31 Replies to “No experience|So worry, scare newborn baby Billiona fall down| Young mom,Belley wrong carry baby”

  1. У малыша вид здоровый, смотрит с любопытством по сторонам. Иногда мать кормит малыша.

  2. Mom and baby are beautiful ! Mom looks so scared and nervous! She is young and trying ! I think they will be ok

  3. Poor baby is so hungry you can hear her sucking her fingers don't know why she can't find mom's nipples when she is that close to her wonder if she can smell them I hope she gets milk soon or have isn't gonna make it so heart breaking mom don't know what to do

  4. I love those newly born. if something bad happened to them God forbids.they are on their own.from now on wildlife rescued alliance will not help them. i repeat the wildlife rescued alliance will not rescue those suffering babies.So all the fruit sellers ,cameramen protect them if you can. BECAUSE THIS SO CALLED WILDLIFE RESCUED ALLIANCE ESPECIALLY THE SO CALLED THEIR BOSS IS SUCH A "DICK" AND SUCH AN "IDIOT".THEY DO NOT WATCH REALITY LIFE OF THE MONKEYS IN YOUTUBE AND THEY DO NOT READ OUR COMMENTS. I KNOW THAT FOR SURE.

  5. To the VO: Can u please try & give Mommy some food? Maybe while she's trying 2 feed herself she will turn baby around so baby can hold her while she eats …& then hopefully baby's natural instinct can kick in 2 suckle & find Mommy's nipple 2 drink!! It's worth a try! I'm worried cuz this baby hasn't eaten yet.

  6. I seen a video of her drinking milk. I think her fingers went in her mouth as soon as she was born and it's her pacifier now? she doesn't seem to cry. Her cord was hog tied around her feet and hands the first day and she just sucked her fingers didn't cry while mom carried her around by the tail, very odd for a baby not to freak looking for the tit maybe she's slow?

  7. Stop chasing her psonshe can have a second to figure it out. You've had cameras up her are since she went into labor. you are stressing her out and she's running foe her and her baby's life.

  8. Poor baby will surely die unless something changes, and fast. Unfortunately,I don't see that happening. So sad.

  9. The mom loves her baby and is holding it. The baby doesn't know anything different. They will work it out.

  10. The baby now has its chin in its hand in deep thought, Oh wow this is the worled rightside up! ☺🙈🙉🙊❤

  11. She's adorable hope she makes it…. I wish they had an elder to die them… But hey it is what it is.

  12. Omg. Can we say not the brightest bulb 💡 in this box.. This baby will starve n end up in a coma n no tail.. Lmao

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