Night Time Routine With Newborn & Two Under 3

hello everyone it has been quite a minute since I have been on YouTube frequently well that's a lie I'm on ok maybe all the time but that just seems like habit but K baby I have really been slacking and I'm sorry but it's because I have been so busy and I want to bring it back I won't ever do that because you know I might take another break and then I just have to read you this whole speech I'm sure you've heard many youtubers give it many times so we'll skip that but I miss interacting on this channel especially because we have comments on this channel on our vlog channel on youtube like disable them and still hasn't renamed them which is really obnoxious especially some channels can re-enable them and we are still not able to do that for some reason so they're on for like 5 minutes and then I get disabled but anyways today I thought I would share with you guys a nighttime routine I haven't done these I think since I have had 3 children which I still can't believe I have 3 children but I haven't done one of these videos since then so I really wanted to do like a chat through one like vlog style especially because nowadays it's really hard to do like a cinematic type video so we're just gonna do a real-life nighttime routine with three babies and yeah let's get to it I imagine I don't think she wants it me she just want to be sorry she did she hates those biggies but once she gets on him she likes him she wants to smile maybe Joey needs miles of course and then we like give her the chance to smile and she isn't like you so Oscar is feeding the baby we have the toddler's in the bath which this is actually very opposite of routine because usually we eat first but today they wanted to take a bath and well you know it's not worth the battle so we're taking a bath first as you guys can see Levi is learning to swim tell us how you've learned to swim bubby yeah that's awesome those were huge bubbles sissy what are you up to in there are you being so silly do you wish you could swim okay good answer see ya so I actually do give them a bath every day but I don't wash their hair every day usually wash their hair each two to three days just because they are toddlers they don't really need it and washing their every day will just dry it out what you you do it every two Oh Levi doesn't every two degrees so we're not gonna wash our hair today it's just kind of like playing in the bat and then we'll have dinner oddly oh my gosh just got stuck to the door you wanna wear sissy you want to pick out some pajamas or you want mama to do it that one's cute huh let me see you what did you pick ah I fell oh you want PJs or you want the dress okay okay with that that's Ariel you're so silly look at who's so cozy comfy over there cuz he could be oh my god that smile oh my gosh well now everyone is out of the bath Oscar went to work on some things so I am holding misty knees and we are having you dance okay well they're slightly distracted not really at all Kyla has Alea and actually the guys pretty distracted and babies over there in her swing I am going to put maybe a cartoon on the TV actually I'm not maybe going you it I'm going to do it and I'm gonna make some dinner today we're not doing fancy I did something kind of cool yes today like a spaghetti cupcake but I think I'm gonna make a recipe video on that if you guys are interested I'm gonna make something basic which is just some mac and cheese with turkey hot dogs I'm not eating this because I don't eat meat but the kids are and then I'm gonna make some guacamole on the side it's really funny because my kids hate avocados but in guacamole form they like eat all of it and want more if that doesn't explain the definition of confusing then I don't know what does yeah me that is a fort good job or you can eat all your food that's called a hot dog you have a good job in that guacamole kind of can you say guacamole no guacamole you don't want to cuacamole it too fast to show you guys that my dinner was guacamole well I have a kind of install I know it's not technically guacamole but then I had some of that too are on these potato dinner rolls with sprouts and then it's like tofu lunch meat thing I don't remember the brand because I took it out of the box but it's like fake lunch meat and yeah that's right okay we turn on the cleanup song that means Levi needs to start cleaning cissie's not done with her food her she'd be helping too can you put all your toys in your room she's gonna help you leave her toys out here and she'll put those away and you put your toys in your room yeah okay leave that for sissy oh how about you get one of your your transformers yeah take that nobody it's gonna bring all your toys with you all right let's turn the lights off we close this door a little bit and let's find some RESCUE BOTS to watch a nice day see ya yeah yeah good night good night you guys are wondering where the babies okay let's you ever get a break no no never you're just like working for free I can't imagine you like that very much Oscar talk to Oscar don't talk to me it's Oscar's well okay guys it is now I don't know if you'd see this 11:02 I actually had somebody come over for a meeting for the last three and a half hours or whatever it was so the kids are now definitely asleep and I finished that usually in the day we vlog for okay baby and we do those types of things and then obviously I do BBK stuff in the day so I don't really get to do the behind the scenes of okay baby can you tell I'm tired and the behind the scenes 4k baby and all of that like our actual business that we started four years ago which is okay baby I don't get to do that stuff until the kids go to bed so that's when I start like editing 4k baby right now we have Gabe who's our videographer slash editor living with us right now for the summer well he's not in college so that's really helpful because he edits for okay baby but I'm still mostly doing K baby until our other video Agra for Elliot comes to stay with us for two months as well and then he'll help edit I know this is getting into business stuff but I wanted to kind of explain like I get a lot of questions on this kind of stuff so usually I wake up I go to the office until the kids take a nap and then I come home and then we vlog and then get to go to bed and then I do okay baby Kay baby like business behind-the-scenes stuff if that makes sense and then once our editors leave in August I believe then we go back to like edit English I'm not even sure how we're gonna fit that it but we're gonna I just don't know how cuz as you can see we don't edit right now and it's already at 11:00 p.m. and like this is I'm just starting to work on this stuff right now but yeah it's I'm still learning time management if you guys have tips please leave it down below I really could use some my dad told me that I should make like to-do list every night I know that seems obvious but I just need to like enforce it like make myself write a to-do list for the next day because my problem is I wake up and have a million things to do and I like forget things because I'm doing other things or I don't get to important ones at the end of the day so I need to be better at like making to-do lists and stuff so the kids went to bed I had a business meeting for BBK the reason it was so late is because I met with somebody who has like a different like she was busy all day and this project I'm really excited about it's a huge project I'm really nervous to take it on but I'm also very excited and I'll talk about that very very soon but that's what I did for that and now right now I am editing a sponsorship video because I have to send it for approval so I am working on that currently so that I can edit it and get it up for you guys hopefully tonight if not tomorrow or like definitely not tonight probably doing I'm not sure yet but this is the video that I'm working on right now it's one minute and and I believe I filmed for like 40 minutes so this is really gonna take me until hopefully midnight KTV videos are really quick to edit that are like this because they are more like sit-down videos there's no like special editing there's no overlays there's no like super fancy things change of angles or anything so it's really quick to edit let's see if we can finish this

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  1. About the time management tips. I'm working as a developer and we are using Trello for tracking tasks. Don't leave planning until evening, otherwise you can forget some small but important things. As soon as it pops up in your head just make a Trello card for it and make sure to keep it updated. You can have custom columns on the Trello board ( I'm using To Do – In Progress – Done columns) and move the task along as you progress. Good luck with everything you are doing! You got this ✊ greetings from Armenia

  2. You are one moody person hell I thought I was bad!! Ur lucky to live the life u take for granted..and Ur BF… And even at Karen's wedding..u was a little brat…… Time to grow up as Ur kids do maybe

  3. Kyra on 06/29/19 (Saturday night) I was going through a pretty rough day. But watching your video made me feel a warm feeling and I just felt a content safe feeling that I can’t describe but thank you for helping without realizing it

  4. I honestly respect you for deciding to leave the comment section on your videos. It seems so small, but some of these younger mothers (teens and just turned 20 year olds) act like they can't handle criticism, but can be mature enough to have a child.

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