what's up guys welcome back to our channel so today I'm gonna tell you guys about how I birthed this precious angel and did it without an epidural it was absolutely insane terrifying traumatizing wonderful beautiful best experience of my entire life if you guys want to know about how this happened keep on watching I don't even remember the day we're getting really close to my due date which was this past Monday I went to the hospital because I felt like maybe I was leaking amniotic fluid I wasn't sure but something was going on I go to the hospital and and ended up not being it and so they send me home well the nurse there she's like don't come back unless you start having contractions that are two to three minutes apart for two hours which is actually really different from what my doctor said he said five minutes apart for an hour but she said being a first-time mom you're gonna be here forever if you come then so let that be your plan so I'm like okay so I go home it was either Thursday or Friday I went to the bathroom and I started having it's called bloody show all that yeah I wasn't really sure if that was exactly what it was and so I called my nurse for my doctor and I said you know this is what's going on do I need to go to the hospital and she calls me back and she said you know if it gets worse or you bleed more then yes I would definitely go or if you don't feel any movement for a long time so at this point I'm just kind of paranoid and I just really don't want to come off as like a hypochondriac but I'm like I also would hate myself if something was wrong and I didn't go in and so I ended up going in a admit me to the back and she checks to see how much I'm dilated and I was exactly the same as the last time that I went in and she was like you're not having any contractions or anything like that and I said no and so she basically sends me home again no baby it now I'm just late to the basketball game for nothing so that must have been on Thursday so then Friday night I started having what felt like contractions I was not really sure just kind of like some little pains kind of felt like period cramps so I'm just kind of like enduring it looking back it's very obvious that that was the start of contractions now I know but then I didn't so it got to the point where we were out to dinner I couldn't even like I couldn't eat I didn't really want to drink anything and every time one would hit me I would just kind of like close my eyes and just sit there try to make it through it I'd be like a minute not even a minute maybe like 20-30 seconds of just kind of like an annoying type pain and then it would go away waiter probably thought I was such a weirdo because everything seemed like every time he came over I had my head on my hand and I was just like just like looking all irritated you probably thought that I was mad cuz he had actually messed up my order too and I just wanted to explain it to him so bad but I was just in pain and not even worried about that we go home that night and my contractions start getting stronger and a little bit closer together but still like very sporadic like I would have won and then 25 minutes later have another one and then eight minutes later have one thirty minutes and so on they started coming a lot stronger and a lot more often but still not the consistent intervals that it needed to be for it to for me to go into the hospital obvious goes to sleep and I'm thankful that he did because he was able to get a good night's rest before because I didn't get any sleep at all I'm sitting I'm sitting up in my bed I'm standing up walking around the house it's like 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and I just I just remember I was walking down the hallway just like uh I set myself up in our nursery in the rocking chair put on some show to kind of take my mind off of it it passes I didn't get any sleep at all the morning comes and they're starting to get a little bit more on time I downloaded a contraction timer so you could just tap it and it would start and then you tap it whenever the contraction ends and then it would tell you how far apart they were I did that pretty much for like five six hours and Saturday morning I definitely noticed because of the app that they were starting to get a little bit closer so I just remember not really exactly what was going on but Thomas got up and I was just kind of like Dylan with these contractions by myself and then I tell him what's going on I just remember while I was telling him I had to put my hands on my dresser I was leaning over on my dresser and then I just had to like drop down it's like a squat with my hands above my head and I was just sitting there that was just like all I could do I'm keeping track of my contractions the day goes on it's starting to get a little bit later and I'm looking at my app I had a few that were about two or three minutes apart but then I had a lot that were about five to eight minutes apart and that was originally what they had told me of when to come in and so at that point I was like should I wait it out a little bit longer first should I head and go in my big thing was I didn't want to do an epidural and I didn't want to have to be induced or have them break my water or anything like that so I didn't want to go in too soon because I felt like I would be pressured a little bit more to do that after a little bit of time maybe like 3045 minutes I was like Thomas I think we need to go ahead and go we call my mom and she was like okay I'm on my way over and at that point I was just like we need to go like now and so we started packing up all of our stuff and we just take off we get to the hospital I was still just three centimeters dilated and I was feeling so defeated because like crap like this is so painful and I saw it so long to go it hadn't even progressed hardly at all and so the doctor she's like you know we're gonna keep you here for just a little bit and track your contractions and then we'll let you know if we're gonna send you home or keep you here a few hours passed and I'm just sitting in bed just dealing with these contractions and they were getting worse and worse and closer and closer after a while she comes back in she checks to see how much I've dilated and I went from a three to like a six at that point yeah I think this is sick cuz a doctor she was a resident she's like I talked to the doctor and we're actually gonna