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  1. Hello Sir
    I am Pragesh kumar dubey
    DOB 22-05-1981
    I am working in sales profession.Please help my future

  2. Mera v mulank 4hain lekin sir mujhe kabhi struggle nahi karni padi.so aap k pura baat sahi nahi hain.

  3. Aise bahut log hai jo 4 taarikh ko paida hue hai jaise kishore kumar, Obama aur bhi bahut log hai jo success hai, sangharsh jeevan ki siksha hai aur har kisi ke jeevan me sangharsh hota hai chahe wo koi si bhi taarikh ko paida hua ho, aur hard work ye sabko karni padti hai….

  4. By dob is 4/3/1984,I am struggling still but, no success. Venus mahadasha has also begins..but…… When will i got succeed? Please do me a favour god!

  5. Sir MERI life bhut struggling h ,bhut paresan ho chuki hu Mai .etni struggle n result zero .my date of birth is 13/9/1981 ,3:15 morning what about my future , have b ki NH ase hi struggling rhungi hmesa plz help me .tell about something Maine Kisi SE pucha vo bole ki APK husband ki kundali me asr ki vjh se h .my husband date of birth is 17/12/1974

  6. Mera DOB 22.1.2000. Me CA kar rahi hoon. Aur me sirf black pen use karti hoon. Kya CA aur black pen dono mere liye sahi hai?

  7. Sir, My DOB 13.05.1976 Any suggestion for me? I'm in huge trouble. I have suffered from 3 accidents within 3 months.

  8. V gud sir ur. Very ryt 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  9. My d.o.b 31-10-1982 whn will i get govt job? I hav attemped no of times but no use plz suggest any solution

  10. My no is also a 4..till now but I am getting rid of .by hard work…it gives a lot of mental pain also…

  11. sir nameste mera janam 29/5/1989 ko shyam 5 baje hua tha mera name neelam h sir ye bta do plz mera life me kya lekha h mera love mearige hogi ya arenge agar kesi bhi hogi to kesi hoga kaha hogi kuch melega bhi ya nahi ab tak kuch nahi mela sir

  12. Sir aapki information sahi hai par bhagyaank SE kuch paristithiya badal Sakti hai . I m no.13 and bhagyaank 2 .I m struggling a lot .please sir guide a profession which give me success

  13. Sir, m bhi 04 Feb ki hu. Apne jo bi btaya 100% sahi h mere liye. Mera favourite clr black h . Mere 90% dress black hi h. Lekin ab nhi lungi.
    Thax a lot 🙏

  14. 13/08/1983..11.55am, Liza Bhadra..I have only one question..I m one of ur fan follower…I m giving govt exam .. SPL civil service…can I get it??result coming this month…Pls answer if possible…it's my humble request…

  15. Dear sir,
    Thank you for your response…I am trying my hard…your good luck wishes with me..so let's hope for the best results..don't know what happen with result? 🙂🙂
    Liza Bhadra.

  16. Sir result has come…but I did not qualify…I m very much disappointed…lag rahi Hain ab sabkuch khatam Hain…frustration label increasing…aur yehe mere chote se bete ke liye Sahi nehi Hain…don't know what to do??

  17. Sir I have seen ur video. My date of birth is 22.06.1977. By profession I am an Advocate therefore I have to wear Black Coat daily but as per you no. 4 should not wear black. Any remedy of this problem?

  18. Rishi kapoor and Neetu Singh ka birth day 4 and 8 hain , Sourav Ganguly and Dona Ganguly birth day number 4 and 8 hain. Wo log happily married and abhitak eksath happy hain. Please explain if you have any ans for it. Illogical explanations. If you know real things then ans.

  19. If you don't reply properly you will prove yourself as an illogical and fake person. Please don't misguide.

  20. My birth number – 4
    Destiny number 4
    Name number 4
    Muhammad Mursalen
    Plz tell me about this

  21. Yes
    Sir you are 100 % right
    As my DOB : 04/04/1965
    Even I have faced lost of
    Struggle till date in my life

  22. I am 4 born , when I work hard I don't get anything . When I just visualize .. relax , I get it easily .

    I play lot in casinos .I always win . I never struggled . If I can see in mind ,it will come to me . Rahu has occult powers .

  23. Yes sir sugden gain sudden lose. But koi solution hoga. M also 4 or 2 combination. 22.5.1964. Bilkul correct all questions

  24. Sirji I would like to ask one question. I am starting with business with people 4 including me. As said 4 could be good and worst number as well. Should I go with 4 people including the? Request you to answer.
    Thank you.

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