Official Teaser: Season 4 of ‘Momsplaining’ with Kristen Bell

How bad are they? Like, what do your child’s
tantrums look like? Well, they’re 11
months apart, so. Whoa. Whoa. Megan, give me
those condoms back. [LAUGHTER] Hi there. I’m Kristen Bell,
Disney princess and heir to the Taco Bell fortune. You got it right, Tyler. I got the first part right. Yeah, you did, Andy. Jeez. I’m very excited about this
next season of Momsplaining. It’s going to look
like a homicide. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. That is absolutely true. There is way more blood than
you think there should be. Being a mom is the
most important role I’ve ever been cast in. I’ve arranged to spend time
with a bunch of teenagers. We’re so similar. And having a chance to celebrate
the glorious catastrophe that parenting can
be makes me so happy. Hold on. Oh, that’s picture of me. Hold on. Oh, it’s a video. Why do moms never know
how to use cameras? Honestly, this show feels
like a fourth child to me. [RECORD SCRATCH] And how many kids do I have? Do you know where you
conceived your kids? Encino, California. Oh, all right. In the home, I believe. Whoa. Andy, it’s a family show. So come join us for
season 4 of Momsplaining. We’re going to
make people laugh. it’s a vagina. [LAUGHTER] I can’t. I’m sorry, Doctor. We’re going to show
people that they belong. I didn’t always feel
like I knew what to do. Just reach out for help. The only thing missing is you. Can I get a– [LAUGHTER] Much better. I’m a mom, guys.

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  1. CAN I GET ON THE SHOW THO IM NOT A MOM??? 🙁 i just adore her personality❤️❤️wish i could go to the frozen premiere

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    Mini Youtuber here! Would love any support on my channel! 🙏❤️

  4. im from Africa im Blake ,but i love white people , she is cut and she real lif lik actresses and olso from modern family

  5. I feel like I've been waiting forever for the new season!! Kristen Bell=complete awesomeness (not a real word but she's awesome!)

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