25 Replies to “NSW set to decriminalise abortion”

  1. Should always be a freedom of choice. Of course a woman who's been raped should get free abortion services.

  2. The pro-choice campaign have done a great job spinning this as an 'attack on womens rights'. Its amazing they have made it about 'womens choice' rather than calling what it is – abortion or killing a life.

    Religious or not, it is and always will be wrong to kill another persons life. The debate has been shifted to be about 'choice' but the correct debate should be focusing on when a fetus is considered a life based on science.

  3. notice this is organ donation week….are we going to go full term like US and sell body parts for science and transplant.

  4. And of course, no reproductive rights for men.. looks like women are allowed to murder because its more effective than waiting for them to take personal responsibility for poor decisions.

  5. More state sanctioned murder. When, after the huge array of contraception available, and only 2 percent of abortions performed post rape, will the government ask for contraceptive responsibility for women, as opposed to murdering babies as a form of contraception for infantilised childish women.
    Women are truly representative of the evil of eve.

  6. Abortion is just another way for witches to sacrifice virgins to The Devil……. Unless you were [email protected] & that [email protected] was reported to police, or complications during pregnancy will kill the mother; then abortion should be ILLEGAL. It's being treated as another form of contraception while dumb white women go out & party hard, having one night stands or Tinder-dates with "TYRONE", "HABIB" or "SIONE" during their wild & young adolescence. Well, the pharmaceutical companies need aborted babies, how else are they going to make their insulin to sell which they can't keep up with demand due to everybody eating junk food & soft drink. Meanwhile, the Muzlims are squirting out 5 to 15 children & out-breeding us; thanks to our generous welfare system. Abortion is sick & what else do you expect from a sicko like Alex Greenwich.

  7. Let em kill their kids. Rather 1000 dead festus then 1 more hungry mouth to feed with my tax dollars. Let the great white replacement continue …

  8. Let's decriminalized murder. Sounds like a plan! Let's start with all of the proponents of abortion. It's NOT a woman's body, it's the body of an infant. Every woman who has an abortion should be executed for murder.

  9. Only a barbaric and uncivilized nation does things like this. Same problem in New Zealand. Decadent failed societies.

  10. When the state makes laws to murder innocent babies because women don't take responsibility for their reproduction when there are so many I mean so many types of contraception. This is unlawful and I believe most biologist even those scientist that have been sold the feminist narrative agree that life begins at conception. This is the biggest genocide committed ever all due to the fact women don't want to take responsibility for opening their legs. And before someone gets on here about rape the instances of that are so low and no one is saying you can't have get one if there are health issues. There's a good reason why women are not like men.

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  12. Women in this world have one job – ONE JOB !! And even this they manage to screw it up.
    Women destroy nations.

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