hello Beautiful's how're you guys doing welcome back to my channel so today I'm doing another health video as you can tell by the title this is about the own woman flowering time this title is probably gonna be something like no more heavy periods or how I got rid of my heavy period or something like that um there are some people out there there are gonna try to make comments cuz I gotta approve my comments there are people who are gonna try to make comments and be like oh that's nasty first of all if you see a title that says something about period most likely we got not most likely we're gonna be talking about vaginas um blood um everything up in that area so if you know that I mean if you see the title and you know that we you know it has period or administration in the title I mean of course we're gonna be talking about stuff that is connected with it like some people I just don't know some people but um yeah so um any comments about oh that's gross oh that's too much information cuz I'm a type of person to where I'll just I mean it is what it is I mean we all have periods like move around without it childish stuff like we trying to get some stuff together okay um second thing is of course I know I'm not a doctor I'm just talking me out about my experience with it in hopes that it will help somebody else because you know somebody else might be going through the same thing or whatever I need like you know some different alternatives just like I was searching for stuff and found something that helped me I just wanted to get back and talk about you know some of the stuff that I did but with that being said here's the disclaimer right here Oh alright y'all so um let's get into it so y'all um I did do this for what was it I started last month with this one because I really wanted to really give to really stay because I don't want to just do it you know I'm saying be like oh it works so great no I really wanted to really experience it and really watch it and see how things go so um this is a video that I never did get the post um that I did like maybe two months ago and so just so y'all know that I really did try everything out so these results are 100% so here's like a little clip from a previous video that I had this has nothing to do with the video but I am trying out this red raspberry tea and if I must see how to I'm gonna give like a little video and everything on it so you asking me sipping that's I'm drinking on but I am video because I get the results next week if what I'm taking the school works like just give me holidays ups so today y'all we're gonna be talking about how I fixed my heavy crappy period and the things that I've used and the processes that I went through and just kind of let y'all know about that because y'all know it's a struggle out here for us females and we just be you know going through all different types of stuff so um I just kind of want to talk to y'all about that so um like I said I'm gonna give y'all my backstory and kinda let y'all know so um I've been suffering with bad periods like ever since high school it kind of started when I was in high school and um you know on the days that I had my period I really didn't want to go to school I wouldn't be at home because I was hurting I was you know bleeding really heavy and stuff and later on I found out that that was due to me being anemic now anemia is you know something that runs in my family we have low blood count and so you know we're low on earn I guess this it doesn't produce enough red cells I guess correct me if I'm wrong like I said I'm not a doctor but my whole family is anemic and I didn't know back then that that would affect my parrot the way it did and so I would have some really bad painful heavy bleeding days and a lot of times I missed a lot of school even when I got in college and I went to cosmetology a lot of times when my peer was coming I would take them days off because you know I would be at home laying down on the heating pad you know trying to get some medicine up in me because it was hurting so bad and it was awful because you know things had to be planned around you know around my period because I just could not you know I just didn't really want to go nowhere or do anything or be around anybody you know around that time of the month because it was so bad so um what really made me put my foot down which is is that but I just had a troop and I made a video about that but I've had a trip for my birthday to go to Atlanta and I had this thing where I count all my days because like I said I got a I gotta make my my outings around my period so I miscalculated this year and ended up my parent was gonna come right on my birthday y'all I was devastated I was like really I was like I really don't want to go anywhere on my period because I thought I was straight you know but the calculations and stuff sauce and you know I'm cool and gonna be on my pizza after I come back but once I went back and did everything turn out it was gonna be right on my you know right on my birthday or whatever so I was just like you know what I gotta find something that's gonna help me because I was just like this is ridiculous like I don't want my birthday to be messed up you don't say everything everything was already made the plane was I paid for the hotel everything was paid for so I was just like oh my gosh like I don't want to be up here miserable and be hurting and not having a good time getting understand so um I started searching I started searching a waste I was like at least if I can get it to delayed you know I said or come after my period I'd be good you know I'm saying so I was looking I was googling I was YouTube and I was looking up everything how to stop your period um what can I do to make it come a week later you know just all kinds of stuff cool of things that I hope that I'm hoping that was on record so I'm looking up all this stuff of what I could do to delay my period I was looking they was talking about drinking lemon juice that was how I bring drinking apple cider vinegar yeah I was going and just getting all of that the chick was it another food no it was good good this is a chick peas some kind of piece that you can take out I was doing everything to try to delay this period because I was like I don't have time for it so I was doing all of that the you know like two months before um work three months before because I was like you know trust if you work it didn't work I was still hurting I was still bleeding I mean it yeah but majority of the time it still came on the day you know I'm saying like mmm it didn't work so I was just like you know what I'm determined I'm determined to beat this you know I'm saying yeah let me go charge up this camera right quick and then I'll be right back okay now so like I said that didn't work you know and I was pretty desperate or whatever so um I kept looking kept looking kept looking kept looking and then I came across this video and if I remember the videos I'm gonna look for them and try to put them in the links down below because y'all are a lifesaver but um so I came across this video where this girl was talking about her having really really bad periods or whatever I was like well let me look at her video and see if you know she knows something other than the lemon and apple cider vinegar and stuff like that so she was talking about how um anemia kind of affects your period and if you're anemic um sometimes it can cause you to bleed heavy and stuff like that and she was talking about how she was taking the blackstrap molasses so I was like okay okay let me see let me see what's going on with that and so I started searching blackstrap molasses where's it it and so I found some at the helpful store actually I've been taking the heck out of it but um I found some at the health food store and I would do I would mix it with warm water and drink it um so when my next period came um the heavy bleeding was still there but the cramping had stopped and I was you know I was grateful for that because I was like you know um I was grateful for that because I was like okay one of the issues is gone you know and so I mean it worked immediately immediately y'all I'm like no joke I swear like it was such a lifestyle when I was like oh my gosh because um it's a black strap molasses