NY governor signs abortion executive order

New York’s governor wants his state to keep
up the protections established by Roe v. Wade, no matter what happens at the federal level. Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order
Monday that protects abortion rights and access to contraception. He also called on the state’s Senate to pass
legislation protecting women’s reproductive rights. The future of Roe v. Wade has been a frequent
talking point linked to the open seat on the Supreme Court. The Reproductive Health Act would update the
New York’s existing law to match regulations established by Roe v. Wade. The state’s Assembly passed it in March for
the sixth year in a row, but the state Senate hasn’t ever voted on the legislation. “One of the reasons they opposed it, they
said, ‘Well, we have Roe v. Wade in law. And there’s no way anybody would ever think
of overturning Roe v. Wade.’ These were the Republican senators just a
couple of years ago, telling me it’s unimaginable that anyone would try to overturn Roe v. Wade. Well, they elected someone who wants to do
the unimaginable.”

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  1. Lmfao. Good luck. Roe vs Wade is over. I could care less either way and just wanna see liberals cry.

  2. What's so sad about the Abortion Age is that, after all these years, people still aren't grown up enough to admit the truth that human beings are being exterminated by this "medical procedure". No one, including me, is asking anyone to apologize for the extermination of all these human beings. I'm just stating a fact, that's all. "Human beings ARE being exterminated". You can say it too. Don't be afraid. It's ok. It's actually legal.

    Something else that is sad about the Abortion Age is that women continue to be blamed for it, blamed for all the abortions that have been done and blamed for all those dead human beings that were produced as a result of all those abortions. How are women blamed you may ask? Well, you hear it everywhere you go. "It's a woman's choice". Its printed on signs and it shows up in ads. It has been spoken, chanted, yelled and screamed from the mountain top, IT'S A WOMAN'S CHOICE!! It's not a man's choice, never was and never will be. "It's a woman's choice."

    Of course, when you consider the fact that the "ProLife" movement only focus is to stop the killing of the human beings and THEN when you consider the fact that it's a "doctor" not women who is "choosing" to perform the actual abortion, "doctors", not women who are "choosing" to commit the act, the "procedure" of exterminating the human being, then you come to the realization that throughout all these years the blame has been misplaced. It is, in fact and in deed, a doctors choice and NOT a woman's choice. So, say THAT three times fast.

    I'm just saying we should have more respect for women and we should stop blaming them for everything. Women do NOT choose to exterminate their babies. Doctors do. Doctors also choose to charge money for exterminating these human beings. Doctors also choose to have women (and ONLY women) sign the appropriate medical permission forms which is basically forcing a woman or duping a woman into signing an "order of execution". As I've said, it's all legal so whether you want to keep blaming woman for all the abortions or not, it doesn't matter. No one's going to arrest you for blaming the women so go ahead and keep chanting "It's a woman's choice"! Just as long as you don't chant "It's a man's choice", because it's not. Remember that, it's NOT a man's choice.

    And finally, I don't have a uterus so if you're offended by the truth, I offer my heart felt apology.

  3. I know that Cynthia does not have a wonderful chance of winning, but we do have to give her credit for putting the pressure on Cuomo.

  4. The Left is always Bragging they will change things they have no power over to change and then whining when they don't get their way. So the voters don't know they lied. The Dem's want Votes now and don't care about what happens tomorrow. So if Babies are not being killed it's O.K. that's a future problem, 18 years down the line. Dem's like to sing : "What have you done for me lately". By Janet Jackson.
    The Women are lost. They are saying : make us feel good about ourselves. They need a new Oprah.

  5. No, it's called MURDER, not "reproductive rights" you scumbag. Honestly it's too bad that pipe bomber didn't succeed in blowing his criminal ass up.

  6. Satan believes the same things about unborn babies that Cuomo does.
    There would be 50 million more American today if it wasn't for Roe v. Wade …….. and mommas not teaching their girls to keep their legs together.

  7. I hope you like the heat🔥
    …bc you going to HELL ..🔥


  8. New York has an abortion rate of 23.1 per 1,000 women, twice the national average of 11.8 per 1,000 women. 25 to 27 percent of pregnancies in New York State end in abortion. In New York City, 78 percent of abortions are on African American babies. More black babies being killed through abortion than being born in the city. Cuomo’s new abortion law will likely increase those numbers. PURE EVIL

  9. I hope this scum bag governor will suffer horrible on his death bed then burn eternity in hell for allowing the murders of the innocent babies…

  10. Look out your window. See any new neighbors as of today Cuomo? You aren't killing our babies much longer, no matter what stage they are in utero.

