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  1. Finally…a man who knows. I have had over 8 NDEs & during my 3rd NDE I regained my entire soul memory. During this NDE I learned woman are not supposed to have periods but yet we can still conceive. We are only desiged to eat a plant based diet. No sugars because sugars cause inflammation & diabetes. Not all fruits are meant to be eaten either. The whole story about Eve eating the apple isn't totally correct either. It meant that humans were tempted by eating things that were never meant to be eaten. Even fruits certain ones were only meant for animals because their digestive systems are different. Ugh. I could go on n on. This guy is correct. We are not meant to have a menstrual period ever.

  2. That book is very insightful although i did see a couple hybrid foods but its the most informative health book on the shelf.
    The biggest question concerning the menstrual process is would you be able to reproduce. I think the narrative is that you must ovulate to reproduce and you also must have a period post ovulation because it's meant to cleanse you of the dead eggs. Researching that now but seeing if anybody has a good go to source to explain yay or nay and how

  3. I looooove your guidance because ever since I've lessens my egg and dairy intake I've had LESS BLOOD LOSS & LESS CRAMPS, NO MORE NAUSEA ❗❗❗❗

  4. You realize that the uterus sheds Monthly, right? When a woman doesn't get pregnant the egg that was released sheds. I don't see how it's healthy to have rotting dead tissue sitting in a woman's uterus for long periods of time. You also know that women who don't have periods often have health issues associated with that? Obesity, anorexia, weakened immune system, reproductive issues, and an array of other diseases. Stop trying to convince black women that their bodies are out of wack.

  5. Ladies, please stop letting humans without vaginas tell you how yours is supposed to operate.

    Periods are natural. The crippling cramps that come with it are not. A change in diet and yoni egg use can lighten and shorten your period. It does not STOP your period. Women who do not bleed monthly are at risk for internal bleeding or worse.

    Sorry: Yada is dead wrong.

  6. That’s not how this works. You have a uterus, you should menstruate. Monthly. More than a table spoon. Yes, a healthy diet can improve your period, but if you’re only bleeding a tablespoon a month, you need to change your diet. Menstruation is the shedding of the lining of the uterus that has formed to help support a baby. If you are not pregnant, it leaves the body. If you are only shedding a tablespoon, that means your reproductive system is not healthy enough to support a child.

  7. what???? when youre talking about africa you mean middle east? do you even know they are two different continent?

  8. Periods are not normal. My fiance been plant based her whole life and never had one. Never gets sick. Never has pimples or blemishes etc.. I was shocked when she told me and i witnessed it #BlackGirlMagic

  9. You are absolutely right! Queen Afua speaks on this as well. The way we menstrate is way out of order. Thank you

  10. African women have menstrual cycles. It's amazing how men come up with these things. Where is the African (not African-American) woman saying this menstruation is unnatural thing? How far do men want to go in an effort to control women completely? Now there is something wrong with a woman menstruating? I understand eating healthy and drinking purified water for optimal health. Diet can affect cramps but what is the obsession with calling menstruation unnatural? Ancient women wore rags and in some cultures were shunned for about a week because running water was not available and women dealing with menatrual blood should not cook. Are we going to start shunning Black women experiencing menses today? Dr. Africa makes really good points but he is human and is not a medical doctor.

  11. i got mine around age 12 it was painful very bad n lasted 7-8 days extra heavy now im 29 and its 3 days but i dont know what changed it i still eat junk just not alot if i can just get it to not be so heavy ill be just fine with that

  12. I can attest to the change in menstrual cycle accompanying a change in diet (to whole food plant based). my periods were horrible before… horrible lol.

    the thought that women should have very light, short, barely noticeable periods is a foreign concept to many. but, if we look at it from a "natural" perspective, how is it possible that women lived in the ancient world (without the use of modern "conveniences") and had long, heavy and painful periods? that just doesn't seem right.

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