NURSERY TOUR! | Neutral Theme for Baby Boy

hi everybody welcome back to my channel today I am gonna give you guys our nursery tour so if you're new here my name is Amanda welcome I am currently 36 weeks pregnant with a little boy and his due date is May 7 but he's breech right now so I'm thinking most likely he's not going to turn based on what my doctor said and I'm gonna end up having a c-section could be within the next week or so so before I actually have a baby I wanted to just give you guys a nursery tour and I think he came together really well we went for a gender-neutral well not maybe gender-neutral but more of just neutral color theme there is a little bit of blue but for the most part it is pretty neutral and calming and soothing so that was a look we're going for hope you guys enjoy it and let's get right into it okay so here's the mirror you can kind of see my massive bump right now but so here is his room so we wanted to have a little bit of boy blue colors in here so instead of going all crazy and doing like a wall or you know just like a theme where everything is blue we just decided to get these cute wall prints I got them off of princey prints EECOM and I think they ship from China it took literally a month for them to get here but they turned out really really cute this is his crib we got this from its baby Leto I believe and got it off of wayfarer it was a gift from my in-laws and my parents actually got this really cute fitted sheet for his crib that says his name on it so that's adorable we love it and my grandmother knitted this blanket so really nice and sentimental the rug kind of wanted to do like black and white and would kind of theme in here so I wanted something that would actually make the room pop if we do have carpet in here so we decided to just get this really kind of funky almost sounds like a tribal feel rug and I just got this on rugs USA and it was pretty inexpensive I can't remember how much it cost but it shipped really quickly and it arrived really fast so it was a good purchase I think it looks really great in here this is kind of just like his bookshelf nook we've got this rules of the rules for always being a Southern gentleman this is something that my mom got for us and gave it to me during our baby shower was on display in the baby shower but now that were Texans we hope to have a little southern gentleman so this is really cute this is just one of his ultrasounds that we framed this was I think 22 week Anatomy scan and I just like I can't take how adorable his little fist is in this picture he's just so cute so put that there got a little lion my maiden name actually is Aslan so that means lion in Turkish so we got that a little plant and then we just have all of his books here there were all gifts from my baby shower just have if any of you guys have seen these mom's on call books a friend of mine got this for me for my baby shower and there's so much really awesome information in here I started reading I think I have like the 6 to 15 month one here and then this is a toddler one but I have basically zero to six month one that has been a lifesaver just like with things that you might need to get that I wouldn't have thought of and they were written by nurses so it they definitely have a really great perspective and then just have a few of his stuffed animals here this is another gift it's just a little tote with his name on it so sweet and then down here and just have another basket that's got his hatch have to hook that up and then just like some other random stuff like the Nosefrida and some but paste and then I think this is a nail trimmer and some other Nosefrida stuff and then I have like a couple of these swaddle that bags just in case I don't remember how to actually put the swaddle on the baby and then in here this is just such a sweet little this is another gift that I got from my baby shower you can use it for I guess like anything pretty much I just washed all of his little animals and put them in here for the time being oh my gosh they're just so soft and so sweet adorable and then here we just have another little poked and here's some more toys and things like that most of these are still just like in the packaging I haven't really gone through any of them but I think they can like hang on his stroller on like other things so that's that corner I know this was the UM this is my diaper bag I think it's called this the skip hop and I I just got this off of Amazon it looks really awesome I love that it's a backpack and it's got like the stroller straps and it's just it has like a ton of room in it really excited about that so on the other side of his room here's just a quick view we just have like this little saying my mother Teresa that we put over here we have our glider I got this glider on Wayfair and it's really really comfortable and nice quality very nice to sit in this baby chase came from my baby shower thought it was really sweet and it just looks really perfect over here because we needed kind of something to go in that empty space and then hello and then I just have this black mirror I got that on Wayfarer and here's this changing table already and then I just set up I bought this on Amazon and I thought it was really great because you don't always change the baby's diaper in their room we might be like in the living room or somewhere else so I thought this is really great it's got handles you can literally just pick it up and transport it wherever you're going and so got his diapers in here and then some wipes got some webinars in here lotion hand sanitizer which I think I'm gonna need to purchase like a ton more of those got some but paste for him what's this this is some more but paste stuff these are just little to go travelers for wipes baby tylenol and I don't know what this is breastfeeding samples disposable nursing pads okay cool so that's that oh and here's just like a little changing pad in case you want to take it so going into his drawers I'll just give you a quick look try to I really didn't know where to start in terms of like how to organize baby clothes they're so tiny so I put these little bins inside the drawers just because it made things fit more compact and so basically in this drawer these are all just like newborn short sleeve onesies and we have just like a ton of them in here so it's it's already starting to get hot in Texas and he's probably not gonna need a lot of long sleeve stuff so I just put all this in his top drawer but some hats in here in case he gets cold and then some socks a bunch of socks and then like those little hand mitts I heard mixed things like some people say you don't need these little mittens for them but I have like four pairs just in case and then these are just like little shoes which he probably won't fit him for a long time and then this drawer has all of his swaddles so we only have four I don't know if that's enough or not I'm assuming so but the swaddles are here and then these are just like all of his burp cloths and these are washcloths over here and then these are just a ton of those bibs those like bandana bibs most of them are the bandana bibs they're so stinking cute I can't wait to get them on him and then in this drawer these are just a bunch of jogger like little jogger pants that are newborn so if we do need to put him in something that's a little bit warmer we can do that these are just some sleepers newborn sleepers and these are long-sleeved with feet I think over on this side and then these are like long-sleeve but they don't have the pants and then I think these ones I can't really remember but I tried to organize as best as I could and then in here these are just a couple of blankets there's some other ones that I have actually in my hospital bag and then being washed and then these are for baths they're the little like towels with the hood that we can use when we give them a bath and down here I just have these this drawers not organized at all this has all stuff from like three months and on so like three to six months six months nine months so he's they say that he's measuring two weeks behind where he should be so I'm thinking that he probably will not be needing any of this stuff soon so I haven't even washed it or anything I just kind of like put it in this drawer and we'll use it as we need and then the final drawer is just these are for the pads for the bass honest and then these are just more changing pad covers and this thing goes on like the car seat to just like you know keep out germs and stuff and like keep him warm while he's in there and then these are just more crib sheets oh yeah here's here's this side of the room again the that's our diaper pail and we just have over here it's just a little basket with a blanket another one that my grandmother knit for us and then that's the other side of his room and then I'll just show you maybe from this angle what it looks like very sweet and then this is his closet I won't go through the closet but we just have our stash of diapers and wipes all this stuff we got from my baby showers I actually ended up having like three different baby showers which was just oh my gosh so sweet and overwhelmingly like nice and we just have really great friends so if anybody's watching thank you so much so appreciated his laundry basket this is cute little robe that has his name on it so cute and it's got a little I think it's an elephant and then there's just a couple of things that we still need to put together sensory Jim oh this is our baby monitor that we need to set up and then we just have this so that we can both carry him before out and about and then that's just his bathtub the boppie the dacha taht is right up there there's I don't really know what that stuff is couple of other things but yeah that's this closet so that's really it for in the nursery tour there's not there's not really much left for us to do in here already one and washed all of his clothes and organized everything if there's stuff that you guys who are seasoned mamas on first time that you keep in the nursery let me know what that stuff is I'm looking for any kind of advice like where you know I've been reading a lot but sometimes you just have to actually like go through the whole experience with the bay and then you kind of find out what you need as you go so that's kind of the goal for us here but if there's any like standout stuff that you guys keep in your nursery that would be good for me to go out and purchase or at least just like move maybe we have it somewhere else like in our linen closets or if it's bottles or things like that like where do you keep your stuff so I hope you guys enjoyed the video I hope you like the nursery I'm really proud of it it was really fun to decorate and I don't know if you're anything like me I go in his nursery like multiple times a day it just brings me so much joy and I can't wait to actually have him in here and be in here with him and just like hold him and rock him in the glider and it's I'm so excited I can't wait so thank you so much for watching I'm gonna also do an update on my pregnancy for 36 weeks and that should be up next week thank you so much for watching and please subscribe if you haven't already we'd love for you to join us on this journey into Parenthood and also just to connect with moms and moms to be out there to love you bye

