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  1. Kurt was a truly noble, transparent soul. With a spirit of the men of his time, rebellious as the women of his time too.
    Many emblematic men of Generation X rebelled against injustice and demanded control over their feelings and ideals, not just Kurt. We could count on River Phoenix, Keanu Reeves, Eddie Vedder, Thom Yorke, etc.

    On the other hand, the rebellion of women had a more aggressive tone, more self-assertive and in some cases even directly misandric, in response to a society where abuses of women were exaggerated in a way that cannot be understood today. And Kurt married one of the most androphobic women he could find…
    So, we have this piece of anti-misandric women song. One of the finest Nirvana's songs.
    He was just being sincere from the bottom of his heart.

  2. Fun fact: this band's real name was Fecal Matter. After 1994 they change it to Nirvana
    Check Wikipedia. It really was called at that name

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  4. Interesting piece of trivia. Cobain did heroin because he was always in chronic pain from his stomach, but doctors couldn’t find what the pain was caused by. After Cobain’s suicide by shotgun, it was discovered by the medical examiner that he had scoliosis of the spine that was pinching a nerve. Makes you wonder what would have happened if doctors had discovered it while he was alive?

  5. Не всегда слушаю, но эта музыка изменила мою жизнь. Музыка}}}}

  6. I dunno, but I think this is the coolest music video ever created. There will never be anything else that even gets close, and I grew up listening to Hendrix, Allman brothers, Beatles, Stones…..

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