  11. This governor and others like him better enjoy their life now because judgement day is coming. These people will have no chance of eternal life when they die. Woe unto you who do such evil. You are nothing more than the children of darkness.

  12. He is a low life child killing evil Satanist who will one day burn in hell along with the people celebrating . The babies will however spend eternity in the arms of Christ . they will no longer feel pain or know hate. Woe to those that decide to use this law.

    These children have senses as well as feelings . This is nothing but murder no matter what anyone thinks. Prison would not be good enough for this corrupted government and the evil people walking this earth.

  13. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥SICK SICK PIECE OF NOTHING!!! Just think how many lives would be saved if your mother had you sucked out of her womb🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. Cuomo is a fucking nitwit. We’re all going to die one day and we all are going to pay for our actions. Cuomo the Fuck is no exception to this rule. Fuck you, motherfucker.

  15. There is now blood on Hitler Cuomos hands he legalized abortions up to full term, and there is a special place in hell just for evil bastards like him.

  16. This has nothing to do with women's rights. It is murder. Cuomo is a jackass. Now that Democrats rule in NY State and there is no check against radical leftist policies, we will become California in a short period of time. We need to split away from the NYC crowd and all of their misguided principles and become West New York. Use the Hudson river as a state border. [New Hampshire or Pa., here we come]

  17. Deborah Glick dem NY state assembly , Andrea Stewart Cousins Dem. NY senate majority leader Bill De Blesio Dem. NY city mayor , Dem. Gov, Andrew Cuomo all agree on this gemocide bill up to the day of birth. Abortion to the day of birth , how is this womens rights.. Dems. think this is something to be proud of. People think when you vote. …look at your Children when you vote.

  18. When science literally goes out the window and is no longer considered regarding human life — you know society as a whole has fallen really short.

  19. This is wrong How could any one do this? babies are work but there is no deeper joy in life than holding your baby in your arms. History will judge the massacre that is happening in New York. Despite what side of aisle your on or your religious or political beliefs this is just wrong… Too far way too far.Full term abortions on viable fetuses is not for your health its murder for your convenience…

  20. what newsy didnt mention is that this made abortions legal up until birth! and no mainstream news shows are talking about!

  21. Jesus will judge. ROMANS 2:16 — In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel.

  22. EVIL. Evil standing in front of you. Smirk now, but you won't when your time comes. May God have mercy on your soul, the soul of murdering babies at and up until 9 months. Big business for these commie Dems, to sell these baby parts. Disgusts me. $$$. Now I understand the big deal of abortion in Planned Parenthood from these Dems. And it's called greed and murder. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  23. Why haven’t these Catholic politicians been excommunicated over their pro-abortion stances? I also wonder how many non-Catholic politicians have been kicked out of their churches…if they attend one. Appalling.

  24. New York State I think we need to vote seriously on Governor Cuomo he's lost his mind and he knows he's taking advantage of the completely dumb down college student society that we live in just like all these kids playing Trump for the shutdown but it's really Pelosi and Schumer we need to vote him out of office immediately and arrest them for crimes against humanity it's not about women's rights my friend is not the devoted into the Constitution it's all right for every living thing to have a chance to live if you got pregnant during a rape that's your choice but to have an abortion because you weren't wearing protection is your fault

  25. Overreach in our children's lives over each in our rights lives over by this state Governor it's ovary from the government they over taxes a rapist completely wake up America wake up New York

  26. Do you hear the language of these satanic instruments (they want to keep the protections of roe v wade) the unborn child needs our protection from these satanists who care nothing for life.How can these creatures carry out abortions which would pschologically damage most people, new york is home now to moloch which will have consequences.


  28. Sick. Should be in jail for this. What kind of sick person would kill a baby at birth. This is murder. Sick people would cut a babies spinel cord at birth. Burn in Hell cuomo

  29. I'm pro choice…I don't really like the idea of abortion but agree maybe sometimes in certain circumstances may be necessary. This is disgusting….just fucking sick. I wish death on this man.

  30. "This week, on the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, the governor signed into law the ghastly Reproductive Health Act (RHA). The legislation permits abortion up to 24 weeks of pregnancy — when children born prematurely are routinely able to survive outside the womb with careful tending — and it creates lenient exceptions allowing elective abortion up to the moment of birth."

