24 Replies to “Nursing Simulation Scenario: Postpartum Hemorrhage”

  1. I’m not in the nursing program yet so just interested right now about the kind of stuff I’ll be doing during nursing school. And this stresses me out lol😳

  2. This was very good and educational. Helped me understand from the other side. This just happened to me today. God is good and blessed all you docs and nurse's!

  3. Fabulous simulation, very realistic, thank you for sharing this openly. This will be a very helpful teaching tool for nursing students.

  4. Awesome job and wonderful cinematography. Very professional. Kudos to Baba, Caroline, Senait, Vida, Bridget, Sharon, Miheret, Amy and Bladimir. I hope I didn't miss anyone. You students demonstrated extraordinary growth in your knowledge, skills and abilities. The future of nursing is brighter because of you. Go forth and do well!

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