34 Replies to “No Empathy: People Scream Karma At Gabrielle Union 8-9 Miscarriage…”

  1. Capricorn men January 17th, Steve Harvey, dewayne wade, I’m just putting this out so y’all can think I want y’all woke

  2. Wow!! I did not know all of this. Cheating is one thing, but taking kids away from their mum. That is horrible!

  3. GOD KNOWS BEST! If you think you are having things your way, GOD KNOWS BEST! If you think it's okay to destroy someone else's life, GOD KNOWS BEST! If you think money will take care of all your problems, GOD KNOWS BEST! If you think you will live your life pain free, GOD KNOWS BEST!

  4. Karma is not good a lot is in her past until she go to that Woman and GOD the Marriage isn't there

  5. Fine u wanna move on, do u FAM, but damn why take her kids!! SMH. And Gabrielle as a woman should have known better and told him not to do so. Karma really is a bitch I might say and it doesn't forget any faces either. he cheated on his ex wife with u, hmm what'd you think he wouldn't do it to u.?


  7. He's going to burn in hell for all the lies he told on the ex wife. GOD DON'T LIKE UGLY AND HE'S NOT TO CRAZY ABOUT BEAUTY.

  8. She is a real piece of work she s toxic simply bitc####### you karma God can see you Black women in the community do not want to see you Win GU gully ho#### alway lie

  9. We all going to pay for our sins one way or the other, you don't wanna be with somebody don't, but don't take their children from them men/women share them and go yall separate ways what is really yours will not leave you that's what happened when we place the love for men/women before GOD'S.

  10. Dewayne Is A Total DouChe & Gabrielle Stood In It With Him…They’re Both A Mess! Neither He Nor His Dik Has Morals Or Loyalty! She’s Staying Face Cause To Leave Will Put Her In The LiGht Of Not BeiNg Out Done! I BloCked Her LoNg Ago With All That FAKE Love Pictures!

  11. God don't like ugly and karma is a bitch she would not know the pain on the grief when it take a woman child away from them

  12. My ex-husband left me with 4 small kids and we were married 14 years. I cried for two years but never messed with my ex. I don"t blame any woman but God had something else in the plan.

    I have been married for over 23 + years and no kids from this husband.
    What is for you no man or woman can take what is for you/us
    Women. Need to stop thinking childs can keep a man or looks.
    That "s their business so why worry.

  13. Who are you?? right now feeling sorry for her… She has no right to destroy her own black sister home, it sucks and hurts and God is the judge.. Her little ones..God curse Rachael with barrenness because she stole her sister husband. Should we break the scripture that says what God join together let no man put asunder..Gabrielle better break off now. She can find someone else. Trust me if she divorce she will be a mother.

  14. And. The LESSON is ALSO…As GROWN ASS WOMEN, We CANNOT use being abused as an EXCUSE to turn around and HURT other women. That is just WRONG and IGNORANT.

  15. my belief- he filed for sole custody so he don't gotta pay child support & to hurt his ex-wife. I would just die if i lost rights to my kids. if he really loved his kids & she was not a harm to the kids, for the kids sake, let them spend time with their mother…. the kids are gonna feel a gap in their lives & resent him later on

  16. People sayimg don't judge what they are really sayimg is dont spwak on that truth cause regardless of if we say it or not we still gonna reap what we sow.

  17. You don’t beg a man to love you In Dwayne Wade case he could have divorced his wife but he should pay her alimony.

  18. Being able to carry a child has nothing to do with her wrongs. You so called "Christians" need to stop your blasphemy. I know women old and young who have taken another woman's husband and had multiple children. God is about LOVE not HATE! We all fall short. Yes, she was wrong but as a woman how can some of you women be so cold-hearted towards a woman who has 8or 9 miscarriages? Nothing about that says "child of God".. What would Jesus do, say, or type needs tto be some of y'all new philosophy when it comes to social media.

  19. So it's GOD's punishment that Gabrielle Union keeps miscarrying because she dated a married man BUT a crack head whor e can drop ten babies on the State?

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