    Im no pro-lifer… i consider myself pro-choice… but there is a line that must be drawn, and this takes a running leap over that line….

    This man is a disgusting excuse for a human being!

  31. You know what’s a reproductive right? Birth control….you know what’s not a right…taking the life of children…funny to see the left outraged at ISIS for their atrocities but here we kill babies and mask our actions with “reproductive rights”

  32. Those of you who voted for this evil piece of dog dirt your in the cross hairs of Almighty God . You Mr Cuomo ( nothing honorable about you) an you are under the judgement of God an if he does not do something while your here believe me He will at judgement when he throws your evil self along with all the political pedophiles baby killers for parts occultic elite who rule this evil world onto the burning pits of hell for eternity. You people make Adolph Hitler seem like a Sunday school teacher .

  33. Your mother an Hillary's mother should have aborted you at 9 months think of having that poison injected into your skull an dying a horrible death. I'm glad trump was elected he sure is not perfect but he was the last chance an a reprieve from God. What's next on your agenda elderly because many of them are helpless like those babies.

  34. For as morally righteous as Liberals claim to be they don't realize they are falling for the same old lie. "Never again," is said about the Holocaust the loss of Jewish life, slavery is looked back on for the evil it is, as is manifest destiny that killed so many Indians, etc, etc… So what is the common denominator with all acts of genocide? Personhood. For the Nazis, the slavers, the push for western expansionism were all justified in the minds of perpetrators that these "groups," were deemed not persons. That is the common denominator to express your will over another to achieve your evil and self-centered end. So yes for an "enlightened," Liberal the life in the womb, is not a person, not a human, ideology blinding the intellect to reality and making meaningless…NEVER AGAIN!

  35. Look how all those people grinning and smiling…..pure evil !!!….murderers , I’m sure Democratic Party will collect votes for this trick, that’s all it is is a vote getting policy….

  36. You are a disgusting excuse for a human Cuomo. People outside of New York have no idea of the things you have done. From all but killing the 2nd amendment here, giving murderers and pedophiles in prison tablets so they can email and more rights than the free law abiding citizens who are forced to pay for this nonsense with tax dollars. You are a truly disgusting person, and I wish you nothing but pain and heartache your entire life through. Scumbag.

  37. Smiling psychopathic murderers. What's next +1 years? The RIGHTS of the mother DO NOT take precedence over BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS.


  39. Rev 6:15_17. An the kings of the earth an great men an the rich men an chief captains an the mighty men an every bondsmen an every free men hid themselves in the dens an rocks of the mountains. And said to the mountains an rocks. Fall on us an hideus from the face of him that sitteth on the throne an from the wrath of the Lamb. For the great day of his wrath is come who shall be able to stand? This takes in all the elite illuminiti cabal an evil individuals who refuse to repent of their evil deeds. That's a lot of people an the number climbing each day as people get more wicked this means you cuomo

  40. Cuomo is a pathetic piece of shit that shames god fearing New Yorkers and should absolutely be excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Satan is awaiting his arrival at the pits of hell.

  41. "I DEMAND MY RIGHT TO SLAUGHTER MY CHILD." "Who are you to tell us what we are doing is wrong?" Tell that to Jesus Christ when you see him. And believe me, you WILL see Him.

  42. I believe in Creation and even if other people don't believe what I believe, they still know it's wrong. They call the baby a "feedus" so it's "ok" for them to kill it. Well…. Sorry, but when a baby is in the womb and is first developing its still considered and still is a baby. Feedus is just the name you give it. Now I don't like to tell people to go to hell, I just hope he realizes that it's wrong and he'll try to find a way to reverse it or make it illeagal. Something here in Virginia because I love in Virginia, they were wanting to allow abortion here, but only 3 voted for it and 5 voted against it. People these days are far from God that even includes me, we need to realize what were doing and fix it. God looks at the heart not the outer appearence.

  43. Your traditions will not save you, Governor! you can still find redemption in Jesus Christ. You can still repent and turn back from your pagan faith.

  44. It's murder since day one of conception. Wouldn't i be tried for "double murder" if i killed the mother? At any time of pregnancy?

  45. No sir Mr Govenor, you did the unamaginable by signing a law to kill babies. Full term babies. I pray for your eternal soul, but I pray more for the souls of the children you have decided to murder. They will be with Christ. Women who support this support murder.

  46. Go To Hell you POS you are the modern day Josef Mengele God Will get you the Italian people should do to you what they did to Mosolini.

