NPR, NYT: Not “Fetal Heartbeat”, Use “Embryonic Pulse”

the David Knight show forward slash show you know everything is in the terminology don't you don't you know that that is how the left constantly manipulates our opinions they choose the terms very carefully they choose the rhetorical high ground by the terms that they use for example as the Daily Caller points out the New York Times is now not talking about fetal heartbeat no no no and if you report abortions you need to talk about embryonic pulsing so if we were going to cover the story about the live extraction of a man's beating heart in China you know the forced organ harvesting from live prisoners you don't refer to that as removing his beating heart you would refer to that as removing his pulsing organs maybe how do you put a happy face on this stuff and anyway but embryonic pulsing yeah let's not even refer to that as any kind of indication of humanity at all as a matter of fact NPR goes a little bit deeper into this in their style guide guidance reminder on abortion procedures terminology and rites from the people at NPR here is our radio style guide they said one thing to keep in mind about this law and many others like it proponents refer to it as a quote fetal heartbeat bill law that is their term and if you use their term it needs to be attributed to them if used and put in quotation marks if printed we're not gonna refer to it that way all right it is going to be embryonic pulsing law the embryonic pulsing law at the fetal heartbeat bill law they also talk about abortion procedures you know let's come up with a different euphemism to describe this let's come up with something that's extremely technical you know just like we have with feet you know we're gonna call it don't call it a baby called a fetus call it an embryonic pulsing not a it not even a fetal heartbeat not even a baby's heartbeat a fetal heartbeat is now no longer no longer appropriate for them it's got to be embryonic pulsing and so when they talk about partial birth abortion they say don't call it partial birth abortion use the term intact dilation and extraction or you could refer to it as a procedure known medically as intact dilation and extraction like President Trump said I think I'll call it partial birth abortion that's the same sort of thing don't call it an anchor baby yeah don't call it a baby at all as a matter of fact don't call it a heartbeat of a baby I think I will call a baby heartbeat I think I will call it what it is partial birth abortion no I as I said before this all came up first time I ever heard about this I was running for Congress in North Carolina in 1996 and it's a live question situation and people ask me about partial birth abortion and I was like yeah hustle libertarian so it's like I don't think the government ought to be involved I never had to make that private decision a mindset I hadn't really thought about it quite frankly and then we got the term partial birth abortion as well I'm not really sure what that is you know I went back and looked it up and it's like are you kidding me this is no longer about any disagreement as to when life begins if you take a full-term baby and you remove all of the baby except for the foot out of the mother's body and then you murder the baby on the table partial birth abortion doesn't even come close to describing what we're talking about here but it comes too close to describing what we're talking about here for NPR they want to call it a medically a procedure medically known as intact dilation and extraction now when I realized what that was I realized that I had been lied to from the time I was in high school on up about abortion I'm glad I didn't have to make that decision because like many of you I was deceived about it I was never called Aman I have to make that decision fortunately if you have been and he made the wrong decision because you were deceived just as Norma McCorvey Jane Roe from roe v– wade pointed out you know she was deceived she was manipulated into this she regretted it she found forgiveness in Jesus Christ and that's where you can find forgiveness it's a new beginning for each and every one of us but it is the language that they use how they lie and deceive with the euphemisms that they come up with it is weapon weaponized euphemisms and then again you know we're talking about the New York Times for talking about NPR but take a look at the New York Post the conservative New York Post and what the Post editorial board said doing the right thing on mandatory vaccines so they're gonna do the right thing they're gonna talk about your choice your informed consent no no no no no not the New York Post editorial board listen to what they had to say this is the way the Editorial Board of the New York Post the conservative New York Post talks about it kudos to the legislature and Governor Cuomo for doing the right thing on vaccines it was touch-and-go the bill to end the religious exemption from laws mandating basic public health vaccinations almost died in committee you know like a child a partial birth abortion yeah they almost killed it on the table there just like an abortion but we're not gonna call it abortion it almost died like an intact dilation and extraction but it didn't it survived and then they go on to say well you know we've got 800 cases here in New York City largely in the Orthodox Jewish community where pseudo-scientific fears about side-effects from vaccination have somehow proliferated well you know they proliferated in New York Post they proliferated because people are bypassing your irrelevant lies and attempts to control the debate and that's what you don't like about this you know quite frankly I don't care if the New York Post agrees with my religion I still have the freedom to exercise it I don't need their agreement that's the whole point the free exercise of religion doesn't mean that the New York Post has to agree with it doesn't mean that my pastor or my rabbi has to agree with what I what I do that is my choice that is my free choice as a sovereign individual that is my free choice as a human being I have that Liberty that god-given right to make those determinations and that not only applies to my religious and moral considerations that applies to my medical considerations I have the right to look at what is about to be done to me and to make informed consent about that and how dared the New York Post the New York Times or the governor of New York tell me that I don't have that right if you tell me I don't have that right you're no better than these Chinese monsters doing these forced organ harvesting you know I remember years ago I read an account from Doug Casey he was talking about the mindset of the Chinese Communists and how the multinational corporations and governments loved to work with them because they had absolutely no regard for anybody they would use slave labor they were absolutely cruel and heartless they would do anything to anybody and to illustrate the point he talked about what you've seen in the Indiana Jones movie you know where they tie a monkey down and they remove its its skull and eat its brains while it's alive he said he actually had people you know he'd seen it or he had people years since I've seen it he said that's true know whether or not that's true they're doing it to human beings and people freaked out if they do it to a monkey but they're doing this to human beings they have absolutely no compassion no respect for other human beings and neither does the New York Post neither does the FDA or the Washington people who don't care about your health they don't care about your consent then it care about your choice it's not your body your choice it's not your body your stem cells they don't care about any of that they don't care what their vaccines have done to you or to other people or members of your family you're not going to opt out of this because we got some profits to be made here we got some profits murk's got to make its cut just like the Chinese Communist they got they got people waiting for these or it's gonna pay them a lot of money they're not gonna let any considerations about you get in the way and so the New York Post finishes by saying it's good to see the legislature serving the public wisely on at least one issue they're not serving the public they're serving their corporate masters just like the people at the New York Post editorial board what a disgusting disgusting bunch of judases we'll be right back stay with us you're listening to the David night show

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