ONE MONTH BABY & POSTPARTUM UPDATE | Breastfeeding, Newborn Sleep & Baby Smiles!

hey welcome back to my channel my name is Jesse I'm here to film Peters one month update as well as my one month postpartum update I was really hoping that I could have Peter with me while I was filming this video and show off his sweet little face but he is not cooperating so I'll just have to insert adorable clips of him throughout this video at his one-month well visit Peter was 23 inches long which puts him at the 93rd percentile for height and he was weighing 11 pounds 2 ounces which puts him at the 78th percentile for weight so he's definitely a pretty big kid he is already grown well into 3 month closing he is definitely out of newborn size clothing and I feel like it's really gonna be not that long before he's also growing out of three month clothing it's gonna be well before 3 months let me tell you and his head circumference was 39 centimeters which puts him at the 89th percentile for head circumference this kid being as big as he is is hungry he eats at least every three hours like round the clock I have not gotten more than about two and a half hours of sleep straight since he was born so that's been a bit rough but yeah he's a hungry kid he's got to drink a lot of milk to sustain that big body he's got growing he during the day typically eats at least every two hours and then does go to every three hours during the night we were able to get his days and nights kind of figured out by giving him a lot of sunlight and keeping it really dim at night but he's still awake every three hours overnight although he does go back down to sleep pretty easily which I'm really grateful for and then he spends a teensy bit more time awake during the day he still is pretty sleepy most of the time while we're on the topic of eating he does eat really well he has a really good latch I'm really lucky that nursing my first baby was also pretty easy and the latch came really nice lead to us I got really really fortunate there and then this time around it was actually even easier I think especially with all the experience of having nurse a baby behind me I kind of knew what I was doing a bit better and my boobs were kind of all in working order and ready to go already it had been less than eight months from when I wind diana finished waiting – Diana – when Peter was born it was a little less than eight months so kind of everything was all ready to go and then he was a hungry guy straight out of the gate and ready to eat so that didn't end up working out really easily he does have a bit of trouble on the other end of eating he seems to struggle with digestion a decent amount he seems to have a kind of gassy tummy it makes him pretty fussy so we're actually starting him on probiotics so I will let you know how all of that goes in my two-month update it's nothing too serious nothing that we're worried about medically or anything like that just trying to figure out if we can help him be a bit more comfortable and a bit less fussy he is definitely a bit of a fussy kid sometimes we probably have about two hours a day of like witching hour level fussiness where he's never really inconsolable we're always able to if we swaddled him and pay attention to him and rock him or do whatever we're gonna do were able to get him to be quiet but it takes a lot of effort and that probably lasts like two-plus hours a day 2 to 3 hours a day of just time spent like actively having to help him relax that's definitely been a lot of work especially with a 2 year old in the house as well fortunately my husband is still home he has a very generous paternity leave from his company which I am so grateful for and I know that is very unusual in the United States so I'm so lucky on that front although it should be much more common than it is but anyways that's a completely different topic at night he sleeps in the– co-sleeper next to our bed we have an arm's reach closely / as the brand we have I like it pretty well but I like that he can be right next to our bed without any of the fears associated with actually Co sleeping I know that works really well for some people but I can't sleep with anybody touching me so that was not something I was really called to so he sleeps a little co-sleeper next to our bed he does not like getting swaddled he screams the whole time that we are putting the swaddle blanket on him but he definitely sleeps better once he is swaddled he gets much more relaxed once we finish swaddling him and put him down so that was a good thing to learn about him during the day he mostly naps in carrier like the sling or the Moby Wrap we have been trying to get one solid longer nap out of him each day either in the co sleeper or in the rock and play but swallowing him up and putting on his white noise and getting him to really sleep for more than half an hour at a time because a lot of his naps in the carrier just for a half an hour or so which is great and cozy and he loves it but we want to get a couple longer stretches I mentioned the white noise we definitely use white noise as a bit of a sleep queue as well as trying to get rid of any startling sounds we've used that since my daughter was born she's now just turned 2 and she still sleeps with white noise anytime she's asleep pretty much so we're starting that early with Peter as well and just using it was kind of in his sleep time now Q and it really seems to help him relax he's already seems to associate that with relaxation time so that's been a nice sleep association that we've started creating the one thing that I feel like my that I think is so funny because I feel like my daughter like never did this it's just an interesting little glance into the difference in their temperaments already is he really likes being swaddled and then left alone in the dark or kind of just in a not very stimulating area with his white noise on maybe with a pacifier although not always and he just will stare he keeps his eyes wide open and will stare at the wall or at the ceiling or something stare off into space I call it his meditation time but he just will sit there very quietly and just stare and I guess process his day or I don't know exactly what he's doing but it's just so funny because my daughter was such a mover I never saw her sit still for that long so it's really interesting to see kind of the differences between them and also start to suss out what each of them likes is kind of relaxation I feel like just in the last couple of days we've realized that he does want to be put down and left a little more often which was not my instincts because Diana did not like that at all so it's been really interesting to kind of figure that out about him and start getting more soothing strategies that are unique to him that's kind of it in terms of the eating and sleeping in terms of developmental things he seems to have a really strong neck when we're holding him or if he's doing good tummy time which you know he hates as any newborn does he is able to lift up his head for a few seconds if he's honest he can hold up his head for a surprisingly long amount of time maybe it's normal and I've just forgotten but it feels like it's a really long amount of time and I'm pretty sure that I got a real smile out of him just a day or two ago he is so cute when he smiles he definitely when he's sleeping or just relaxing will like practice a bunch of different expressions but I swear a day or two ago he looked at me and he really did smile at me and it was so special I got so excited and I called my husband over and then