Ob-La Di, Ob-La-Da, Life Goes On | IVF Update & Disney Springs

good morning so glad you're here daily vlog stuff you like this video time to do our test to see it IVF work first beta can you guess where we are such a dissonant every time we go and we come here we got good news afterwards yeah so we're back at market on itself all the good juju may be disordered ginger ale oh well this is really the last breakfast item we haven't tried yet so the red sauce it's a good plan I didn't have it so I got what they put on the hot toddies which homies see oh my gosh the sauce assorted other cz home is that they have to balance that and then I got buffalo mac and cheese literally like this there's a TV film in here I'm like an answer portion of the mac and cheese but we got our on that computer so no sharing I'm just kidding I knew that some garlic in my life I like halfway how do you feel about your biscuits and gravy how do you like your garlic man I do about your ginger ale every toe pretty solid pretty solid I kind of wish that I could have put the buffalo sauce on there rather than it she's homeless hospital she's home because go yeah listen sup every time you got a man he stopping down the flowers ready to go home and wait for an email that we're getting an email yeah but look at this delicious ginger won't be yellow will be pay they called it Yolo oh that I'm needing the car right now my coffee guys during work this week I left gonna work on lunch and I came over here to look for a partner but uh hi sleepy girl how is it you didn't even mention that I was wearing all black today oh my gosh no every art student knows the power of all black not too long after the last clip at the email that the test was negative so you go back later next week to do an end of study paperwork and to talk about next steps we still have a 6 more embryos so thankful to have their shoes we got to be strong appearances to those embryos because they deserve to strong parents so we're gonna be going to a frozen transfer next we'll learn more details but doctor does prefer frozen there's different kinds of benefits but it's more of a waiting game because I think it'll be a minimum two months I don't know if we have to wait three months because of the the study we just have to learn more learn more next week and sharing this round of IVF and that workout sound but it wasn't a total failure we've got six strong we made it through we got to be a part of the study and we got a care package sent to as like Amazon now and one of two of our really good friends she was actually my first boss when I moved down there who gave us our doctor dr. Loy knew that we'd be getting the test results back around now and had already set up a little care package it gets them to us yeah positive or negative we got some vegan cookies special foods vegan blueberry muffins chicopee non-dairy been in Jays ice cream he was here that he didn't come in the package and beautiful why those is so plan to be this sucks every procedure every test every thought that a doctors have were always hopeful then you know that's the end that our that Sarah's gonna be done being poked and prodded then we can finally start our nine-month countdown but not this month but like we've certainly got six embryos it to be strong foreign confident and hopeful we know it will still happen and we got to do that for them so we will update you guys as the appointments to everything go alright Sarah I just finished editing like 90% of the vlog Sarah's gonna finish the rest the 10% she does the artists stuff info she checks to make sure I didn't leave anything I'm not good in the blog make sure my transitions are good but I'm just gonna fix up these flowers really quick that came because back like a Peters green thumb corner it's always good when I get follows like this to give fresh cuts on the stems angled what sue taught me kind of at an angle fresh cut before you put them in the vase and oftentimes they come with food they pull this with fresh water mix in the food cut these at an angle spruce them up then a fresh cut gives it let's a drink up extra fresh water to get a good fresh kick to them just to help them last longer so I'm going to do that and then just gonna chill here you are cut and freshened up and a nice base with some food in there now we're in self-therapy mode we're gonna go get some plant-based sausage from these and spoons we've been thinking let's our play we're gonna get there's so many options see yesterday they're really what am i if you remember when we saw it a couple weeks ago I says anymore my top three favorites cause it's just a feel-good movie and then we're cinema clothes in the music and saris which is a song all the sudden and she's my best friend she's my wife and she knows exactly what to do some pens and it is put on some old-fashioned Christmas music alright we're a TV wall faucets code to see up for number nine a vegetarian bratwurst sausage it's not just by the time a vegan chef checking out so it's not as big in business swamp fun computer bag look I can dig that part out turn the same stuff okay here you go and if you get chips it's raining a little bit that's some sauerkraut German mustard delicious hot we're gonna see about we only got 40 min solo to the trailer start but we have to do something tonight we're gonna go secret to do it before if you have the time we'll do it before if not we'll do it after but it's awesome cuz it's a little flesh but the little reunion a little full anniversary if you call that living less living so I figured today would be with what news we got earlier we have until Sunday to do this but I figured why not tonight to kind of try to balance out the emotions of the day way back in theater I'm curious to see if the trailers gonna be different this time around than last time it's just like the same it's all digital now so and I feel like someone even come out since less then we saw I don't know we'll see but we're gonna get a cold pop I found out just now I got $5 on my AMC stubs rewards and I'm actually maybe one movie away from getting another $5 which probably means Sarah has five dollars because we do if we go to the same amount of movies so we should have the same amount of points but I know one time we use only your points from your account I wish we could just merge him but I'm ranting because my mind is just trying to going going going going going smile this is what this whole movies about is smiling and making us feel good I don't know if Sarah and I if ever have gone in the movies in Disney World and it the Sun still be out when we left that's the benefit of going to a 5:40 show instead of like at 8:30 or 9:00 o'clock show 8 o'clock yeah just what we needed I love a happy ending and I need it that's what we needed that you've seen but I like talks about family and the kids all the things that we're gonna have just in a matter of time so I think I should go go visit and then annual passes one that's switched up some items here in our place sugar bill and I have to show you this a faerie diary I'll keep this is I think that I should write messages to each other I don't know when Lawrence County Sheriff's Office arrived here at Disney springs probably the same time around the fact that they added at Disney tickets I know that I had no idea about but now that we're going into year three of annual passes I feel like it's kind of like we've gone full circle first year we bought them over there at the guest relations we got our annual passes we are official Disney World and your pass holders can we can we play with you I've got a magic aim today see if our friends gonna be decide what she wants to do if not if not tomorrow boom for the next 365 x264 days last year we did on international gateway and this year we're coming back to the ticket center and renewing our past Wow simplest now we actually didn't keep last year's annual passes nope so they took them they're gonna Peter originally said we wanted them out like as I said yeah you know my god I got like 300 at home yeah that's all we are home leaves Genki was holding our annual passes thank city for God he knows it's from the package we showed you earlier chocolate fudge brownie non-dairy and coffee caramel fudge non-dairy we're gonna make there's a vegan stamp there's an example we're gonna make on the vegan Whole Foods cookies we're gonna make Irish cream sandwiches again and hopefully if she doesn't get two men while we're doing it because she can't handle me we're bouncing between home alone or PS I love you I think I want to say PS I love you because it's a good love story it's a little bit of sad a little bit of Earth worldly travel I think everything we need do not eat mine your past or my ice cream please oh gosh all right we finished our ice cream we're gonna watch PS I love you I'm gonna get up early tomorrow morning because I'm gonna be doing fun by Robert Frost in three words I can sum up everything I have learned about life it goes on when I think all of you guys who have been sending in messages on facebook where we posted earlier that thankthank I was bland yes yes there's a quote a quote from the movie yesterday that we just saw which was I want to run your favorites we already pre-ordered it like we said it just doesn't have until August doesn't come out till extreme until October so there's a quote that a famous Beatle performer tells the main character all right I couldn't find the exact quote I'm sure we'll find it eventually but I think I remembered it and Sarah says it's pretty much right the one Beatle tells the main actor that there's two main lessons in life to listen to he thinks and it's one tell the person you love that you tell the person you love that you love them and at every chance you have tell the truth so mm-hmm I gotta be honest guys this is there's not fun and it's everybody gives us praise everybody gives us prayers and thoughts and loved ones and Western messages you all send us messages people who are going through this or have gone through this and this massive news but at the end of the day this is still mine and Sarah's story and it's it's not fun at times and it's gonna be all worth it we know that but we can't not tell the truth and say that at times it's funny and at times it's fun at other times exciting other times it's depressing in other times there's frustration and then anger and things around us at the situation and nothing at all it's just it's tough drug line yeah I mean it's warranted but we are struggling so well we did get these today so that's exciting another year yeah that we didn't they were different from the first time so I want to go back to my own Co maybe I just want it to be out I love it it makes me feel good mm-hmm it's good to be home it's good to be home we know what our goals are we know what we hope to accomplish and believe me it's the most exciting and challenging assignment we've ever tackled at Walt Disney Productions [Applause]