  47. If a woman decides to abort her baby, it’s her choice, not yours.
    If you believe in god then she will face the consequences when she meets her maker. Again nothing to do with you.

  48. The abortion executive order out of NY, really is only the beginning of a NAZI type mentality. The extermination of any LIFE that the "ruling class" deem acceptable for whatever purposes IS A VERY DANGEROUS SLIPPERY SLOPE BESIDES BEING BLATANTLY MURDER !!!!

  49. Talk about spinning the horrors of what NY State just passed. "update regulations to match those established by Rowe Vs Wade". The Rowe decision was supposed to make abortion "SAFE, LEGAL and RARE". They've legalized infaticide. They also had to change their own laws about killing a pregnant woman. Now the killer can only be charged with killing the mother, and not the unborn child. Pure evil here folks; how is any less evil than what Hitler did? NYC wants to be the abortion capital of the world? Sick.

  50. Każdy lewak potrafi dobrze zrobić 3 rzeczy.: Podnieść podatki, zespsuć gospodarkę, wprowadzić aborcję,,,,,,,,,

  51. We thought Hitler was dead. No he is well and alive in New York. When Cuomo meets Hitler in hell they will have alot to talk about like the millions if people they exterminated during their lifetimes. He is the 21rst century monster.

  52. Call to stop Murder/Abortion
    Thursday, December 16th, 2010 @ 13:10
    Write this, My daughter. Death, dealt out to innocent victims, is one of the greatest sins, which man can inflict on his brother. It is the most grievous sin of the flesh and causes Me deep pain. The lack of regard that mankind, today, has for human life is becoming increasingly evident in the world.
    Life is a precious Gift from God. No man has the right to take the life of another. No man has the right to take the life of a child, still to take his first breath at the time of birth. This crime is heinous and unforgivable. All souls come from My Eternal Father and are created at the moment of conception. Little children, innocent souls, are being murdered by the very people sent to nurture them – their own mothers, who are responsible for their being denied the right to be born.
    Why do My children stand back and do nothing? In the name of freedom these little angels from My Father’s Kingdom are being taken off this Earth, before the time assigned to them, as children of God, has taken place. Do these women not understand that the lives they place so little value on are those of God? These children are suffering. They endure agonizing pain during their murder, and it is justified by governments, the medical profession, and these women’s families. Have they no remorse in their souls?
    Do they not realise that their heinous act is no different to that act when man murders man?
    In fact it is an even greater sin, as these children are helpless. These women must ask for mercy, if they are guilty. Or ask for guidance, from Me, if they are considering an abortion. Either way they will be judged by their sin. Sins of the flesh are the most offensive in My Father’s Eyes. No amount of justification for murdering another fellow being is acceptable by Me or My Eternal Father.
    Wake up, now, My children and understand that the taking of life will lead the perpetrators into the eternal fires of Hell. There will be no return from this abyss, full of demons. Those same demons, who, through the work of the deceiver – Satan – convinces the murderer that what he or she is doing is right! He will cunningly convince mothers, for example, that they are making the “right decision.” Using every trick associated with human reasoning, he will make the person justify the act, even though it is wrong. He will use the lie that the murderers have rights of their own. That they must look after their own interests, first. In the name of human rights, the lie is manifested, so that the rights of a mother and her freedom to live life, as she chooses, is to be admired. The lie then convinces her that it is right and correct to murder her child.
    Please understand that the escalation of genocide in the world has been foretold. It is one of the many signs spoken of in relation to the end times.
    Stop all of you, now. Listen. Murder is a very serious offence. Do it and you will not be saved. There is no going back. Repent, those of you who have committed this terrible sin. Ask for forgiveness, now. I, through My Mercy, will hear your prayer. You can, and will be saved, if you are truly sorry for your grievous sin. I will listen. I will forgive. But time is not on your side.
    Believers, pray hard for these lost and wandering children of Mine, who have been misled by the deceiver and his minions in positions of power. They need your prayers, now. You must, all of you, defend the right to human life, which cannot be tampered with by human hands, in any circumstances.
    Pray to Me, every day. Offer any sufferings you may have, for the innocent victims.
    Your beloved Saviour
    Jesus Christ

    The Book of Truth online
    Messages from God Jesus and Mary to last prophet Maria Divine Mercy from Heaven. Second Coming of Jesus Christ

