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  1. So, as someone who has had problems with migraines which affect my vision pretty bad, at what point should I be concerned about them once post partum? I'm currently 36 weeks, and seriously havent went a week without a migraine since January. Generally my migraines wipe out my vision completely in my left eye, and occasionally my right too. Medicine does precious little to help them either. I've been having migraines like this since I was about 14 (I'm 23 now), and also have Hashimoto's which wildly affects them as well. Should I likely just watch for oddball ones that feel different than normal? I've got a couple weeks still before my daughter is here, so I'm trying to prepare now. Lol.

  2. Thoughts on ongoing (over 2 years) extreme joint pain and cracking after birth of second child? Advice I was given is "leaky gut syndrome" and anxiety. But I don't feel overwhelmed at all (at least not more than any other mother of many lol) and I have a very healthy gut/diet (imo).

  3. Last year, a woman across the street committed suicide due to PPD. And, she DID seek help. I'm in a very religious area and we have a neuroscientist in my church. He spoke with most of the women there, due to the fact they were all trying to help her and comforted us. He mentioned, "There's a certain point that can come about where no matter how much you reach out, no matter the medicine, the doctor visits, no matter anything, she was going to take her life." He went on to explain that people can pass this threshold of no turning back. That's what happened. She had a letter indicating only the good in her life and how she didn't understand why she needed to die, but she, somehow, had to. It gave comfort to a lot of the church members who wondered if they were enough.

    It happens. Don't neglect your mind.

  4. My baby is 1 year old and i am still struggling with PPD and it’s not seem to going away even with the help.

  5. Something I learned from my therapist was that if you have PPD the first time then you find out your pregnant with your next child, talk to your doctor right away about what you can do to get through it. For example, my therapist was put on medication after her 1st kid for PPD. When she found out she was pregnant with #2, she went into her doctor, talked about her struggle with PPD and they were able to put her on a medication that was safe to take while she was pregnant. She was still taking it 8 months after delivery. She said it saved her life.

  6. Yeah my older sister passed away last year three weeks after she had a baby on Valentine’s day . My sister was 40 years old and she passed away from a pulmonary embolism that went from her leg to her lungs and it turned up to be a saddle clot and effectived both her lungs and she didn’t make it .

  7. I've been watching a lot of your videos because my best friend is pregnant and i wanna be able to help as much as i can

  8. Ugh post partum wasn't the best for me….using the restroom for the first time was worse than labor 🤣🤣

  9. What if a friend has PPD after months and it's severe? I talk to her lots but it can be scary tiwatch. Not bad enough for 911 or ER but IDK who to call.

  10. A lot of the warning signs line up with chronic illness symptoms which would make someone whose chronically ill and postpartum at risk for these things. There should be more research on how various chronic illnesses affect pregnancy and beyond.

  11. I had postpartum preeclampsia, I didn't even know that was a thing until it happened to me! Headache, vision changes, and just felt off. So glad my husband convinced me to call my OB, because I just blamed it on the lack of sleep.

  12. Thank you for bringing awareness to postpartum depression! I struggled to a pretty extreme extent after my 2nd. I thought I was prepared for everything, with him being my second. I was way too over confident & because I felt like I wasn’t doing good enough (which I was) I felt useless, stressed, anxious, etc. I was literally a prisoner in my own home for 3months. I did get professional help & ended up on medication. He’s 6yrs old now & I unfortunately still struggle with depression, but I can take care of it with a physician’s care & in a more timely manner now, without feeling like it’s just me or I’m not worthy.

  13. Have you talked about circumcision? I believe the numbers keep going down but there are still a lot of people who choose it without all the facts.

  14. First night at home my mom stayed the night and I woke up screaming. My chest was covered in splotches and hives and I was hysterical, my mom kept trying to convince me it was just my milk coming in but I was convinced I had been bitten by several spiders or was having an allergic reaction because how could milk do this?

  15. I wish I had heard all these things when I had my first (3 1/2 years ago). What I always thought were baby blues might have been a mild form of ppd. Fortunately, it only lasted for 2 weeks, but they were very rough. My baby was jaundice and had to be in the hospital for a few days which shot my stress levels up. I couldn't relax enough to fall asleep on my own (finally took Benadryl for that) so I was exhausted. I do not do well with lack of sleep. What helped me was to daily talk/ cry with a mom friend who was also an ob/gyn. I did finally talk to a counselor at my local health clinic (we were very rural), but I was already starting to feel better at that point.
    I remember thinking "who in their right mind would have more than one child?" I now have 3 and love them very much, but the newborn stage is always difficult for me (though to a far lesser extent than the first time).

  16. Have you had any patients with DMER? If so, can you make a video about DMER. Also, is it odd if a woman postpartum has numb breast? And I dont mean a tingling sensation, I mean lack of feeling

  17. Love this video! Considering a postpartum check isn’t until 6 weeks later, it’s a very lonely and confusing time. It’s so amazing that you put this out there! I know my doc sent me home with info but it’s all a blur, so your video is a great resource!!

  18. I'm going off my birth control a few months after my honeymoon (zika virus- cancun) and besides all the normal kind of crazy/scary things that go a long with pregnancy/ birth post partum depression is something I'm really concerned with. I have no idea if preexisting depression will increase my chances of post depression but I really hope it doesn't. I've delt with suicidal thoughts my entire life, my earliest memories were trying to hang myself when I was five -.- but I'm 32 I've got it all under control. I'm able to recognize my depressive states and work through it but I am worried pregnancy may increase it. Other than that I'm excited lol videos by you and other experts are so helpful and living with a nurse really helps

  19. I appreciate you doing a postpartum video because I think that in many ways my postpartum period was harder than my pregnancy. What's worse, people don't always recognize the fact that you are still recovering from a life changing event. During my postpartum period, I got a hernia repair, I&D on one of my breasts, and an appendectomy all at the same time just a month after giving birth. I also had lots of thyroid instability…. and was getting the hang of being a mom!