is rich in iron and when you're naming you need urn to I guess to build up those blood cells or whatever and so I was taking it every day up until you know my period so um you know I started doing that all the time but you know I still kept my eye open to other stuff just to kind of see what was out there so I could have looked and kept looking the game and I came across another lady's video where she was talking about red raspberry leaf tea um the that you can get from the health food store that has to be organic kind so I was like you know anything is worth to try so what I did was I went to my local health food store which is close by me and I went to my local health food store and I bought some and so what I was doing was I started drinking that tea and putting the blackstrap molasses in there with it when I made my tea and I did I said well what the heck let me put some honey in there you know I'm saying with it and so what I would do is I would make this tea you know and I will take it out of the little package thing or whatever and I will strain it and then after I strained it our port in the blackstrap molasses a tablespoon and then I will squeeze a whole lemon there and I would drink this drink every morning up into my period and so the first results I got was by drinking that every morning up until my period I noticed that the day that I was supposed to start my period I didn't start and so I was like okay kukuku another day after that went by I didn't start so I was you know you're not happy I was like oh my gosh oh my gosh and so the day after it started but when it started it was so like usually when I start my parent like this full-on like you know I'm saying like red yet I'm saying whatever so um that hope here was so light it felt like I wasn't even on my period I was like it shocked me so bad I thought something was what was wrong you know I'm saying because I was like okay but what the UM red raspberry leaf does is it strengthens your uterus and it helps with like heavy bleeding usually I would go through the overnight pass within like two hours you know I'm saying because I would bleed really really heavy and this time it was I was barely bleeding so I was like oh my gosh like I said well let me you know saying let me take this to another month just to see cuz I was like maybe I got lucky this money you know I'm saying so it recalculated my period so I was like okay if that's the case and it delays me two days and by the time my birthday come I'm not gonna be on my period so um this is the tea that I took whatever y'all know I'll bust a little picture on the side for y'all to see but this is the UM organic brand that I took and it comes with 24 teabags in here and well this was eight dollars but and they said the best top kind of get is the organic kind but um just to show y'all what it look like hopefully I better see it it's like just a little with the little uh yeah I know baby see that but it's just like a little tea bag whatever and so um like I said I was I was drinking that all the time or whatever so um I noticed that they also had protect the the tablets the red raspberry tea tablets and this brand is nature's sunshine and it's 100 capsules in here and you take two of them for your serving size so the days that I didn't drink the tea I would just take the the capsules or whatever so next one went around and I didn't do it the first week but when it got closer to my parent I started drinking that drinking if I wasn't drinking the drink I was taking the capsules and y'all the same thing happened I swear it was like my period has never been this life I have never went through without any pain I didn't have to sleep on my heating pad I didn't have to do any of that and yeah I'm I'm like just overwhelmed because when you when you suffer with periods like that for so long and you feel like you know nothing's gonna help him then you actually find something that help like I swear like it's just like you're just floating and just living life or whatever so um I had been doing that ever since so the real test was gonna come when my birthday came you know because this was the lanta trick that I was getting ready to take so which was just a couple of days to go so um what I did was because I wanted to be on the safe side and I said you know now that the pain is gone now I just have to make sure that you know everything stays on track so baby when I tell you I made sure I packed that tea fact that tea I had all my stuff together and I was just drinking every morning drinking and I also noted that it started to make my stomach go down as well so that's that's a plus too so um I was drinking it the week before in my period and we left out we left out on October the 24th um I wore like you know protection tection just in case they want to try to switch up on me and so every time we went somewhere I would make sure I had that on and then we went to the hotel you know I would switch out of the out of it or whatever so um duh let's see so let me cut this down so my birthday was on October 26 y'all know period at all like usually I would even before you know finding this solution I would even Crampton before my period just to let me know like hey girl you might want to get them past together because you've been a star I didn't even crap or none of that like it was it was so cool like none of that so um I was excited I was so happy I still wore one even though my period didn't come but I was just so happy I was moving around freely just having a good time and damn I peer into the upcoming the day after that so instead of delaying two days I could normally do it's just too late one day but hey I was okay with that long as I went on my period but when my period did come um I literally went hours what I didn't go hours but I could go hours without having to change my tampons or my pads like I would go to the restroom and it would be like a little like I swear about that much versus having to take this pad off each and every time because it's full of you know I'm said over bleeding so I'm a believer if you are looking for something that is gonna help your period give the red raspberry leaf teeth or the raspberry leaf um you know capsules are try because I swear that just made a believer out of me because I just thought that there was gonna be no solution for me and I was gonna have to suffer through this you know I'm saying for the rest of my life or whatever so um if you're anemic like I said tried the the blackstrap molasses in your drink but that is an absolute drink that I try all the time it has made my life so much better just all-around so I swear by it I've seen the results firsthand and this is like the absolute like just bitch so I just want to give you all my experience because like I said I know the struggle is real and um that's how I got my period fix so thank you you too thank you for you guys putting out those videos and this is why I make videos like this because it's so much good information out there that you know I'm saying you know saying you can get from other people who have experienced it so that's why I like I have a love for YouTube because it helped me as well as you know me putting this video out and helping other people so hopefully this pier to help somebody like it helped me because yeah I'm telling you like it is a life saver like life saver like I'm on my period now usually I'll be somewhere laying laid up somewhere with some socks and a heating pad and some um and some Tylenol baby I'm up here recording videos feeling good like I swear like I'm telling you so I'll write you guys I just want to give that information links will be down in the box down below if you are interested in this and also what you can do I forgot to mention is what you can do is if you want more of a flavor you know to it this ain't organic but this is the raspberry zinger brand and what I do is I mixed one of these and one of these together and this just like I said this is just for the taste and then I'll mix the the blackstrap molasses a lemon and drink that up and um that's my that's my drink or whatever but you don't actually have to mix this in with it but it just tastes good or whatever so I'll write you guys hopefully this has somebody and I will talk to you guys later right [Applause]


