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  1. If you damn people would stop chasing these mothers with newborns there would be less deaths of these beautiful babies. Find a real freaking job and leave them alone. This mother and baby need rest and both sure don’t look well. You people don’t help. I don’t think you are entitled to get paid for your videos being all you are doing is messing with nature and contributing to some of these senseless deaths of these beautiful creatures!

  2. that baby is not starving, just being lazy! mom is feeding it, but it just acts like he is not getting fed.

  3. Ha it's dying, mom got tired of holding half dead rat. Looks like shes not doing so good herself. I say poor mom. Forget the baby. I hate them.

  4. She is hemeraging I think part of the placenta is stuck inside her and until it comes out she won't start producing milk and she will bleed to death

  5. Love watching these little piece of shits starve and suffer hope it suffers and dies a slow and agonizing death good riddance you worthless piece of shit tree rat

  6. I just saw the most vile act an animal could do. A Male monkey who looks like his nut sack is on his chin……snatched up a baby monkey and ate him. OMG….I was floored. Now that's a day in the life of wild animals. No wonder they stay on alert and never get too comfortable..it seems like they have serious anxiety issues.

  7. This not a new video. Every time I watch MonkeyBaby Lover it is either clickbait where they put something in the title that is not true or they put an old video with a new date on it. That is why I unsubscribed.

  8. This is Tyner one that died because the dumb bitch didn't want to push the placenta out because she's a lazy fat fucking cunt and killed her baby. Case closed

  9. Your really sick dude! What are you getting off or something by focusing on poor new mothers misery? So she's still cleaning herself from giving birth! What you expect her to break out a wash cloth & some dove?

  10. tHESE ARE THE VIDEOS THAT REALLY ANGER ME. oBVIOUSLY, mom is bleeding heavily, hemoraghing, she needs to be able to stay put for awhile and pass the [placenta, and she can't do that if you guys are constantly running her! Please back off before they are both dead.

  11. Stupid!! stupid! how can you not forget to cut it! look at him dying of ignorance he just starving while mom feeding her fuck up face! That’s ignorant and what is he sucking on dry nipples.

  12. This lil feller is definately gonna die…. what is happening all these baby monkeys are dying… I mean this one the mother doesn't look like she produced any milk at all

  13. All the babies June has had, why did she not cut the cord? They dont wait for the placenta to expel to cut. Wonder what she was thinking???

  14. Oh no! The umbillical cord is still attached to both. This will poison baby over a few days if not before. Someone needs to contact a vet about this for safety of mom and baby.

  15. Now that she's passed the placenta she can start producing milk, but she needs to sever the baby's connection to it and she should eat it it will help her get vital nutrients she now needs because she's lost so much blood and needs to provide milk. He may be too far gone hopefully her milk starts now.

  16. If you look closely, this baby appears to have a big deformity at the base of its tail and where the rectum is. It’s a huge hole. It also has a very weak abnormal cry.

  17. She passed the placenta. She just didn't cut the cord and was dragging it behind her attached to baby . He has something wrong. It doesn't seem like this would be her first baby. Pretty sure she had one with a cleft palate in the past.

  18. At 9:40 mom expelled the placenta but it is still attached to the baby's umbilical cord. As mom walks away, she is dragging the placenta on the ground.

  19. It doesn’t appear mom has passed all the after birth. She appeared to be reaching there grabbing something and consuming it, also it looks like she’s limping in a few scenes. Hopefully they’ll be ok.

  20. The Mom June passed the Placenta but was walkinh and dragging it. I dont know why she was not biting it off. hopefully the baby will get nourishment now and get stronger, but is very worry some.

  21. I knew it! She is not producing any milk, and that baby is getting weaker and weaker until it will die of starvation! She still had the placenta attached to the baby!! That baby doesn't look so good.

  22. Oh nooo…she needs to chew the connection apart…and real soon….having not delivered the placenta (it's been 3 days now) this will poison the baby, he already seems weak and sick…time will tell..I pray they both survive, but with those spots on the baby's face something tells me this baby won't survive (3 other babys with the same spots all passed) so what is it? And what's causing them to die?

  23. I wasn't sure so I did check on Google, her milk will not come in properly until she passes the placenta. I hope that something happens soon.

  24. I saw videos yesterday where Mom and baby both seemed fine. Now this is either old or bad news. My guess is old. What is troublesome to me is that every VO doesn’t upload daily then we have already seen videos yet these later ones cause concerns because they don’t share actual date of activity. Just my two cents so I try to watch more reputable VO’s.

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