  53. 502
    It is the sin of abortion which will be the downfall of many nations and for this they will be punished severely.
    Sunday, July 29th, 2012 @ 20:10
    My dearly beloved daughter the apostasy in the world has God’s children confused about the existence of sin.
    Many souls, when they think of Sin, instantly think of the most grevious of sins such as murder.
    Sin takes many forms. Sadly because sin has been dismissed as faults or traits it is now deemed to be simply a natural weakness. Many no longer believe in sin.
    Abortion, after murder of one’s brother, is the greatest form of genocide in the world. Yet it is not only tolerated but laws are brought in by your nations which deem it a necessity.
    It is the sin of abortion which will be the downfall of many nations and for this they will be punished severely.
    Abortion is a despicable act and it wipes out generations of God’s children who cannot defend themselves.
    No one will kill a child of God and avoid severe punishment.
    The anger of My Father will be witnessed by those nations, who have legalised abortion, during the Chastisement.
    They will be wiped out and no compassion shown to them just as they showed no remorse for this mortal sin when they condoned the killing of God’s children in the womb.
    I call out to those who cunningly try to dismiss abortion as something which is needed to protect the rights of a mother.
    Lies are used to camouflage the atrocity of abortion which defies the Law of God.
    For this sin, any lawmaker, doctor or any person who contributes in any way to this abominable act, is guilty in the eyes of God and will suffer the punishment which lies ahead.
    To those who condone execution I say this.
    You, who condemn a man to be killed, are guilty of the same crime he may be guilty of.
    You are guilty of murder in this instance and it is a mortal sin. You have not been given the right to take a life. Or to judge. Only I, Jesus Christ, have the right to judge.
    Anyone who contributes to the death of a murderer, through the act of execution will suffer in the fire of Hell for eternity, unless they repent.
    So many of you believe in the law, an eye for an eye. How misguided you are. Do you not accept My Father’s Commandments? Thou shalt not kill.
    Thou shalt not kill also applies to those aggressive armies who march into lands which do not belong to them, in order to control.
    It applies to armies who shoot and kill innocent souls. All of this is murder. It is against the law of My Father.
    Other sins such as greed, lust, speaking ill of others, cheating people out of what is rightfully theirs, revenge and slander all lead to all other sins.
    They become acceptable in your world today because your greatest love is for yourselves.
    The lie, which you have been forced to swallow by your false teachers, self-gratification, is your path to sin.
    You are told that you must spend your time satisfying your hunger for wealth.
    You are told that you must look after yourself – that you are the most important person in your life. You must seek out everything to satisfy all your senses. Everyone else comes second.
    This leads to greed, selfishness, lust and then you can be enticed to commit mortal sin.
    Sin will now be accepted by your nations like never before.
    Laws will be introduced which will legalise mortal sin and woe to those of you who object.
    Those who will advocate such wickedness will tell you that these laws are to protect the vulnerable when, in fact, all they do is to legalise murder, abortion, same-sex marriage and the idolatry of false gods.
    They will condone the persecution of the poor and cast them out onto the streets to make paupers out of them.
    They will bring in laws to force you to stop practising your religion. By doing so you will be breaking the law – a sin in their eyes.
    As I told you before your world is so full of untruths that good is presented as evil and evil presented as good.
    Your world is back to front and, as a result, sin flourishes.
    I urge you to go back and study the Ten Commandments. Obey them and live as you are expected to in the eyes of My Father.
    Break the Commandments and you sin. Argue that certain sins are okay and you defy My Father.
    Obedience to the Laws of God is weak and fragile in the world at this time. Many of God’s children have not been told firmly, by My sacred servants, of the consequences of sin.
    Tolerance of sin is the greatest sin of all.
    Tolerance is a cunning lie planted in the minds of humanity by the king of lies, Satan.
    Tolerance is another way of justifying sin to suit man’s weakness for succumbing to the temptation of Satan.
    Wake up and accept sin for what it is.
    Argue amongst each other and defend sin all you like but it will never be acceptable in the eyes of My Father.
    To enter Paradise you must be free from sin.
    To become free from sin you must repent.
    To repent you must first of all accept the Ten Commandments.
    Then you must show true remorse.
    True remorse can only be felt by those who humble themselves before Me.
    Only then can sin be forgiven.
    Only then are souls fit to enter My Father’s Kingdom.
    Your Saviour
    Jesus Christ

    The Book of Truth online

  54. This guy blows my mind…light up the freedom tower and promote the killing of babies after many thousands have died on 9/11 courtesy of the corrupt government

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