Obama judge blocks new Arkansas anti-abortion laws

good morning guys let's start this with in a stunning twist to the Alaska Highway multiple murders case to Port Alberni teens said to be just out on an adventure by one's father had been named suspects in the double slain in are the subject of a nationwide manhunt the RCMP say Breyer schematically 18 and sam macleod 19 are dangerous if you see them do not approach take no action and call immediately 911 to let show hit set in a news conference Tuesday the teens were are wanted in the murders of Australian Lukas Fowler 23 in American China Dees 24 whose bodies were found at the side of the Alaska Highway near the yard hot springs on Monday the couple boyfriend and girlfriend had been shot the last time they had been seen was the evening of Sunday July 14 please say the two teens are also suspects in a third day an unidentified man discovered at a turnout on highway 37 two kilometers from where the teens burning camper truck a red and gray Dodge pickup was found galle you know it it makes you wonder it's like you know if what decisions do these kids make I would like to know what these kids were like as young teenagers I would love to see their their record if they have one that's you know because I know when I worked with the kids down here in Delta many years ago these kids you know once they became an adult they had their their records they were hidden and nobody could see him well I always thought that was stupid and a lot of people did and because it tells you the behavior of these of these kids what they're going to be like as an adult often time sometimes they change when they realize that as an adult they're gonna go to the adult prison and they know what happens there but it's just I don't know man there's so many things that need to be changed and here's one all of these Obama judges and all the rest they need to go without a doubt Obama judge blocks new Arkansas anti-abortion laws a federal judge blocked three new abortion restrictions from taking effect Wednesday and Arkansas including a measure that opponents say would likely force the states only surgical abortion clinic to close US District Judge Christine Baker granted a 14-day temporary restraining order shortly before midnight Tuesday the 159 page ruling blocks the state from enforcing the new laws so who came up with what with this 159 page ruling you don't damn good and well that this judge didn't do that my guess the ACLU that's who gave it to him the block the blocked laws also included a requirement that doctors performing abortions be board certified or board eligible in obstinate obstetrics and gynaecology an official with a Little Rock clinic that performs surgical abortions says it has one physician who meets that requirement but he only works there a few days every other month they Baker also blocked a law prohibiting doctors from performing an abortion if if it's being sought because the baby has Down syndrome here's the bottom line these babies are big business for Planned Parenthood huge business these babies are worth a lot of money sad I mean we never thought we would see this but we are and we didn't even I mean until uh who was it um the group out in California and they they videotaped these people talking about selling these children these unborn dead children it's scary it's a it's frightening to me when you look at these people doing this what I mean they're just they're just blank inside they're soulless my word moving on to on a different note PBR heart coffee creating the buzz in the main test market it is kind of like a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee with alcohol San Juan liquor store manager Maine is one of five states of really chose to test its new concoction you know that doesn't even sound good you're putting caffeine in with booze which is I didn't even I'm not sure that even makes sense anyway I'm sure some people will like it so North Korea as we know fire to unidentified projectiles in the East Bay says the South experts have said Thursday launches appear to have involved the north version of Russia's iskender a short-range ground to ground ballistic missile known as KN 23 as a test fired in May keep in mind that Kim jong-un has his own deep state to deal with I have no doubt that he's concerned with getting our concidered so I'm not going to be too hard on him it's you have you have a deep state within North Korea you have the military there who have had have enjoyed a nice way of life and they're not so sure about what Trump wants them to about the direction that Trump wants them to take because the the direction that Trump wants them to take would mean that they would lose power and then they might lose their money as well so there's there's a lot of pushback I'm sure coming from the military in North Korea to kim jeong-hoon is it's a touchy situation people they all of this is gonna no it's not easy it is not easy because you have within every nation you have a deep set just like Putin he's got his deep stay – he's got his people that he's got to go against that's all for now god bless y'all have a good day bye bye guys

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  1. Okay, here's the deal… I'm so sick of criminals that I propose we take ALL of them (as they commit crimes) and put them on the moon or mars. We don't need criminals on our planet. I'm for getting rid of them FOR GOOD!! We could throw them into prison until we get enough of them rounded up to make it worthwhile to send a spacecraft to the moon or mars. Of course, we would have to drag out our super large IFOs (that people mistakenly call UFOs) for this project.

  2. Arkansas celebrates the RAPE BASED ECONOMY of the confederacy.
    That is why they hate abortion. When your entire history is making money off of raping a slave girl and selling your own offspring, you don't know how to function in a civilized economy.

    No wonder Arkansas is a WELFARE TAKER STATE sucking off the hardworking progressive blue MAKER states.

    Fiscal Civil War to end Red State Socialism is coming…..

  3. Caffeine in booze,so you don't need coffee to sober up – also more booze can be drank before passing out…

  4. The father said those two kids are going to be in the woods using camaflouge, just like they practiced doing.

  5. I've seen stories/cases of couples being advised by the Dr. to abort their baby, after the sonogram showed baby had downs syndrome. In the stories I've seen, these were Christian couples. And they refused to abort…and ended up delivering a perfectly healthy baby with no downs syndrome. So either these sonograms are deceptive (& not fool-proof), or God worked a miracle. But it always made me wonder how many babies have been aborted because the sonogram showed downs syndrome, & really were perfectly normal?

  6. AG Barr talk about judges doing what they do not have authority to do. If the state made a law the judge supposed to uphold the law, judges don't make law.

  7. Hillary has to go somewhere to get baby parts and blood,so back to Arkansas.Her supplies are drying up.All she’ll have left is Epi Pens when it expires it turns into man made andrenachrome.Thats probably one of the reason why Epi pens are expensive.

  8. That’s what I want to know! When are these Obama judges go over the Constitution and the President Trump! You know that judge is a big friend of the Clinton’s

  9. Arrest Barry and Big Mike for putting those kids in the hot tub and the $65000 in hot dogs aka male prostitutes

  10. When did judges become Dictators? They have more power than the Commander-in -chief! We are on the edge of Left wing dictatorship. It's time to reduce their authority!

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