go ahead and admit you we'll kind of get everything rolling at that point I'm like okay great you know this is really gonna happen today she leaves and time passes I'm just sitting in there having contractions this is what labor is like like you're just sitting there waiting for the pain to come and just dealing with it and then just letting time pass like that's all it was pain is so bad I was just struggling so much I really was at the point where I was like they're really thinking about the epidural I'm like if I haven't progressed anymore whenever they come back because I knew it was gonna get worse the doctor comes back in and she's like you know I want to talk to you about enough she's like you don't have to do anything that you don't want it but this is just something to think about she was like you know how the anesthesiologist come in and give you her thing and you can make a decision based on that she tells me getting an epidural is gonna get me out of pain that I still had a long way to go and that um you know it might be something really good to consider she talked about kind of what the next steps were I mean Thomas asked a bunch of questions just I just remember sitting there thinking like can I do this can I make it all the way through or should I just go ahead and just get it like it's not a big deal the anesthesiologist comes in after her she had listened to mine and Thomas's questions and so she at the end whenever the doctor leaves she's like you don't have to do anything that you don't want to do she was like if you came in here not wanting to get the epidural don't feel like you need to do it and she was like if you don't want to do it you can make it through it she said but you need to get out of that bed get moving around walk get in the bathtub because you will be so miserable just sitting there in bed dealing with the contractions and I was so thankful that she said that because it was just kind of like that's what I needed someone to just tell me like you can do it this is what its gonna take but you can do it she breathe the birth care center was freaking awesome because in the bathroom they had this huge jacuzzi tub and it was like super deep it had jets and everything and they told me that I could go sit in there if I wanted dealing with these contractions that are so strong and powerful and at that point I was like how could I have ever not known if I was having a contraction or not because it was absolutely clear that I was having a contraction when it started when it ended it was just like this wave of pain that I can't even explain Thomas is like well let's split just getting in the bathtub so he goes and he starts a bath I'll make my way over there once it's full well Thomas he's thinking that because I'm in so much pain he wanted the back he thought that the back should be really hot which it was absolutely wonderful it's super hot he's got the Jets going I'm sitting in there it's like almost immediate relief then finally they're like okay let's go ahead and get you out and we'll check you out and see if you dilated anymore so I go to stand up and it was just like a wave just I felt like I was gonna pass out and I hadn't I hadn't been able to drink or eat anything since like nine o'clock the night before and this was probably like maybe three or four o'clock even water every time I would drink any type of fluid I would throw up so I was at that whole time I was having contractions and throwing up it was horrible I get out of the bathtub I can't even stand I'm like shaking I'm so limp and weak I was like had both arms around Thomas and I just couldn't even hold my weight up the nurses were like okay let's get her back to the bed and so at that point they gave me an IV with fluids and I was able to kind of get rehydrated because my blood pressure dropped like super low to a little while later they came back and checked me and I was at an 8 that's whenever I felt like okay I can definitely do this I was very close to giving it and just getting the epidural and at that point I was like okay and eight like there's no way I can not do this me and Thomas joked about it later but honestly that entire day my pain was so bad I think I opened my eyes probably like two or three times the entire day just because I was just concentrating and just in such a zone of just like my freaking body hurts that I couldn't even open my eyes I'm dilated to an eight at this point which means it's like pretty much go time the doctors are coming in and they're like you know we're gonna start getting everything ready they bring in the little bass and that thing for him and like give him everything ready for for him to come and a bunch of nurses start piling into our room so what they did at that point is they brought one of those little those exercise balls and but with the office chair back and they roll this chair in there they set it up beside the bed and one of the nurses she's like okay I'm gonna need you to get out of the bed you're gonna sit on this chair and you're gonna lean over on the bed with your head on your hands I get up and I I sit on the ball and she's like you need to tell me if you get an urge to push at all she was like it might feel like you need to take like a big poop she was like but if you get any type of urge to push make sure you tell us I couldn't even respond to anybody at this point it's just crazy because the last thing on my mind was I was like butt naked I was who knows what the heck my hair looked like they had like somebody I guess table just was putting a rag on my forehead and so I have curly hair and they would like pull it off forward every time so I know I probably had like all kinds of craziness going on I had no makeup I had all these plans to look cute this day no anyway I'm sitting on this ball at that point every contraction was just making me like ah and Thomas would just tell me to breathe and I would start trying to do that you know like what you see in movies like and that was just how I was kind of dealing with it at that point oh I spent pretty much as soon as I sat on the ball I was like I feel like I have to push like my whole body would just like tense up and it was like everything was just telling me to just push and it's just crazy like my body just totally took over and so she's the nurse is like okay she's saying she's got a push so they put me back in the bed and the doctor said based on like