Older Mother's Experience Giving Birth | Baby's Birth Day Episode One

welcome to baby's birthday each show joins a mom-to-be and counts down to the birth of their baby reveal in all the drama laughter and tears involved in giving birth because let's be honest giving birth is never a walk in the park to help chart each birth this is the baby's birthday o'clock it's fair to count down to each mums due date and once labour kicks off the clock kicks in and times the birth so you know exactly how long each mums been in labor whether it's two hours or a whopping 20 hours all the action of the birth is boiled down into a half hour show so we'd better crack on today we meet Oldham um Alison and her family as she goes into labor but the birth doesn't go smoothly here and it's not for the faint-hearted it's something stick it in there's a problem that's how we got Wu yesterday Alison and Jeff Smith found love second time around and have been together 10 years alison has two sons from affairs marriage 21 year old mark and 19 year old Daren and a nine year old daughter called Leanne with Jeff at 45 Alison's no spring chicken which means giving birth comes with loads more risks and dangers a lot of people are worried about me because of my age and everything and they just want it over and me and the baby both to be all care obviously meals Bundys going to be there and probably my sister because I need somebody to me at my life and keep me calm and hopefully that's what she's going to do because we just laugh anyway anything so that's why she's come in I truthfully didn't expect to have another bear bear I thought at my age I will be menopausal and then when the period was late I was a bit shocked and I thought this is many files now and then just one day I decided well I'll just try a pregnancy test and say when she brought the pregnancy test rings of mine and saw me to have a look at it and I merely dropped off in the kitchen floor because it was the last thing yet as Beth said and I think I did one every week really and they all kept coming back positive and it was a bit of a shock but I thought I'm not going to get past ten weeks I were convinced that I wouldn't get past ten weeks know that I've got to 39 weeks I'm absolutely amazed really that I've gone this far and when it is born it will be a shock I think because you know that it's going to common things but it's just unbelievable when it actually happens and it's like other people find a note that the pregnant you just find out that you've got this bear bear and it's a miracle reapply as he got tennis balls in his pocket oh he always had tennis balls in his pocket when he had sports – coming from such a big family there was seven children in my family and I just can't imagine a life without children when I had the young and I didn't think that I was going to have any more children and I felt really sorry for her that she hadn't got a sister because I've got so many sisters and I just couldn't imagine a life without sister and I did feel sorry for her on that to me I feel as though I'm doing something for her giving her a sister because I just can't imagine anybody living with AIDS a sister EVER Alison and a sister Lisa are all geared up for the bath but we've not heard much from Hobby Jeff yes I ought to be at the birth but I do work for a security firm and depending on my shift times and when I'm working it might be a bit difficult to get the right on time but hopefully I will be there for the birth meals burns a bit too quietly sees now I don't know I would describe in real life his body I'll be there but it doesn't actually put things into words he's not he's very quiet and reserved a bit right I'm not looking forward at the birth of Allison probably swearing at the Midwife which happened last time and probably ik over there the real go at me as well I've done that if I could stay calm I know that it will be easier so that's what I'm going to try and do this time just try and stay calm and think you've done it before you can do it again and it will soon be all forward that's what I'm more open to do drawing Allison's pregnancy Jack's proven himself to be quite modern man even though outgrown the house I think I've just done a little bit more and every job I do which is do the O's work make the bed to do anything I can do or I mean I've just improved already done a little bit more that's what I normally do do you really want to bro well just men I was throw it to the pregnancy in the early stages went very well there was no major problems as we've got near time obviously Ellison's had a few problems knowledge sickness and things like we did have a false alarm one night we had to go to the hospital she was checked and everything everything was all right but she was having the normal pain to contractions and we obviously thought this was a time but it wasn't but she still seems to have a good days and bad days I suppose as every woman does yeah enjoying that lovely cup of coffee up there yeah well the last time I made the note this is made the world so he doesn't write up the same texture to hold all about know as Allison is in in mid-40s there is a much higher risk of there being complications and problems during her labor and Allison has prepared herself for the possibility that her baby has Down syndrome at 22 weeks I went for a scan and they did a test were they measure the back of the baby's neck which the baby's neck was thicker than it should be and that's when they told me there was a chance of Down syndrome I'd like a healthy if it's not out there then it's still my baby so long as it's all Ivan breathing that's all that matters if Allison was in their 20s the chances of our baby being downs would be one in 2000 at 45 the odds on our massively higher there is a 1 in 30 chance Allison's daughter will be Down syndrome two days later Allison is just over an hour into labor with Jeff and Lisa buy aside all your observations and things in labor and at least that's working and I think it was round about quarter past eight when I got there and I still weren't convinced I thought they were going to send me on but they didn't the examine man said I was 5 centimeters dilated so I thought well I must being way but if it stays like this I can just keep saying it's mind over matter I'll pretend it's a piece and I've got past there and I'll stop well there was nothing really happening she was having contractions and the gusano was there she wanted a drink of water and I was I'm in the water and Lisa was there supporting everything and it was going really well sunburn man you were it's the I saw one love no come on play fur that's better don't your arms are clean yeah that'll do don't wet bed you prayed for this didn't ya young deaf ed you prayed for this she's not one thing that I've going to wear but tonight so you once up the phone then to show up me the gusano which that word special bow because I was serving it she asked me did I want to go and I said no I'll save it for later so I still carried on and I think it was about Watson I don't feel a part of us Nanak was passing 10 when I started on last 9 9 10 11 12 I'm not going no longer the best one I'm not breaking with tradition Jesus women in oh oh oh oh if you squeeze me