Nightcore – lil numb (Lyrics) [lil happy lil sad & teen pregnancy]

I’mma break down soon In the same old room That I always do I feel so alone Make some beats and smoke Pray I make it soon Pray they buy my shit ‘Cause I’m so damn broke Girl,I’m so damn cold I might freeze to death Rollin’ up some dope Smoking trees for stress Fuck the live I had I don’t want it back Fuck the friends I had They just made me sad Now it’s me and her ’bout to fuck the world We don’t need no help We came up from dirt I still hate myself That’s a side of me Wanna kill myself And i’ve tried,I’m weak Mom would drive me in Everytime i did I would ask to leave And they’d give me pills That shit on repeat Every other week They would numb me down ‘Till I coulnd’t speak Lay me down I don’t wanna die I can’t sleep alone Need you here tonight You were everything You were my god damn life Now it’s all fucked up And i won’t sleep tonight I was snorting pills You were up all night I swear I couldn’t feel I was so damn high Liquor in my blood You were all I want I gave you everything I feel so unloved You finally got Exactly what you wanted You were off getting fucked And I was so fucked up Fuck the wedding ring Fuck this life I lead Got me feeling numb Doing bumps off keys I don’t wanna live Tried to kill myself Girl, I’ll numb you too Take your life as well I wanna watch you bleed She gets numb for me Let’s kill ourselves So I can sleep

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  1. I’m stupid dumb ugly I just wanna die and not go to school and have fake friends and people and be depressed and not get bullied anymore and I don’t wanna suffer any more 😭👋🔪

  2. Smiling sadly because I can relate to this song.
    Parents think they gave born to Miss Perfect Student but I'm not. I feel a big weight on my shoulders.

  3. I tried killing myself one time so I relate, with a tiny knife I found on the floor.. yeah lol I never told anyone tho

  4. I
    I L
    I’m fine
    I’m fine I li
    I’m fine I lied I
    Im fine I lied I a
    I’m fine I lied I am
    I’m fine I lied I am dep
    I’m fine I lied I am Depressed

    This is my first time trying this btw hi depressed people

  5. Is it bad that the second I saw the guy in the picture I thought it was todoroki? I swear when I looked i thought I saw red in that white hair

  6. lmao when it says "Liquor in my blood" it sounds like "Flick her in my butt" i'm literally crying cause how much i'm laughing.

  7. Những người tự tử không muốn kết thúc cuộc sống của họ … Họ muốn kết thúc nỗi đau của họ …

  8. OMG I FINALLY Found my two songs that I started listening TO NIGHTCORE, I keep typing gumi repeat neffex, after two months later I put gumi repeat depression, then someone else's channel popped up, I listened to it and I freaked out!

  9. I've tried killing myself because I feel like I don't deserve to live anymore I've been thinking about killing myself for so long and bar-h never helped me I mean I don't wanna die right now but I will be ok I guess I been derpressed for so long and my uncle died and it really hurts and it just makes it worse thinking about him all the time I mean I should just be happy instead of being all sad and I've been smoking weed and that's the only thing that helps me

  10. Bro so proud of you!!!! I remember when I found this song and your account a lil over a year ago and how hurt and economically struggling but dude look at you now!!!!!!!!!! Almost 1mil subscribed!!!!!! Love u bro and your musics

  11. I hurt alot inside i smoke and drink to go to a happier place in my life where theres no adults or children or anyone im alone with animals on a moutain top just listening to music but i want to stop but just cant cause i dont want to deal with my life anymore

  12. "Im okay"

    Dead Inside
    Not good enough
    Crying inside

    Cigarettes make me feel calm
    Alcohol makes me forget
    Drugs make me happy
    Starvinf makes me proud
    Cutting makes me feel numb
    Sleeping makes me nothing

  13. Why my parents have to be so rude to me that I feel so despair 😭😭😭😭………I really want to stay up but they don’t want me to do it…..😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  14. @
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  15. Me: suicidal

    Mom: it's just a phase

    Me: just a second from death

    Mom: I should have done something


  16. my boyfriend sent me this telling me this is how he feels bc apparently hes depressed and now im crying and i dont know how to help him 🙁

  17. The loneliest people are the kindest

    The saddest people smile the brightest

    The most damaged people are the wisest

    All because they don't want to see others suffer the way they do

    not my words but spread them

  18. Don’t miss me, don’t cry, for you never cared about me before. So why now, I was only a bill for you so why would you miss trash like myself?so let my self hate kill me, and make me finally sleep.

  19. i wonder if anyone from first grade and up will ever realize why i acted the way i did, it wasnt cus i was a troublemaker or a lonewolf, theres been going on so much more at home that none of them knew about

  20. I'm so depressed, nobody knows, I say I'm okay, my boyfriend said I'm fat….I started cutting both my arms..the tried drinking soap…my friends…ARE FAKE. my bestie started dated someone that ruined my life. it's just too much, I'm only 10..

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