  1. This is such a great video. I have high expectations for this combination. Because I'm at my wit's end with my heavy periods

  2. I didnt know about the molasses but sis the red raspberry leaf tea and supplements are the truth I came across your video because I have been taking the red raspberry leaf supplements and drinking the tea for almost 4 weeks now and I'm on my period now and noticed the difference how light it is and less painful so I came to YouTube to see if anyone else experienced this and I found your video 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊and I have suffered with fibroids and heavy clotting since I was a teenager I even had a DNC at 16 it was so bad I have my remedy now and it's so good for our reproductive system anyway.

  3. I just found out about this today and I been researching for hours now, all I got to say is, you're like the 5th video I've watched and if this ain't saying it works, I don't know what is.

  4. I'm for sure going to try this. I have the same experience with period cramps as you did. Someone reply to this comment in about a month so I can share lol

  5. I have struggled with heavy periods too since I was a teen the pain would be so bad I scheduled things around my period as well miss school/ work depending on my pain level. My mom suffered from the same thing. Now as an adult I have menorroghia (heavy bleeding) which led me to have low iron too. The pain varies sometimes. I changed up my diet and exercised more. I still have pain sometimes. I will give that tea a try and the black molasses too. This is a great topic to discuss. Thank you for this video and all those tips. It's really good to hear that your not alone in that struggle.💙💙

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