how I was kind of moving around the room she was like I think you might be good delivering in like a squatting position so they bring in this like bar it's like a gymnastics bar type thing and they hook it onto the bed and she tells me after my traction whenever I'm ready I can stand up and grab onto the bar and squat down and push that way I do that I stand up there and I'm like holding on to this bar I have my head like resting on it and I'm trying to push and push and push and at that point I'm pushing there and hey like we're not really getting anywhere and so she's like okay turn around on your hands and knees put your hands up at the top of the bed and you can push that way so I turned around pushing that way for a while but I didn't really feel like anything was coming from that either and neither did they and so then she's like okay roll over to your side grab this leg will hold your other leg and you can push that way so I'm sitting there just all out in the open I thought I was gonna be because I'm like a super shy person about body stuff I thought that this was gonna be like an awkward thing I could have cared less like there was no thought in my mind about who was in there who was seeing what what was going on all I could think about was the pain and just pushing like that was it it was just like my body just totally took over so at that point I'm sitting there holding my leg open trying to push they're all like like you're he's coming he's coming like just keep going every contraction they would tell me to just push and and they're like go go go go go go go and so all the way until the end of my contraction and then once the contraction would let up then I would just like to stop and take a break and I just remember like I would push push push push push until I couldn't push anymore and then I would push even a little bit more and then I would need to take a breath in and they're like just one more one more and so I would push again right after but there was a couple times where I'm like there's no way after that push I just did that I could push again and so the pain it was just horrible at this point I was screaming my head off I could hear after I gave birth I could hear other little babies and stuff crying through the hospital so I know I probably terrified some moms because I was screaming my head off every contraction I got at that point I'm sitting there and Thomas is right here and he's telling me to just breathe and that you know he's almost here then nurses and the doctors we're all just like cheering me on and I'm sitting there and they're like okay one more push one or two more pushes and he's gonna be here and so I just remember I got this big contraction now I was just like so funny no but good so I push and push and push and I can feel I can feel things and don't want to explain I'm pushing and pushing and pushing and next thing I know I just feel this like rush from my body and they set him up on my belly and I just hear him crying and I look down and they're like you know there's your baby I just started doing this like weird hysterical laugh cry thing and I was just like oh my gosh and I just couldn't believe it I just remember the like and just seeing his face for the first time he was looking up at me here's a scream they set him up on my chest and he's just like wiggling around and he's already like trying to feed at that point is whenever they start like stitching things back up and getting everything back in order down there and cleaning up it was just like I didn't even care I've had my baby sitting on my chest it was just like all the pain of the contractions like I can barely even remember what it actually felt like besides just that it was painful and the nurses they started checking him out and he actually had a low body temperature and so we did skin-to-skin for a while and then they took him and put him under a little heat lamp thing to try to get his temperature up it was the craziest craziest thing I've ever experienced in my life the worst pain I've ever experienced in my life but it was so crazy so so so crazy how was it I had my baby with no epidural no nothing most people say that like after they have their first one that they feel more confident about doing it again but honestly after that experience I think I'll be more scared the second time honestly now that I know it is like but it was kind of traumatizing I'm not gonna lie and even for tothis like we tried to film this video yesterday and we started talking about it and he was like I'm seriously getting anxiety just talking about it again he was like you don't know what it's like to sit there and watch someone that you love being so much pain and not be able to do anything about it he was a great support system you know how sometimes whenever people cheer you on like they can do too much and you're just like shut up he was perfect he would just like whisper in my ears breathe count to three take deep breaths like you have to settle your breathing down and he was just like very practical and sweet about everything we both just love him so much and we're just so happy that he's here I was so thankful that I was able to do it because I think I would have been a little disappointed in myself if I would have gave in and got the epidural so this is ace this is our little baby boy he's actually taught us 2/3 we decided to nickname him ace because tres is like a kind of a common name for the 3rd and just kind of a play on tres we'd swim with ace so this is ace it's still it's like hard to name a human it's like how do you know what fits them especially whenever they don't have personalities yet if you guys follow me on Instagram you've already seen an overload if you don't follow me on Instagram go follow me I've gotten so inspired by motherhood a lot of things that I want to share with you guys so make sure you guys subscribe hit the thumbs up on this and if you guys have any questions please send me a message because I do not have a problem talking about this at all about my experience I've already had a few new moms reach out one thing that I have to say is that since I became a mom like the motherhood bond is so real we're just connected by this motherhood thing and it's been really cool well thank you guys so much for watching hopefully it wasn't TMI for you guys I'm trying to keep it real but also not too have a great day and I'll see you guys next time


