1. out of all the videos of labor and delivery and emergency c sections this has got to be my favorite. its so beautiful and I couldn't stop laughing because he is so cute in the little outfit he had on. It's so beautiful and your family is beautiful I just loved it all.

  2. wow – what a roller coaster ride. i'm glad both you and baby are happy and healthy ! btw i just subbed. i'd love it if you could sub back and we could follow each others channels as they grow!

  3. I am so happy for you! I found your video because I'm pregnant and don't really get morning sickness which kind of scares me. I am 9 weeks pregnant and so ready to hear the heartbeat on my first appointment. But watching your videos gave me reassurance and I am keeping my fingers crossed I have a healthy pregnancy like you did!

  4. such a wonderful video …it literally brought tears in my eyes …I cud relate these exact moment….take care of yourself nd your son :):):)enjoy each moment:):)

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