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  1. I had non stress tests twice a week from 30 weeks on with my 4th baby. At 36 weeks she had a very sudden and low dip in heart rate during a test. They sent me in for further monitoring that night and said everything was fine, then a couple days later at 36.5 weeks I had another non stress test and it happened again! So they sent me to the hospital and my midwife met me there and they induced me. After a scary labor, (her heart rate dipped a few times) My baby girl was born the next day and now she's 6 months!

  2. Duncan reminds me of Parker so much, I have been watching you guys since Parker was that little and everyday I see more and more of Parker in Duncan

  3. Duncan is such a sweet, gentle spirit. Also his language dexterity is incredible, and as a theatre kid I am so here for him nailing ‘rehearsal’ 😂

  4. Reminds me when my little boy was little “can baby come and play now… baby open the door” whilst tugging on my belly button. 😍

    Loved his story, when you said sing to baby, my youngest started singing 🎵 bar bar black sheep 🎵

    I’d laugh if the travel system arrived the day you go into labour 🤣

  5. "Can we see the baby?" proceeds to start lifting mom's skirt "No you have to wait til he's born." "Ok" carefully pulls down the skirt again and smooths it out
    My heart just melted <3 That's so cute and adorable and sweet. Duncan will be an amazing older brother and a fantastic and kind man when he grows up. I mean I'm convinced all you're sons will be wonderful great men and Bailey will be a wonderful amazing woman. You raise your children so well. The kindness you teach them… I can't even. They will make the world that little bit better because of the kindness you taught them. They already are bringing so much joy and light into the world. Thank you guys for sharing your light, joy and kindness with the world. Your vlogs never fail to make me smile even when I'm down. Maybe especially when I'm down because light shines more brightly in the dark.

  6. ❤❤❤❤❤, fist bumps 👊👊👊👊👊, high fives/pats on the back ✋✋✋✋✋, extra thumbs up 👍👍👍👍👍 Pets ❤❤❤❤❤, treats and tummy rubs (chickens love tummy rubs). Duncan is brillian. It runs in the family ❤❤❤❤❤

  7. I love the name that Duncan chose for the new 👶 ballinger congratulations 🥳 on having another baby wishing you all the best

  8. Will you have to get I single size stroller once Duncan is too old for the stroller or will you just stick with the double?

  9. i’m so excited for the new addition to the family! your pregnancy seemed to fly by (it probably doesn’t seem like that for you however) but it feels like almost yesterday when you announced it. this baby boy is gonna be so happy with a loving family like yours. ❤️

  10. It’s such a bummer when stuff like this happens. If you guys still have Duncan’s car seat it would probably work for a little while until you are able to get settled with the new one. Try not to stress and just enjoy this special time with you lovely family. Everything will work out, it always does! Also I loved hearing Duncan’s story, he has such a wonderful vocabulary!

  11. I can’t believe you will have a new baby named Dinkle-a-dinkle-a-train-train-train-train in around three weeks! I still remember when Parker was born. It feels like it happened yesterday!

  12. Duncan is so. Cute.

    For his age is a double buggy really needed ?
    I carried baby and used stroller for youngest if long walk.
    I purchased one for second baby as 19 month age gap but didn’t use so sold it.

  13. This made me happy, watching you guys always makes me happy. I love you guys, and dinkle dingle with train train train😂🥰

  14. Duncan's story time was everything..it totally made my day. All of your kids are so wonderful and so special. Cannot wait to meet baby Ballinger, Duncan's gonna be such a great big brother. I love the baby's name though!

  15. Omg i cant believe i watched duncans birth video and now he is so fluent! Omg its so cute and i cant wait to see flymm talk like with and the new baby to be born! 😭❤❤❤

  16. I could listen to Duncan talk all day 😍 He talks so well! He reminds me so much of my son at his age. What a sweet little voice!

  17. Totally feel you on the car seat thing. Something similar just happened to me. I’m 34 weeks and really started to pull the nursery together, ordered a crib mattress from amazon and it was the wrong one. Not a big deal in the long run especially since he won’t be sleeping in it for a bit but I was SO disappointed because I was so excited to feel like I had the crib done and ready for him. Pregnancy makes those small disappointments so much worse 😂

  18. I feel you!!!
    28.5 weeks down and I had the same problem with the capsule systems just last week and I ended up buying a seperate car seat and stroller instead of the capsule travel system… Best idea ever.

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