really bad thing guys sick busy day we have been up since 4:30 this morning in order to make it to my 8:30 appointment who we're still cutting it close we're still like minutes away from being late to make this even for not fun for me I'm fasting and for this appointment they needed me they asked everyone to fast for eight hours which wouldn't be that big a deal because the appointments early in the morning you suffer the fact that I had to wake up early taking it's been already almost four hours since I woke up without food and that is not something that I do just starving my child yeah we're done with the appointment all kind of we had to leave early Kelsey we'll talk about it in a second when she's ready but I just wanted to say that we're going to the best brunch place ever screen door because she needs some food right now really bad thing guys big sale okay so here's that happen and tell you what happened I had to take this glucose test so the one I was taking was the one you have to fast for eight hours before the tests then they give you this like pure sugar drink and you have to drink that still no food drink that sugar drink and then they take your blood three times like when you first get there and this girl the girl who took my blood I could tell she was kind of new because she was kind of unsure and it kind of hurt and I already don't like getting my blood drawn and I kind of hurt then I had to drink this pure sugar drink and then like oh like you might feel a little weird for about twenty minutes but then you'll usually feel better sometimes it's very rare sometimes you'll need like a wet washcloth on your neck or you very very rare you might have to lay down I'm like okay okay should be fine thinking like no way I'm not computable but I take this drink and immediately I start to feel sick and I'm like okay but I think I'm okay I can just drink some water I'm drinking water and we're like going around the circle like introducing people and saying like how far along we are in the pregnancy because it's our first group appointment too so everyone is there there's like so many other mothers and then all of a sudden I'm starting to feel really not good like really not good at that point someone like noticed and was like are you okay and then because you were like no and then they went got you a washcloth but as they were getting the washcloth I was like oh wait we are way beyond the wash cut you're way beyond the washcloth and I look at the other Midwife and she's like do you want to lay down and I'm like yeah I wanna know so I feel like I'm gonna pass out I feel like so sick I have to like walk across the room to go lay down in another room and as soon as I lay down I'm like oh just like are you gonna throw up it's like yeah and she like leaves to go get something and I throw up all over myself all over it was really sad oh my love it was really sad I have never not made it to a trashcan or bathroom or outside I have never thrown up on myself ever and it was just like there was no way I was stopping it like I was like as I like I'm thrown up Louise don't up and even then I like throw up all over myself and then I like sit up because i've thrown up all over myself and then i'm throwing up all over their floor then they hand me this tiny little tray to throw up in oh my god like that was full in like two seconds and then they're like screen to hurry to get like a trashcan the worst appointment ever total nightmare of course obviously i didn't stay because then i threw up the drinks i'm fine i'm feeling a lot better i was feeling sick in the restaurant but and i'm sitting in the car and i ate all that food and i'm feeling a lot better I just need some new clothes so I don't smell like puke it was hot fungi it was really not fun if you had a bad experience with your test you should tell me so I feel better we should totally do that ugly Christmas sweater this one's pretty ugly but this one's hilarious looks good my love got your whole new outfit it looks really good I know that I cut your tags and everything I have a new outfit I feel better you look good my love it's so good look how cute she is Oh model model pregnant mama model I really like a shirt and I got another pair of maternity another pair of maternity pants was just good cousin 21 pair that was much needed we're heading to our first potential apartment appointment so we'll see how this goes really liking this place because it has a ton of storage look at all these like cabinets over there the kitchen has all of those cabinets there's all those food cabinets and then even in the bathroom a lot of those and it's way bigger than the one we the other day so that is a definite loss here is the other apartment that we are looking at it's another one-bedroom it's different layouts we've got this room it's not exactly a full room though so there's like openings up top it's got a log closet space got that washer and dryer we have got a bathroom with a bathtub which is a huge necessity there's some storage here it looks like this some good storage down there too we've got this corner kitchen over here which I really like the layout at the corner kitchen so you have lots of counter space while you're cooking it's got the dishwasher we need some kitchen storage which is great it's got really cute views this is another apartment in the same building we're looking at this one is a little bit bigger it actually has a cute little patio look at this private little patio so that would be perfect for Paris you would love having a little patio and then it's got a bigger kitchen I love yeah the kitchens a really nice corner I know you're like approached usually yeah I just like how it's like surrounded by all these windows like that's really nice it is the bathroom okay we're at the last place and we're waiting cuz our apartments in like 30 minutes but we just drove around the neighborhood and this one's the house which is kind of a perk so we have a yard and stuff and it's an actual house and an apartment but the neighborhood looks kinda sketchy like I just um walked around a little bit and there's a graffiti on the trash cans and like that's fine like that's not really that big video I feel a little unsafe but not super unsafe but it would be fine if this place was like the cheapest place and it's not it's the most expensive place on our list it's hard because there are a lot of parks to having a house but there's actually a lot of perks to having an apartment it's like a lot more so many like amenities and you're in more like central location more like walk scores way higher bike scores way higher like here yes we have like our own space we don't have any shared walls or anything we have our own yard but that's it yeah thought that's and like the other places are having specials like some have six weeks free no pet rent no pet deposit like they're pretty big so I don't know let's go check this one out my love okay so we're in the last property and it smells really new there's a lot of work done a lot of remodeling bedrooms it's pretty nice a little small is that two bedroom I guess there's another bedroom I don't know here's the bathroom got your bathtub my love so this house features a trap door oh wow oh yeah it's like a little wow this is kind of creepy there's like a like a little basement area always wanted to take you to this place and since we had a really crappy beginning of the day I figured we'll have a really good ending and go to this really awesome restaurant at the top of one of Portland's tallest skyscrapers and then copy out right now so everything's super cheap so we're gonna go get some good food it's all the way up there can you pull over I am stuff I know but we could have really vog because the piano was we're sitting right next to the piano and is really loud but not complaining piano was amazing but vinegar on top now that we have had some food and we've had a meal to think over our decisions let's do like a recap of the places so place number one a couple days ago was very quiet it was in a forestry area lots of nature nearby but it wasn't in the city so we would definitely probably need a car perks it's quiet in the forest negatives no parking not in the city and it was pretty small and not the cheapest option second place was very awesome it was right in the city we wouldn't need a car if we got a car the parking would be free it was big it was the biggest apartment that we would ever live in and lots and lots of like stuff outside here door like show me what's outside your door restaurants lots of like community events within the apartment itself I don't know what the negatives are that wouldn't apply to just all apartments in general not a yard for Paris know you're there is a park you're sharing walls with people even if it is well right soundproof you're still sharing walls so so number two it was very very strong for three one that we saw was probably too small we saw two units at place number three one of them was way too small and then the other one did not have a bathtub wishes big that was like on the list we had on the jailbreaker about that no bathtub not interested number four was in the not-so-great neighborhood it was a house though with the yard for Paris but it was new bedrooms two bedrooms but it was the most expensive place and not only just the most expensive four months a month the most expensive place to move into so I really think the utilities at the house would be a lot a lot so we're not gonna make a decision yet we're probably just gonna sleep on it and make a decision tomorrow so leave in your comments below which one you guys like the best but I think we have found the line I think we found the one but we're gonna make a final decision tomorrow so subscribe to our channel we do new videos every day thumbs up for today's video go comment below with which place you like the best and beer your feet are you

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