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  1. I love love love this nursery. The animals blowing bubbles art is sitting in my Amazon cart now. I just think they're smaller. Your taste is similar to mine. I am going for denim blue… tan and white with a some navy and stripes.

  2. Any news yet has baby been born? hope your all ok and if the baby is here hope you have recovered and are back home

  3. So simple yet so cute! I love it 😍 New subscriber ☺️ I hope you can stop by my channel as well! 💕

  4. I love the theme you went with, so adorable and yet aesthetically pleasing for the adults, too! Lol. And nice Marie Kondo drawer organization, hehe! Baby Chase is going to love it! 😚

  5. Such a cute nursery! 😍
    One thing that helped me was having a tote of stuff for me in the babies room while nursing. Some things I would keep in there is a bottle of water because breastfeeding makes me sooo thirsty! Baby wash cloths because both sides would let down while nursing and stuffing a washcloth on the side the baby wasn’t nursing on soaked it up better than nursing pads. Nipple cream & chapstick. It changes as the baby grows, and everyone has different preferences, but water is something I always kept in there for nighttime feedings 🙂

  6. Congrats to you and your family is this 1st baby you look absolutely gorgeous love the nursery what brand of diapers are using

  7. So precious!! Can’t wait to see baby boy!! Been following your journey and the nursery is beautiful!!

  8. 🎉 your channel is growing in so excited for you and baby! And the nursery is so beautiful 😍
    And I used to love Aslan from Chronicles of Narnia

  9. I loved this! Y’all did an amazing job on decorating it 🥰 if you don’t already have them, I definitely suggest the disposable diapers trash bags. They’re a life saver when you’re out and about, especially at the doctors office when they don’t allow diapers in their trash cans. They have scented ones too, and they’re heaven sent! I kept mine by the changing station and in my diaper bag. If he does take to a binkie, I highly recommend those binkie clamps that attach to his clothes. I took my 3 months to discover them, and before that I was constantly picking up/cleaning binkies hourly 😝 i washed the clips in with his laundry 🧺 I hope this helps! And I’m so excited for y’all, and cannot wait to see your little bean!

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