NIGHT TIME ROUTINE 2019 – Newborn and Two Toddlers

as you guys can see about a title I am doing an updated nighttime routine I haven't made one of these in a long long time it feels like and now that we have this little guy with us and two kids have turned into three our nights have changed quite a bit so our nighttime routine is a lot different now and of course it's not the same every single night but you guys will get the idea of how our nights usually go and yeah I'm just gonna get started with it and show you guys how how things go around here first I'm gonna try and get my hair back though smell a little tomato that's why I call him because he's always so red Ryan and Kenley are at the store right now and they should be back any minute gonna burp out and Ali I don't know if you can hear her but she is watching some blippi at the moment and I just finished nursing him I like to do that before I get the night started so he can be you know nice and fed and sometimes he'll fall asleep so I'm gonna try and rock him to sleep so I can start finishing dinner I have dinner in the crock-pot so I like to do that to make things a little bit easier but for dinner tonight I decided to make some tacos some shredded chicken tacos so that's been cooking for a while and it should be done soon our nights usually start I'd say around 5:30 5:30 ish and today's Sunday so Ryan's been home all day but on the nights that he works he usually gets home around 7:00 so I'd try and get dinner ready by the time he gets home so habit you know when he's home like I said I'm gonna try and rock him to sleep and get our night started you ready yes yes baby I'm over here so sometimes if it's taking him a while to fall asleep on him my carrier so it's a lot easier to do things trying to get him to so yeah when pregnant women in his carrier now cuz um he's not really wanting to fall asleep and I need to finish dinner so I'm gonna go find that I like quick and put him in that oh you spit up and usually he'll fall asleep in this so I know you're sleepy this is their relaxing time I know you look very relaxed thank God for crockpots because it makes life a little easier I'm gonna mix this up since we have about an hour left but honestly like it could be done soon I just need to shred it and then add some beans to it I'm gonna make the rice and really good take it home what do you think buddy yeah Ryan is going to help Kenley learn how to ride her bike and that's part of our routine too is at nighttime we do like to go outside just because during the day it's so hot out so wild dinner is cooking there's about like 30 more minutes with that so we're just gonna go outside enjoy some fresh air while it's not too hot and then come back in and start eating dinner someone got hurt what happened yeah come up here up this way look at you go can go strong boy favorite thing playmat I say that and he's about certain right okay baby are you crying are you hungry too so we don't have a kitchen table moment so this is our table as long as we're living here we probably won't got a kitchen table but that's okay because this this works out pretty well and ryan usually feeds them by the way so everyone finished eating make a baby right here Wow your pizzas very messy yes yes sticker Mariah and I just finished eating we just usually feed the kids first before we eat and now it's bath time and after I give them their bath I'm gonna give you a bath to block me yes yes I'll give you that I needed that you hang out daddy for a minute Oh see Dad uses like he's trying to look at you the round ones you know once I'm done giving them a bath I will come and clean all this up and then give William his bath cuz I usually give his bath give him his bath and the kitchen sink because honestly it kills my back trying to bathe him in the bathtub so I usually do it in there and then start getting the girls ready for bed my skin is so oily and then I start getting ready for bed so the girls just got their back and now they are relaxing watching toy story I'm sure you guys heard in the background how much William was crying and we're just gonna figure out he was hungry still or if he was tired but once I started holding him I figured out he was pretty sleepy so he is sleeping away now so I'm just rocking him a little bit sometimes babies just need their mommies no matter how hard their daddies try I'm just gonna rock him a little bit and then I'm gonna try and place him in his rock and play so I think I'll clean up the kitchen and then give him his bath because he really needs one he has spit up and on himself like twice today and it like gets all up in his hair and whatnot so you definitely want to give him a bat so he can be nice and clean for bed and then yeah it's around 8:00 right now eight ish so this is how our night is going so he did not stay asleep very long but I did manage to clean up the kitchen I've got his little bathtub in the sink ready to go and now he's time to give you a bath get used to it to the mommies life holding the camera in your face you can see but now get off those rolls Oh Bing Bing baby oh fast as I can do you see yourself okay look at that hair look at that hair I love you I love you guys go to sleep oh okay okay go to sleep I love you so Ryan is usually the one to put them to sleep because I'm usually nursing William which I just finished doing so but they do like them he puts them to bed so that is what he does every night I'm about to change take my makeup off brush my teeth take a shower actually because I've been lying to wash my hair for like the past five days and I have yet to do so so I'm gonna do that and then finally go to bed that is our nighttime routine like I said it's not the same every single night but that's basically how it goes most of the time so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did give it a thumbs up and you guys will be seeing more routine video soon I definitely want to do like a day in the life video soon so be on the lookout for that but thank you guys for watching and I'll see you at my next video say goodnight

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