underneath tight sits up with a flower you just old and I'll do squeezing their pincers because I'm all right due to Alison's age there is a higher possibility of complications in these contractions as Alison's contractions get stronger problems start to develop tennis the pains got stronger I'll listen up more gusano and the real next thing I understood everything was fine the Midwife who'd been out came back in and said that there was a problem 10 breasts or this 225 now they're getting stronger and what does that set does that set same as it said it forever she's not your nothing like you like a fish after just over three hours of labor things are not looking good at all Jeff and Lisa are having to face the nightmarish reality they could lose either Alison or the baby coming up Alison's labor continues they want the baby to be alive or Alice will be alive we're back with 45 year-old Alison who is three hours and four minutes into labor whither her husband Jeff and sister Lisa and Alison's birth has run into serious complications this Midwife was examining me and all I heard was the baby's food inside here we've got to get it out turn the cameras off and that's all I heard and as I looked at the monitor I noticed that they observed me to come down to 78 so I just went into panic mode then and well from there it just went mad really the fact that Alison's baby defecated insider is an indication it's in distress and usually means it's being deprived of oxygen the baby's heartbeat is now dropped dramatically the baby urgently needs to be born or else she could die I was happening everything just happened all at once and everybody was in that room and there bizare be Allison said that she saw I did 74 something like that I saw it go right down to Burrell or Thursday and it was absolutely horrendous because I thought one of them's gonna go I really thought one of them were gonna die I can remember a lot of shouting and somebody taking that gas on her off man which were murdered that cuz I was in real pain then I can't describe the fear and the feeling that I had and I committed and thought I can't crying for the Jeffcoat cry for Jeff cuz I've got to be strong for him there cuz he's panicking and worried in fact I've never seen Jay he's emotion on his face and the core just drained out of him and Jeff is just it's yes when things started to go wrong obviously you don't know what to do really either you you you mind going all over and when they said theatre she was going to the theatre I didn't know what to think I just thought we was gonna be alive at the end of it all really not so that was my main concern because it was going so well at the time and then he just saw everything changed so rapid and the one big concern for me was if anybody came to me and asked if there was any complications what would I have to do what you know what would I go but say you know I want the baby to be alive and I listen to be alive because I just don't think I could have happened a lot the hospital have reacted quickly and rushed Alison to theatres Jeff is with her but all sister Lisa can do is wait for news with a good or bad Alison so much pain at all it's a resection educator what I call sleep I wanna go to sleep and I had put it so well in Pacific Command some of it put her to sleep and the next minute said that she was awakened it was so scary when you can hear that I big anyway and then he just oh I've only ever seen a cry and be so frightened they were awful it was real because she's so strong and then the next thing I was in stirrups with all the lights shining in front of me ready for a cesarean and I kept asking where we put me to sleep we put me to sleep and they didn't because on the way down to this operating theatre a dilated follow and she was coming on the wrong there was telling her to push as much as she could what she does that much gas and air by then I don't think she could really understand what they were saying and the next thing I heard that the surgeon has said that the baby had dropped the next contraction the torme had to push which normally you wouldn't do you'd wait until you had a proper pushing poem and then they connected this thing to a ride to actually suck her out so it was like two pushes for a head down and then the third posh they stopped her out really and she'd come out for WoW but it was horrible and I thought I was going to die are the baby won't I I literally prayed I was real that praying that they saved both of them they can save both of them and I looked at the baby and there was no sound at all the first few seconds I count looky nuts her and suddenly there was a noise and she started to cry and that's with all the emotions when I just realized that everything was gonna be okay so I turned her into all that's an achiever though in absolute I get here this time well I think we're finally gonna through it and I'm so pleased that within my own kind lessons are on stage now so really give it a thought I like shake never a man's a similar that soon but apart from that oh my even that's the look that says is there any chance that I get taller yeah we're just so glad know that everything did turn out perfect after nine months of waiting for Nikki lose dramatic arrival Alison and Jeff's waiting is not over yet tomorrow they will find out if their daughter has Down syndrome why do wear it no one yeah yeah yeah the idea is you stay away it now till ten o'clock tonight don't eat the towel that's it well together and then at ten o'clock you can go to sleep I thought she died tonight for up in your sleep but to know you stay awake all night and be sick to her old friend just like every other night thought make no exceptions just cause if she'd out here listening after the baby was born the Midwife that had been the from the beginning she was talking to me and she said about a horn birth that if if if it could have been a horn but it would have cut been a completely different outcome which I could see that then she never actually said the word downs to me but she knew that there was a chance and she come to me after and she said I can't say for sure but the pediatrician will come in the morning and examine her but from what I can see she loops alright to me and that was the only thing that was mentioned at the night and then at the morning the doctorís he come really early and he examined her I didn't curb I then she were alive and that's all that mattered so I work bothered what he said so long as she were breathing that's all that mattered and he examined her and then he just said she's perfectly fine when the killer waiter arrived you just on top of the world really there's my second daughter obviously I've been through it once before but but the complications we out it were just so wonderful that she'd actually arrive 11:00 and both of them was absolutely fine this bear bear to me was meant to be because I listened and suffered like miscarriages she was on their bare base and for her to actually carry this baby full-term and a bit fine Elfa this baby was meant to be sod some toasted elephant's mistake allisyn's labor lasted three hours 58 minutes and 32 seconds after all the drama and heartache nickyloo is here and the perfect addition to the family you