  20. I had a lot of anger after my last pregnancy. I wasn't sure at the time if it was ppd since it wasn't sadness. I dealt with it for a few months and one day I was really mean with my oldest. It wasn't physical it was verbal and it smacked me in the face and I just bawled. I asked her to forgive me and just cried. That was my wake up call to talk to my dr. I joined a FB group of moms and noticed I wasn't alone with the pp anger/rage. I'm glad I talked to my husband about it and my dr and got the help I needed!

  21. Thank you for covering postpartum preeclampsia. I had it with each of my pregnancies and it landed me back in the hospital after my first. I thought that what I was experiencing was normal because I had never had a baby before. My MIL was visiting and noticed that I had mentioned having a terrible headache a few times and she asked me to describe it. I told her my entire head hurt and that even my eyes were throbbing. She sent my husband out for a blood pressure monitor and my blood pressure was really high. She kept the baby while my husband drove me to the clinic and they transported me by ambulance to the hospital because I was at risk for a stroke. They gave me magnesium and kept me for 2 more days and I went home on blood pressure medication. It took 4 months for it to go back to normal. With my second and third pregnancies my ob was on top of it and I went to home with a prescription for blood pressure medication on standby if I needed it.

    Also, I also have 4 kiddos, but my twins are the middle two and mine crew is all boys! Mine are 6,4, 4, & 2 months.

  22. I had severe ppd I couldnt eat. I kept thinking everyone was going to hurt my baby if I went to sleep. I started having panic attacks and I didnt ask for help because I thought they would take my baby from me. It lasted almost a year. I wish i had gotten help!

  23. Ya in 2005 post C- Section I think they didnt see me for 2 weeks.
    Quote you have EVERY bacteria In your urine

  24. I ended up with a postpartum UTI and they asked how long it had been bothering me. I was like IDK, it's hurt to pee…and sit…for the last 2 weeks with that tear but now I feel the distinct symptoms of a UTI.

  25. With my first delivery, I was passing blood clots that were between the size of a salad plate and a dinner plate. The nurses kept telling me that was normal. Now that I've had 4 more children I really don't feel that was normal. Thoughts?

  26. Great video! I love these kinds of videos because I always feel that having as much information as possible helps calm me because I know what to expect lol. The first topic got me curious. Since your body's getting rid of extra fluids, should you decrease your fluid intake for a short time after delivery?

  27. A week or so after my daughter was born (vaginally) I had so much pressure — like I legit thought my uterus was falling out. My OBGYN is a man so I think he thought I was crazy but a nurse said that she had the same feeling. Is this normal? What is this?

  28. Ya…my OBGYN told me there wasn't anything she could do about my continual sadness, all they could say was maybe call a psychologist. How am I supposed to see someone when this baby is practically super glued to me. No one to leave her with while I go to see someone.

  29. Can I just say thank you for all of this. I’m not a mother yet, far from it even (kind of missing the second part to tango, haha) but as a friend to a lot of expecting mothers this year, I’m glad to have this information tucked away so I can help them if they’re out of sorts, or decide to come to me for advice. I’ll try to share this video with them too 🙂

  30. I didn’t get down until after I quit nursing. I nursed my son for almost two years. He did not wean well. I had to force him. My mom came and took him for five days. I did not want to do it this way but it was the only thing we knew to do. The sudden change in hormones was really hard on me. My son struggles with transition of an sort.

  31. Post partum cardiomyopathy! Heart failure due to pregnancy it mimics preeclampsia. Any women who falls pregnant can develope ppcm at any age. I was 18.
    Black women are at a higher risk with the most in incidents occurring in Haiti.

  32. Thank you for making this video!! After a complicated pregnancy and csection, I noticed redness around my incision. A slight fever. I called my dr and the nurse told me it was fine and brushed me off. It was my first baby, so I believed her. Then it got worse. I felt worse. By the time I forced my way into seeing the Dr, I had an abscess. They drained it, it refilled. I was then hospitalized and started on IV antibiotics. It got worse. I was rehospitalized and had a PICC line put in, a surgical debridement, and started on wound therapy. All that was super fun with a premature newborn. I wish I had seen a video like this and advocated harder for myself. You know your body! Don’t be afraid to ask for help – and KEEP asking!

  33. I had pp pre e and HELLP. I was fine the whole delivery but like 36 hours after things went to shit quick. It was scary.

  34. Doc, I heard froma brazilian youtuber something interesting. Baby girls can have a litle vaginal bleeding if the mom have much "estrogênio". I nurse or doctor notice that the baby girl have litle boobs and alert that it was problably have the bleeding. (My first language is not English. Sorry if I wrote something wrong.)

  35. I remember when my daughter turned 2 months old, my mom got my daughter to drink the 65 cc’s of milk (which I could never get her to do) and balling because “my daughter didn’t need me and would be better off without me.” My OBGYN totally blew it off.

  36. If you were to have more children, would you ever consider delivering them yourself because you are a Ob/Gyn, in the presence of another doctor. Or would you just go to the hospital? 🤔

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