No facilities for Pregnant Women in Madva, Bihar – Ashok Paswan reports for IndiaUnheard

Mamta Devi lives in Madva village, Jamui district, Bihar. She has recently given birth. Due to shortage of medicine at her village anganwadi she is finding it difficult to cope with child’s upbringing. While she was pregnant she didn’t receive any medicines from anganwadi like iron tablets, nutrition, etc. that mothers are supposed to receive from anganwadi. Her health and her child’s health have been deteriorating. I feel weak most of the time. I feel giddy most of the time. I have many other weaknesses. My child gets ill often because of the lack of vitamins. There are many things that mothers are supposed to receive which we can’t give them. Mothers need nutrition and other important vitamins that we cannot give mother’s. Some mothers are able to receive the medicines while others are unfortunate. – What do you need in order to make the anganwadi function efficiently? – Many women cannot afford treatment and have to wait for days to get treatment. Some kids have to wait almost 24 hours for medicines if they have a cold. We do not have all the necessary medicines. If mothers are able to afford treatment outside then they go to the clinic for treatment. Sometimes due to lack of money children even die. – Are you saying that this is due to the unavailability of medicines? – Yes, this is one of the major cause. I appeal to my viewers to please call… I am visiting the CDPO’s office along with these village women to send their complaints. I am Ashok Kumar from Bihar, reporting for IndiaUnheard.

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