Normal Delivery v/s Caesarian Section?? Reason for C-SECTION​? Malayalam, Mothersnursing

welcome back to mother it's amazing okay another number I will do a Linga rhythm right okay in the vagina kind of a pregnancy some of the my tralala associated problems electric mention of nervous are the acceptable problems of insanity all day Helene Jana where the riccati validating for energy through it you know analytic continuation and Yanni know but whatever not a number updates it and they will elect may be devout no no mother sniffing daily for this listener uber that tells of scary but rebellion apparently Bruce champion updates later talking detail I do when I take a 100 oh okay I was in the embargo pregnancy I love important rights and mothers agenda regarding leukorrhea one and doctor suppose they do need Narayana Lingala three demons Allah pretend cigar la vela the community ever heard of depends on the Samara must try the normalization generator left ii see America now then in Nordic Iraq and Bahrain no another car you hae na de Choiseul say like summary each hour and when day the compression on dog already can you train arm blood vessels in a proper blood supply which you've done when your left side you have a couple really continuously or we left said no Chairman I gotta come back to till early in the morning of character Romania Russia cruising everything left side which is no no on the water in it would accomplish an Achon or unique ever not catch left side note each and every the it is numbered a normal either calculated humanistic type by picking inner in a car same year ago vanilla in Makeba mainly and it's is created in the tub Donna well there's no destiny erector about are good but she'll never study and again you know I really like an element be wrong about in situations that you want a canal when we can older ideas will be kept the main idea about me or not gotta correct me Arthur you know the number topic area or ninjalah labor networks regulator holder on weekend I'll England on it I'll correct good apparently where a machine guns in delay every idq normal person and AIT QRS is Sarah order which tell occasional c'mon good and talk to Safari on the mobility bomber to build up and they see certain lady formed a true situation solution which are your villain or infer an angry given a main idea from a normal delivery are you a love no matter normal anybody online and our DNA doctors are louder than a la la who like a Corsican today twenty-eight Makati many TV it down over beam Tony La Russa Ithaca and Shatila is readings of the my gosh no and they might be the problem is I'm Ella who we carry on our naproxen bed minute number just like to make a toast not of not a cinder I like Ruby go down I'm a living under a time like this you in love with me reach out across Sunday Drive my plans and airing a very very problem lastly after Indian override a little safe landing gear Barrera Committee under the leadership Lucinda Lingle how do a class in a position molecule for a product video about another situation again accuser Samantha I make your devotee of the ocean morality can maybe they'll change by restoring our mathematical universe is already but for the channel Haru karna in a matter regarding our marinara and put a quite life among foreign investors ironic here – espresso America we shall soon some water and you are to stand out of the system and reference about them other could be the ocean where a minor matter is ahead in the munathara number a pelvis anything not everyday and a pelvic cavity not have anyone again with Arianna Bell mr. penguin it will be a very left powder sahadev in live chat is a seventh affinity in a mighty Lucifer you are not clean yet in it which I also go to some other might survive idiom I gotta put on apparently quite emotionally over whether we remove you mean a whole problem and I gather chances are if you let a Russian or whatever to pursue Nevada I'm Mikey O'Shea I immediately and menu topic ever and Gardner will you kill him you know I'll make a motion that the mrs. Selfridge a non-union Agana right near the guy thing or sedation but I are and I think it standing in the country manager he let off magnetism you know to the empowerment of our very I made a move it executes the secure of any Pathan of the Michigan are necessary late yet another well you know Karen Walker and conversation Lynette Hagin photographer Nigel you're a homebody we open the bar and massage and control them haha Mineola a mama Rhoda in Tiburon the lannigan's our dress and the blazer over and over I'm ready normally very mighty and the worst is a real ad for one doctor said we did another and they were hoping they'd go to the hanukkah and are getting another delivery inaudible cuz i'm ieaving i should give a little part of electronic gear running the tell some of the doctor suggesting the material governance is their normal daily this is certainly another surgery you know we get breech position when I could climb without your trust like him who teeth Tal Afar gamma William Kyle fathom clearly Mohammed Sidique a man in a normal a normal delivery solidarity tomorrow and opening the palace hard for melee guarded male father that way to earning it will share item in the normal delivery possible either positions are put in a position wall are important Anna my mother Norma delivered our sons are retire now Iran in a put the other got a net who did a year position under static position on over I another routine you know straight advice you gotta come on Angela search adam or the other end could be near and dear Mahad is Hernan Tyrion Mumbai without speech area that according a mother lode CD with 818 Jana period at one angle a would you garnish Adam normal delivery case a sahajiya my position Allah ya matter ooh then you know when you know Tyler would definitely do kill him either shitty man I'm breech position in a bottle of milk alfalfa and I am pretty than Apollo diesel Opposition in complete region or no colleague in the under golem Sal a rocking chair America you know La Salle University Odyssey sermon a cross-legged on a murder pelvic cavity that a murder down and we know leborgne Anna I will an akuna one opposition Jay Thomas and Alec we are on you are on you area maybe she a demon a debris a position it is a phallic position about a euro sex addict position sefa a curator union or quién tiene de la interior all right in your mother you get labour playing around with any character but they know the guru Tommy mr. 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