  1. Getting an epidural was one of the best decisions I made during my labor! I'd say be flexible. Know your birth plan, but be willing to change it if necessary.

  2. Well done girl! I'm currently 37 weeks and also want to try and give birth as natural as possible without an epidural. After watching birth stories like yours I'm feeling more and more excited about labour and giving birth and really feel like ' yes, I can do this too!' Xoxox

  3. I got 5 weeks to go ☺️ i can’t wait, I always said I would never get an epidural and that’s my plan I feel like woman can do it all these older lady’s back in the day they just gave birth naturally and if they can do it we can all do it too, I want to feel the whole experience, I want to know what it is, nobody in my family has ever gotten the epidural and i look up to them my real woman . My opinion is that feeling how much the baby hurts and everything how it is it’s meant to be we should all have baby’s naturally that’s being a real mom, of course a lot of people are going to disagree because they got the epidural and can’t take that back, but to me that’s just how it is I know that there’s so much pain but it should be worth every second of it because we’ve created a human and that pain is just that moment and the baby is there forever and you’ll be glad you did it naturally once’s you have that baby in your arms .

  4. I just had my 3rd all natural birth and TOTALLY agree that after I knew what natural birth entails, I went into my second and third way more nervous because I knew how bad it was going to get 😅🙈

  5. I'm 39 weeks, 6 days and I'm terrified. 😶 Excited yet nervous. A whoooole lot of different emotions.

  6. I’m due July 3rd with my first (a baby girl) and I have been dead set again an epidural from the beginning for many reasons mainly that I have so many old sports related injuries and also I have scholiosis of the spine so my doctors and I agreed that it would probably be best for me to go as natural as possible. My husband and my mom are great supporters especially since my mom gave birth all three times naturally and I have been so scared but this video has set my mind at ease quite a bit.

  7. I’m 11 weeks pregnant and I’ve already made my mind i don’t want a epidural, this video is literally my motivation lol.

  8. I'm 11 weeks pregnant with my first. I am so excited for labor. It sucks that there are so many negative moms who get mad when you say you want to give birth with no epidural. If I didn't have so many women in my life that did it without epidural I might get discouraged. This video was wonderful thank you for sharing ❤

  9. Your video made me cry, not like In a scary way but in an emotional way because it’s something I will also experience, I’m 32 weeks now and so excited but nervous!😭🥰

  10. You made me laugh when you made the sound of your last contractions and then cry when you were holding your baby. I'm currently 12 weeks and definitely scared of labor.

  11. I cried in your last push when I heard u screaming and the baby crying is just wonderful! 🥺♥️ im 36 weeks n im so excited for this moment to come and ur video girl helped me a lot cuz I’m going to try my best to do it without an epidural! U. A soldier ♥️🥰

  12. 🤣 😂 you sound just like me!! Lol i have 4 kids all natural third pregnancy twins . 😂 When i was in labor same like you I didn’t care who was there who saw what i was 🤬 yelling screaming everything. I was like a crazy drunk person… my nurses ran out every time i had a contractions.. 😂

  13. This is awesome…You are awesome
    Congrats on your baby❤️ Since I found out I’m pregnant I’ve been set on a natural birth no epidural and everyone literally just tells me as a first time mom I have no idea what I’m getting into but this gave me hope that I can actually do this❣️

  14. 31 weeks pregnant 💙🤞 due august 19th with my second boy. Im scared to go through the pain again 😂😭

  15. Hoping I can go without the epidural as well. This is my second time at giving birth but I gave in to the epidural the first time at 7cm I was so disappointed after that I had got it I could’ve held on a little longer. New subscriber!! Loved this video!! Congrats on your little one & going without the epidural!! 😁

  16. I’m so convinced now!! I’m gonna try my best to go without it. A natural birth is just the ideal thing in my mind. Thanks for the video and congrats!!

  17. Your hospital seems so accommodating! Im 33 weeks and so much want to go unmedicated but at my hospital they pretty much hook you up to a fetal monitor and maybe even an IV the min you walk in and there are no bath tubs…or even the flexibility to move around much other than the little area where the monitor is. And that's only if you're not already hooked up to the IV. Everything seems so conventional, standard way to do everything. Although I really want no epidural, I don't even know if I will be able to do it with limited mobility and it makes me so sad :(. Do you have any advice?

  18. The opening your eyes thing made me laugh 😩😂 you’re so calm!! Makes me excited for my little one next month, I hope I can go natural too

  19. That last big push 😑 everyone whales even if they haven't during the labour 😂 xx no pain relief 100%

  20. I’m a first timer (38 weeks) and I’m terrified. But at the same time, I’m tired of being pregnant 😭

  21. Wait,you can get epidural? Chance to get it in my country is very low. Most of us have vaginal birth without medications and that is completely normal here.

  22. I just had my 6th child 14 months ago. I've given birth 100% all NATURAL with every single one of them. NO EPIDURAL NO NOTHING! I never once considered an epidural. My children are 14 months, 7, 8, 10, 10, and 13. No my 10 year olds are not twins. They are only 10 months apart so considered "Irish Twins" lol. Congrats to you girl you did it 💪💪🙏💙

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