36 Replies to “Older Mother's Experience Giving Birth | Baby's Birth Day Episode One”

  1. Don't know why everyone is focusing on her looking older then she was the woman and her child nearly died and appearance is what most are inserted in!?

  2. That happened with my son but they didn't panic. He was born an hour later naturally no c section or epidural even. I was 19

  3. She's definitely at least 55. Sorry but her neck and eyes give it away. I'm her age and only have vague wrinkles

  4. I’m not sure why people like to point out things about people’s looks.
    Instead of the birth.
    It says a lot.
    It looks as though she will have a loving family. I’m glad they all made it through together.

  5. She is a sweet woman and probably does everything for her family and not much for herself. I'd like to give her a makeover so she looks 45. She has a pretty smile and skin! Just a little updating, like we all need.

  6. That so strange. My son did the same thing while I was in labor and they didn't make a big deal over it. I did end up with a c section but not for that reason.

  7. I'm sad… their in so much pain for.. Wait did she say the one of the women where in labor for 20 hours??? I though it was only eight.

  8. Love seeing stuff like this. I had a surprise baby at 44 the entire thing went extremely smoothly with a fast labor and I now have a healthy 4 year old. Glad I’m not the only one as an old Mom:)

  9. I had my first and only baby at 43 and it was a breeze. No prenatal classes just went to the beach for walks, light water exercises, lots of rest and did my regular check ups with the doctor. Of course my water broke at midnight, however, no pain and got to the hospital I was totally relaxed. They put me in a bed they put some meds in my intervenous and I went to sleep for a few hours, woke up and pushed for a couple hours. During those 2 hours there was absolutely no pain, it felt like I was in an outer body experience, I never screamed and afterwards when it was over asked the doctor that was all. He was stunned, asked me for real was my son really my first child and yes, absolutely. My advice to women, do not stress, enjoy your pregnancy, exercise and forget the prenatal classes because they will enforce any fears and or bring up fears you may never had in the first place.

  10. I really respect that even though these shows can have a bit of a reality tv vibe, they're very respectful to the parents during this very scary emotional event. When the nurse says "cameras off" there are no questions. It's lovely to get a birds eye view but not feel like it's at the expense of someone's privacy and wellbeing.

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