OB-GYN Offers Advice to Women Seeking Natural Childbirth

– [Newscaster] We have some
great news, actually, to report when it comes to c-sections. The rate for c-sections
are on the decline, according to the C.D.C. Meanwhile, more Moms are
choosing to deliver naturally. So I’m joined now by Dr. Rebecca Wayman, she’s a Board Certified OB/GYN at Research and also Belton Regional Medical Center. Does your, how women can
insure a safe delivery. And first of all, this
is great news about the, the lowering number of c-Sections, right? – Oh, it’s excellent news. We’re very pleased to see
those numbers dropping. – And so now this trend
toward natural childbirth, define that, does that
mean no epidural. Right? Or no drugs at all. – Um, (heavy sigh) you know I think a lot of people would
define it differently. – [Newscaster] OK. – Um, some women classify a natural birth just as a vaginal birth. Other people, I think when people are using natural birth today they mean a drug free delivery. – O.K., so what are you
seeing more of a trend of, when you say natural,
what do you mean by that? Non c-section? – Um… – [Newscaster] Or non-induced? – Yes, yes, all of the above. I see much fewer women that want, ah, that want elective inductions. I see fewer women that
want, ah, they want to dec.. I guess I should say I have more patients that definitely want to
decrease the amount of interventions they’re
experiencing during labor. – [Newscaster] OK, so.. – (Dr. Wayman) They want to go into labor on their own especially. – [Newscaster] So when
someone comes to you and says that “I want a natural child,” what kind of advice do you
give them? What kind of prep? – [Dr. Wayman] Well, um, if
it’s outside of my office I say, um, especially choose
the right provider for you. providers, we all have
different personalities, we all different styles, – [Newscaster] Sure. – [Dr. Wayman] We’re all different people. And there is no right
provider for everyone. So, I, um, I emphasize also to make a list of what your preferences are. If you have the perfect, ah,
birth delivery experience, how would that go? And then take those preferences and talk about it with your provider. It’s OK to interview a few
different providers, as well, and just to make sure
that your ideals match up. – [Newscaster] Yeah, don’t
be embarrassed to do that. – [Dr. Wayman] Um hmm. – [Newscaster] And I know H.C.A.
has really gone a long way to changing the environment,
to make this a more, a pleasant experience. – [Dr. Wayman] Oh, they
definitely have, um, ah, all of our facilities, I
think, have a really, ah, have really, ah, made leaps
and bounds towards this. They are listening to
women, and what they want. And, ah, we have hired several midwives, I have them in my
practice, um, at Research, I know they have several at
Overland Park Regional, as well, Um, and a lot of
physicians are sort of the way that they do things, as well, and listening to what
women’s preferences are. But we’ve added several great things, especially at Research, we now have several wireless monitors, and for those women that are higher risk, they maybe need a little bit
more monitoring during labor, they can be mobile, um,
with the wireless monitors. Also we now have several
more birth, um, balls that they can sit on, that they can be more
comfortable during labor. – How interesting! – We have more large tubs in the room, um, we even have dim lighting, I
mean, we really have done a lot to try and create a more
warm, friendly atmosphere when before, I think,
people think of hospitals as being cold, or – Or stark, yeah. – Indifferent. – Right. Dr. Wayman, thank you so much. – Oh, thank you. – And congratulations, by the way. – Oh, thank you! – A good topic for you right now. Much more on HCA on
our website, KCTV5.com.

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