he did it again but my husband was too slow so my husband didn't get to see it but I'm sure we'll be getting plenty of more of those very soon he does generally love to look at faces especially high contrast faces like he loves eyebrows and hair lines my brother was wearing a like backwards baseball hat so we had the strap going across his forehead and Peter was loving that you can just definitely see that he is really interested in those high contrast boundaries and the last thing I wanted to mention before we move on to a bit of a postpartum update is he definitely has some goopy runny eyes I talked to the doctor about it and she said it's very normal it's probably some kind of clogged tear duct something but she's not concerned about it until it's still happening and he's six months old so we're just wiping it out we're trying to keep it clean I think it since I stuck closed sometimes it's the lighting goop dries up while he's sleeping which is really sad but we're able to get it out warm wash cloth or something like that and so it's not been too bad and then the one other thing is that I know a lot of babies this age will just relax as soon as I get put in their car seat and he is not one of those we have spent so many car rides with him just screaming at us so it's so sad I feel like a second time parents we're a little tougher skinned in terms of listening to the crying but it's still so sad cuz he just really does not like his car seat and especially it makes my daughter sad when he's crying in the car so it's just there's been some heartbreaking car rides all right and then I want to go quickly through a bit of a one-month post part of update because the postpartum period is pretty intense so for any of you other Mama's out there I wanted to let you know kind of how my journey is going I'm really glad that I had a physically fairly easy birth so at this point at one month postpartum I'm physically feeling basically back to normal in terms of my day to day life hopefully this isn't TMI but I've basically stopped bleeding at this point and I'm kind of excited to get back to working out I'm still like so confused about who are you and what have you done with Jessie I feel like when I was a teenager I thought we're it was the worst thing in the whole world but I am kind of excited to get back into it I'm gonna take it easy for another week or two I've been going for a nice walks but I'm gonna wait until I'm closer to six weeks to actually start doing workouts again in terms of my weight I'm weighing around 150 550 pounds somewhere in that range I've been not weighing myself very much and it seems to fluctuate a lot I'm sure it varies a lot depending on how much milk there is ready to go at that moment but I was made almost 175 at the end of my pregnancy so I've dropped a whole bunch of weight since then which I mean obviously several of those pounds are now a baby that's on the outside of my body and that placenta is a surprisingly large organ as well but I was weighing about 135 at the beginning of my pregnancy I'm not really trying to get back to that weight but I'm definitely up a bit from there still in terms of like physical postpartum symptoms I've been waking up a bunch with tingling fingers or like my hands feeling slightly none I've been waking up with that in the middle of the night my doctor says that is all the relaxin being still in my body from giving birth can mess with my joints so that the circulation ends up being weird and my fingers so that's just really bizarre I'll wake up in the middle of the night to feed the baby I'd have to like sit there like trying to wake my hand up before I pick him up and I have about one centimeter maybe one or two centimeters of AB separation that diastasis recti I don't know what at what point it like counts as especially diastasis recti but I have a one or two centimeters of AB separation that once I start working out I will probably work on getting that tuned it all back together but at that point for a second pregnancy and this baby boy who is so big especially I'm actually not sad about that I feel like that's a pretty normal amount of AB separation and the other physical symptom I've been having is so weird as I feel like my eyes have changed dramatically I feel like I have a really hard time focusing close like reading small things which used to be super normal for me my whole life my eyes have been I've been very fortunate my eyes have always worked how I wanted them to I don't wear any glasses or contacts or anything like that I can read things that are really small or far away I like really good vision honestly and recently it has not been like that I have a hard time focusing close up and then the weirdest scariest part is that I when my vision shifts from close to far away I get really dizzy or vice versa from far away to close up I get really dizzy and it's really freaks me out and it took me a while to figure out even that that was what was causing it without like shifting focus length focal length for awhile I just was getting these dizzy spells and really scared by it so I'm glad to have kind of figured out what I mean figured out what the causes in terms of the focal length but it's still like I don't exactly know what to do about that in terms of like shifting my focus from near to far like looking at my phone and then looking around the store or like we went to a playgroup and like we were walking in and I was like looking at my phone or my wallet they're looking at Peter who was on my chest and then I looked up at the roomful of kids and I got super dizzy and not to the point where I felt like I was gonna fall over but it still really freaked me out so that is the one like postpartum physical symptom that has really been throwing me and then in terms of mental health I have definitely been on the hormonal roller coaster that is the postpartum period but fortunately I feel like I've been successfully writing it I guess I definitely have experienced some moments of baby blues with feeling pretty sad or moments where I just look around the house and feel super overwhelmed I feel like for me laundry has been a big trigger of that whenever I see laundry in the dryer that needs to be folded I get really overwhelmed but I've always been able to get past those in like a few minutes – half an hour if I get all that laundry folded I'll start feeling better again so I don't feel at this point at least like I'm in danger of going into a postpartum depression or postpartum an anxiety disorder but I have definitely been feeling all of those hormones I am really grateful with all of this ups and downs my husband is still home I mentioned she has a really generous paternity leave he is able to still be helping with everything I feel like I'm a little bit afraid of once he goes back to work that I will just like be drowning between the two-year-old and the newborn but hopefully by that point my postpartum hormones will set without at least a little bit so I won't be quite so in it by then and well hopefully I'll have been able to sort out a bit of a routine by then as well so I'll give you an appetite on that in my next one all right I think that is it thank you all so much for watching sorry I wish I had little Peter to hold up right now but there is no way I'm gonna wake him up for that he finally fell asleep I think so thank you all so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this we did give me a thumbs up leave me some comments down below and I will see you in my next one bye

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