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  1. When I saw this the other day, it broke my heart. I'm still praying for you two. It's not if, but when ♥️♥️♥️.

  2. So much love to you guys. This is one of those times where I wish I had a magic wand and could just make it all better, if only…
    I must have missed the first time you saw Yesterday (how, I'm not sure though…) but I'm SO GLAD that you liked it. I had a feeling it would be a Peter kind of thing, it's just so lovely and so positive. The scene you referenced is amazing (I mean the whole thing really is) and I know that you two will eventually get to your happy ending part! You've got this!

  3. I had many many issues having our babies, but I couldn’t imagine what you are going through. Sending you all the positive energy I have!!

  4. I am so sorry but I know this will happen for you it’s just going to be on his timetable but will happen!Prayers for you for healing and Understanding. ❤️❤️

  5. soo sorry for you guys, I'm glad you're hanging in there and taking some time to process this. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  6. So sorry to hear you didn't get the news you wanted but like you say there's lots more to come! Just wanted to share my friends website and instagram that you might be interested in called IVF babble. https://www.ivfbabble.com/ Lots of support for people doing IVF and the insta page is also worth a follow. x

  7. You are both truly amazing people and we feel blessed to have been introduced to you. Sending love and hugs xx

  8. Gotta keep pushing forward, no Debbie Downers!! Good things come to those who wait, your embryo/child will find you, 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

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