Norfolk Four: A Miscarriage of Justice part one

Oh in the 1990s Daniel Williams Joseph dick jr. Derrick theis and Eric Wilson joined the Navy with aspirations of serving their country today three of the four remain in prison serving life sentences for falsely confessing to a rape and murder that none of them committed despite the fact that DNA has identified the real killer Billy Bosco and Michelle Moore Bosco were highschool sweethearts and newlyweds living in Norfolk Virginia where Billy a Navy seaman was stationed on July 8th 1997 Billy returned from a Navy cruise to find his 18 year old wife Michelle brutally murdered on the bedroom floor of the apartment they shared Billy ran across the hall to the apartment of Daniel and Nicole Williams Daniel Williams called 911 accompanied Billy back to his apartment where he helped cover Michelle's body with a blanket at the time Daniel's wife Nicole had just returned from the hospital where she had undergone surgery for ovarian cancer and Daniel's parents were visiting from rural Michigan Daniel and Nicole had been married for one week and his parents were planning to take them out for a celebratory dinner before we could go out to dinner the guy next door came and knocked on the door they no opened the door and found the neighbor had just hollered that his wife was dead a couple of plainclothes detectives entered the apartment and were questioning Daniel and Nicole about their relationship with the neighbors and then at one point they asked if Dana would be willing to go to the police station and answer some more questions to be as helpful as he could the officers said that if he drove his own truck over there he would be free to leave after a little bit and meet us for dinner the investigation was headed by Detective Robert Glen Ford and the police immediately focused their suspicion on Daniel because they had been informed that he may have had a crush on Michelle we went back home we set up most of the night waiting for Daniel to call us but he never called us so we fell asleep then the next morning we got up around 10:00 they called and said he was had signed a paper that he was guilty Daniel maintained his innocence for hours explaining that he had spent the day of the crime with his wife and family and that he and his wife were in bed at the time the police said that Michelle was killed Daniel's wife told the police the same story the detectives falsely told Daniel that they had an eyewitness who saw him leaving Michelle's apartment on the night of the murder Daniel volunteered to take a lie detector test and passed it but the police lied to him and told him he failed detectives interrogated Daniel all night after more than nine hours Daniel confessed stating that he had raped and murdered Michelle by beating her to death with his fists and a shoe when the autopsy report revealed that Michelle had been stabbed and strangled a detective returned to Daniel and had him sign a second confession that reflected this new information seemed like a bad dream and then a whole sudden we woke up and it wasn't a dream it's very real satisfied that they had solved the case and arrested the sole perpetrator of the crime the police did not look for other suspects they sent out Daniels DNA to be matched with DNA found under Michelle's fingernails from the semen in her body and on a blanket at the scene Daniel is a child he grew up with a father that worked in a factory a mother that stayed home he has a sibling brother younger than he is and an older sister my name is Chris Williams and Daniel is my older brother I don't want to say like a father figure but kind of like a role model someone to look up to yes easygoing he is very lovable to people and to his family I think Danny's priorities were not for himself so much as they were for others my name is Dennis Campbell I'm a retired lieutenant from the city of a loss of police department my son and Danny were schoolmates they went to Emerson school together memories of hanging out with Dan go back a long ways to a pretty young age he was a very generous guy no you know he treated his friends good he wasn't a rich kid or anything like that and he didn't grow up with a lot but he you know if he thought he could help a friend he would very respectful to adults Danny was very respectful to me as a police officer I don't have any children my husband could not have children and I used to wish that I had a son like Danny and I still do the DNA analysis determined that the skin cells and semen recovered at the scene came from the same individual however to the surprise of the Norfolk detectives Daniel Williams DNA was not a match in no fingerprints shoeprints or physical evidence of any kind connected Daniel to the crime despite the fact that the DNA did not match Daniel Williams detective Ford and his team did not consider the possibility that Daniel's confession was false instead the detectives abandoned their single perpetrator theory and decided that Daniel must have acted with an accomplice the police brought in Daniel's roommate Joseph dick jr. for questioning my name is Joseph J dick I'm Joe juniors father Joe is different from other children because he was awkward not very well coordinated Joe stood out from the rest of the crowd because of that because it was all so slow my wife Patricia never liked me to refer to him as being slow but she accepted him when I used to refer to Joe as being a late bloomer my name is Teresa banker chart and I am Joe's aunt he was very shy he just loved to love people he would just give you bear hugs and those bear hugs would last forever my name is father Michael or chick I'm the pastor of this parish the shrine of the little flower well I first met Joe dick through his altar service here at this parish pretty much to his credit Joe continued to serve through high school Joe never had a real good relationship with boys his own age maybe maybe one or two other friends his own age but generally speaking Joe got along with children much younger than him playing the games that younger children did playing with blocks Legos playing cowboys and Indians stuff like that could tell that sometimes he just didn't quite get it you had to be very patient with him and you know walk him through the steps my name is Michael Ziegler I am a senior chief in the United States Navy I've been in the Navy for 22 years and I know Joseph dick because he worked for me when I was stationed on board the USS Saipan out of Norfolk Virginia I remember many times thinking how did this guy get in the Navy he didn't strike me as barely having the IQ to get in when I checked his service record everybody takes what's called an AZ fab test it's just a basic skills test his score was at the lower end of acceptable scores to come into the service I asked him Joe what are you going to do in the Navy and his response was well I'm gonna save everybody and I said well how are you gonna go about doing that he had no concept I had taken on sort of a big brother role with with Joe I wouldn't say it was like fatherly but there were times when Joseph would mess something up and to get the truth out of him I sorta had to get a little Stern with him I just asked him point-blank I said Joe did you have anything to do with murdering this girl that's exactly what I said and he looked me straight in the eye and he said I I swear to God I didn't have anything to do with this crime so my advice to him at that point was I said just then go and tell the police the truth and come and get back to work and I never I never saw him again Joe denied any involvement in Michelle's murder and told the detective

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