Not all doctors know how to prevent a miscarriage. Give this guide to them.

hey guys dr. Jeffrey claw here honest OBGYN I'm happy and I'm excited because today we have the miscarriage prevention pocket guide is at the copy editor right now and the final version is going to be uploaded to the website today and tomorrow and hopefully tomorrow at the latest early next week you're gonna be able to get this information why is this important because I'm hearing from people all over the country who were telling me their doctor just doesn't deal in preventing miscarriages and doesn't know anything about it doesn't do anything well I'm sorry that that's the case but as an OBGYN it's important that we try to help our patients especially prevent miscarriages and so what I've given and I've made of a time making available to you is the information this is what I have done for about 20 years to prevent miscarriages to work it up to do the labs the treatments the the evaluations in pregnancy to make sure your baby is okay my thoughts on delivery it's all here the prescriptions I give are here the milligrams are here everything is here so you're gonna be able to get this you're gonna be able to share this with your doctor and if your doctor doesn't know what's going on or doesn't really have a clear understanding of it you can take this and give this to your doctor they will understand this because I'm putting it in layman's terms but I'm also putting in doctor doctor terms I've got the research on here also so these are the tools for you to take to your doctor if your doctor doesn't deal with preventing miscarriages come here so we're alive right now and in my little Christian just came in and his cousin so love you guys so it's this is important so it will be available really soon on on the website I'm really excited about it and if your doctor doesn't deal in it or it doesn't know much about it here's the knowledge you need it'll guide you through it and he in this true so have a great day dr. Jeffrey cly honest OBGYN with a couple kids crawling around I'll see you later

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