna sit for two days sound like you're not gonna see him again I gotta go get dressed yeah to go to bed at the hospital right so laughs you're a few years and I go to Grandma's they Pinkie Pie and kitty you don't have any kitty you're gonna do the bed at Grandma's Thank You kitty okay I know you did that foot camera is on it don't do that foot I'll give you a foot so you guys are probably gonna be seen this a week later yeah I mean this already happened a week ago or something like that I'm sure I was gonna have to edit the logs all the way up to this it's definitely gonna be a week week and a half late oh we can so that's actually why we did this speaking at heist in hindsight now even though this is a yeah you're not gonna know the baby's name until we're home from the hospital but you're gonna know it before the slogs yeah so it's a new thing isn't it yeah life's confusing we just found out ourselves you know changing time and time like time-lapse time the timeline if it's not right it's really confusing so just live with it for this hopefully yeah we have to have that or the blogs will end yeah and I promise because I I can't have that stress having to have video out that day so yeah this is working for us that way I can get three days off at a time if I want and I will need it so that's good all right let's get going carrying a few minutes okay hold on wait for me so it's check my pee and I'm pretty good pretty sure it was good because she said not good throw it away and just doing the monitor test again but in all the test as possible including blood tests yeah blood test already got Mac and a doctor coming in and when it doctor comes in if everything is good leave it alone everything is good will be sent to the delivery of division which is upstairs yeah and I've never been there that means still have less people there obviously hopefully obviously whoever's getting surgery in the morning is gonna be there whoever's getting surgery after me not many people hundr yeah hopefully you'll have our Marilyn but um that would be you're not really sure they can sleep that's not gonna that would be a dream yeah you people take for granted your private rooms yes you do even if you have a room with one other person you take it for granted because there's six six to a room right here so this is where Andrea is gonna be sleeping tonight on the hallway because a ha a space sesmar she may come back and still be in a hallway for a couple hours and she has to state two hours in the ICU and she's gonna come up here and hopefully we'll be able to see the baby after that one as you are I filmed you aren't subscribed yet please subscribe and like comment and share fully living I'm fixin I go to sleep on Daddy's lab because I have a really bad headache

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