Nighttime bag for C-Section Recovery

all right so welcome back to my channel if you're new don't forget hit that subscribe button down below he doesn't helps me a little of it and join the fam and let me know what competes with you and me I would risk it all just to be falling down or do sponsor when I save we set fire to the brain oopah not bad I mean I can't be with nobody else breathe fire but this is basically a couch after a c-section it's kind of hard to get up and down to get everything that you need all that is such a man sits overnight you know newborn stages and I kind of revamp it in a bag it's almost put in the diaper bag and the side pockets of their backs event versus the duffel bag that I didn't previously had but let me hear this along but yeah I'm gonna make this video pretty quick because it's kind of really like standard or as part of what you need as far as a breastfeeding mom for me all moms will be a little bit different because they'll have like by the water their formula bubbles or pacifier forever yeah so this is what I use for my about moving from the spots overnight bag so I'm gonna start with the first item because I'm gonna put this away so that my kids don't come out here thinking that they can eat it right now so so first things first we need your smell recipe tomorrow's news isn't it and then yeah all right so you need your snacks as a breastfeeding mama like once you feed your baby it's almost like you're hungry too because if you didn't know from insurance the actual status the stats as far as breastfeeding because I believe it's 500 calories and I could be wrong though all right so I Google average calories breastfeeding burns but yeah so it's two to five hundred calories per day if you're exclusively breastfeeding eight to 12 times a day you can burn more more calories so that's on an average burn to hundreds of 500 calories and a cookbook eats on demands alike I can't pinpoint how often she eats because every day fluctuates like last night she ate three times and typically she'll eat like three to four times so I know during the day she's probably gonna eat more during the day it just depends so you burn those calories without even doing anything just feeding your baby not even configuring it and like getting up other kids if you actually do workout I am going to start doing Mommy and Me yoga with her just to kind of ease into working out a little bit or just toning everything back up because I don't really wear lose any more weight no but I have cuz I I'm there to pre-baby weight like a baby weight like these always happens but anyway so there's that snacks a horse or essentials i'ma start with the stuff that's on the side so I can put it back and that this until so a bulb syringe or boogie sucker because sometimes she does throw up she has acid reflux it comes out of her nose and you gotta suction that out so I don't really like the Nosefrida I don't I do have a lot of these actually so I know that they can't get moldy inside so I just kind of bleached them out and rotate them so there's that one a burp cloth of course I have several but I have several on the side of the best Annette or inside of the diaper bag because she does spit up quite often and I have to lay one under her and when she's sleeping so she doesn't mess up all of her blankets so of course your central site burgers and I haven't won six here seven at 7 diapers here so use these throughout with it if you convert at night I'll usually put like set it to 10 diapers on the side just to keep she won't move all of them but should look they're like 4 but yeah of course white and we're still using some water wipes right now so we're using these water wipes currently I don't really like them but use the wipes are you currently medication wise we got some women make sure oh okay I will be showing this up close well we got some vitamin D vitamin D is not in breast milk and I don't really give this to her every day the reason being is because I can take her outside and get some natural vitamin D and honestly she like when I give it to her she's spitting it out and it's just really really difficult giving her medication in general it's not my smoke into the pastor lives like without a fight so vitamin D that's inside from accident as well as bright waters we bought the little Ruby these red water I still love my salads and my greens and all of the gassy foods that could potentially cause her to have gas and you know she does not get was a gift because she is new hiccups or colic I did post on my Instagram that she cries from like 3:30 to like 5:00 in the morning and it's going on for a week straight and like it's frustrating because yes I'm the only one that gets up at night who has useless who has useful nipples and honestly ungrazed owes with the other kids at night and it's just stressful because she cries from 3035 as well as waking up again like this is her night schedule so I try to get her in bed by 8:00 usually she'll sleep from like 8:00 to 11:00 12:00 just depends on like how much she's eaten or how much he's cried during her bat she literally hates that social sleep it's low she'll sleep until phone wake up begin it to then wake up again at 3:30 and then from 3:30 to 5:00 she's up crying and this going on for a week straight so at five supposed to bitches back up at like 8:00 7:30 8 o'clock and like right now it is 10 49 I know she's about wake up again soon so I got it kind of quickly get this along but someone had said that she might have colic I might want to get her checked out I do know that some times um colleague is hard to diagnose because it's not like she's crying excessively all the time it's only been a week and she is only 3 today so it's just it's just been a little difficult because it's just it's all set it just happened but anyway the red water helps with gas company hiccups so we keep this on the side of the restaurant also where I keep is the Business Club for the 24-hour hotline for Pediatrics so she has not been seen by a pediatric the pediatric doctor that my girls see the other girls see she jump into the perform clinic at the hospital but I have the newborn clinics number in case I eat it as well as some more clothes so I have a onesie daddy's not here he'll be back no I have another ones eating cake this is when she's good sup exchange it's medicine leave it alone okay leave it up these clothes are for when she spits up so I have two onesies and an actual outfit stop scratching gotta put some stuff on you stop as well as some first test for myself so that is pretty much it for like what I keep on hand when I'm not moving at night I also keep a lot of water on the stand or the desk guess what my computer stuff so what I end up those extended hours I do try to edit some clips for you guys not a whole lot but I do try but yeah that's all and that I have for you guys if you guys use this or if you have any other ideas to put in the bag to kind of help with the night routine of course it'll change the back will change and fluctuate as she gets older but I they kind of want to get this video out so I hope you guys enjoyed and I'll see in the excellent anyway you guys really cut off on me so don't forget to come in and subscribe if you guys enjoyed this video if you guys wanted to try some of these ideas let me know in the comments below some different tips of tricks but you guys use let me know those come into the flow and I'll see you guys in my next video you you

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